Porridges recipes

Multi-colored buckwheat
153 - - -
Tired of the usual buckwheat? I suggest you make this buckwheat porridge with cauliflower, mushrooms, green peas and corn.
Fruit, rice "cheesecakes"
152 - - 2
A delicate fruity-rice "cheesecakes" successfully diversify Your Breakfast will fill your body with nutrients and help to boost your energy before a working day.
Custard semolina
151 4 20м 2
Such a mess was I in kindergarten. Salt semolina, similar to barley, corn or wheat on the water.
Princess porridge and Prince milk
151 - 15м 1
Why Princess Prince Mush and Milk?? Yes, because the most banal semolina can turn into a delicious and very useful! My child, I cook porridge in milk of pine, because pine nuts contain proteins, polyunsaturated fatty acids, complex b vitamins, E, A, which play a crucial role in the formation of a growing organism, therefore, the cedar milk can be recommended for pregnant and nursing mothers to enhance lactation, children, teenagers and even men. Semolina prepares quickly, so retains all the nutrients in the cooking process. Especially when the child still and tell the popular tale of Larissa Klevtsova, it's like tradition, when the Breakfast porridge! But... everything in order...
Rice porridge with chicken "Danchuk"
150 - 120м -
Danchuk or taktuk - complicated Korean name of this dish translates quite simply: "PAA" – rice porridge, and Dak is chicken. This food is included in the daily menu of many Koreans. Besides that it is delicious, Danchuk is incredibly useful.
"wild" porridge curry with shrimp and coconut milk
149 - 40м 5
To say that it is delicious - nothing to say. It is VERY tasty. And unusual, fragrant, elegant and fast, which is also important. Quite a separate dish. The basis is a recipe Alexei Zimin.
Porridge "Duet"
149 - - -
Offered here is an option for Breakfast, the Duo of two types of cereal. Tasty, healthy and unusual!
Hercules, baked with nuts and chocolate
149 5 20м 1
Hercules, flavored with fragrant spices, opens a new way. And nuts and chocolate and turn it into a wonderful Breakfast, which will surely appeal to You.
Porridge from Gorodets
149 - 40м 4
For the first time this mess tried in the city of Gorodets, Nizhny Novgorod oblast. Porridge rice aquatics Mix parboiled long grain and wild, buckwheat and Pollock. A mixed mess very well with fish products are available to pocket, no need to run around and look for the ingredients, and, most importantly, it turns out very tasty, useful, children enjoy eating this mess
Rice porridge from childhood "from Marousi"
148 - 1м -
The simplest version of quick rice porridge yogurt will help you save time to prepare, tasty to eat and keep the shape.
Barley porridge
146 - - -
Want to offer a hearty (a little expensive) and delicious porridge. After tasting in the morning so cereal Your body will say THANK you! and You will be well fed until lunch. Barley grain contains high amounts of fiber, therefore, among the diet diet overweight, metabolic disorders and endocrine diseases. Barley porridge helps to eliminate toxins from the body, cleanse the gastrointestinal tract.
Porridge "Orange"
145 - 40м 4
Autumn, gloomy rainy days, long nights, Depression and the Blues will not take long. But in order to overcome them, will help tasty colourful food, rich in vitamins. There are still fresh seasonal vegetables, cook a porridge, and cheerfulness and good mood will be with You all day! And soy sauce "Kikkoman" in this dish is simply irreplaceable! Help yourself!
Polenta "Appetite"
145 4.5 30м 6
Kukuska very useful! It has many vitamins and minerals (even gold!). That is not unimportant strengthens the immune system! But ate her home reluctantly. Until came the idea to cook porridge with meat! Look what happened...
Pumpkin amaranth porridge
145 - - -
Amaranth seeds pleasantly crackled, and the banana flavor made my morning memorable! Once in the store I caught the eye of amaranth, so I decided to try it. For the first time has not caused any emotions, then I guess I didn't really have a taste. But now I love it. I think the combination of pumpkin and banana flavor of these "seed of the Incas" can be a great to Supplement. But the benefits of this cereal once again and can not speak. So I invite you to look :).
Millet porridge with pumpkin
143 4 90м 2
The other day I saw the recipe in my LJ and something I remembered a Russian stove, the village grandmother. As in the morning we woke up to the smell of milk... porridge. Fortunately, the home turned out to be (except a Russian stove). Nostalgia ahead!)) And you cook so mush, I assure you, not even lovers will eat with great pleasure. Recipe shared vlad_piskunov, for which he thanks a lot.
Porridge "Solar"
142 4 40м -
My husband and I really love pumpkin porridge with milk and millet. Offer our version of this solar clover!
Semolina porridge "Gossamer"
141 - - 3
I want to offer you a recipe of regular meals, but unusual in its execution. Don't know how to feed a fussy mess??? Turn on the imagination! So from the usual cereal came out? Who faced with the problem of feeding porridge child, he will understand me. So, the third option semolina - "Eat porridge, Masha!"
The rice on the fan
140 - 30м 3
Do not judge strictly, but I have so many interesting recipes learned. Was completely unexpected and wonderful meals. I want to share a special production of rice. Unfortunately my kids only recognize this figure.
Buckwheat flakes, baked apples
139 - 10м 3
Buckwheat flakes with prunes and honey, baked apples, prepared very quickly and is very tasty and fragrant Breakfast.
Pumpkin porridge
138 4 90м -
The ancient recipe. Actually, of course, in the stove to cook. In Russian. But! For lack of a stamp...
Oatmeal "Kitty"
138 - - -
Healthy and nutritious cereal with the taste of your favorite childhood taffy "Kitty". Fast, simple, but very tasty!!!