Tan is the national Caucasian drink
0.7k - 2м 4
The art of preparing fermented milk drink "tan" since ancient times belonged to the inhabitants of highland villages of Armenia, and kept the secret recipe, passing it from generation to generation in the circle of the elect. For the current competition drinks it does not fit, but tan is one of the best beverages for quenching one's thirst in any weather conditions.
Cucumber salad "Ve-cha"
0.7k 5 15м 4
Very tasty and quick salad. Most importantly, very simple. Sometimes a salad of cucumbers and tomatoes fed up and want something.
Cream sauce for meatballs IKEA
0.7k 4.4 - 4
Trademark recipe cream sauce for meatballs IKEA See also how to cook IKEA meatballs
Delicious Breakfast in 5 minutes
0.7k - 5м 3
Delicious, nutritious and very quick Breakfast in just 5 minutes!)) Maybe it's corny, but fans of eggs will appreciate)
Portioned chickens gherkins, baked in the oven
0.7k - - -
Small portion chicken, in a spicy sauce, with a slight crunch and a delicious crust for a festive table! To cook easy and fast dish is amazingly delicious and presentable! What I love about feeding chickens gherkins guests for what these birds look good on the table, quick to prepare, and they do not need to be cut, one little portion, very comfortable, and very little calories! Cozy and yummy holidays, everyone!
The juice from the rhubarb
0.7k - 5м -
We are now adding to salad dressings, lemon juice, and the Soviet times, fruit was tight. That's why she did the juice from the rhubarb, and using it for dressings instead of vinegar and lemon. Only the process was time-consuming twist through a meat grinder and push-UPS in gauze. With the advent of juicers, the process is considerably accelerated. If you have not decided what to do with rhubarb, this recipe might come in handy.
Bulgur with vegetables and meatballs
0.7k - 40м 6
Budget recipe of bulgur, vegetables and meatballs. The dish is very hearty and delicious! A great option for a hearty lunch or dinner for family or a large company.
Tournedos a La Parmentier pork
0.7k 5 40м 4
This recipe I found in a cooking magazine "Sale e pepe" and decided to try it. Simple to prepare, very tender and tasty.
Turban muslin
0.7k 5 60м 10
Of fish. Superbrata. The whole history of cooking for this dish ; -)
0.7k 4 60м -
Azerbaijan's national dish. The kind of dumplings that looks like fingers, a hearty dish served with yogurt (yogurt)and herbs will not hurt the garlic.
Chocolate cupcakes on the fermented baked milk
0.7k - 120м 18
Offer very interesting, incredibly tasty, mouth-watering chocolate cupcakes. Get a very crumbly, soft, melt in your mouth. And to prepare their will on the fermented baked milk, cooked in a dry bacterial starter Orsik
German doughnuts "Berlin"
0.7k - 120м 10
Girls lot of recipes of donuts, but my German. Didn't want to put on the main course, but She persuaded. This is the most popular and favorite muffins in the population of Germany. They are really very airy and delicious. They are called Krapfen ( translated as dumpling). But in our Düsseldorf region they are Berliner. And usually the filling is strawberry jam. I love to buy them sometimes in the store, always thought that will not be able to repeat them, and was so simple! Help yourself!
Rolls of hake
0.7k - - -
I bring to Your attention the recipe is very gentle rolls of the heck!
The Chinese cabbage salad and sprouted buckwheat
0.7k - 15м 4
Sprouts - a storehouse of vitamins and minerals! Offered to taste a wonderfully healthy salad of Chinese cabbage and sprouted green buckwheat. Not far off of lent, this dish will be very useful.
Salad-Spring tenderness
0.7k 4 20м 4
Very sweet, tasty and useful salad.
Spanish Christmas soup stuffed pasta
0.7k - - -
Very simple and easy soup. Ideally, I think, for the Christmas table. After a long post-should start with heavy food is not too good for the body. Here's a soup will be just right. In addition, it is very tasty. Gave the husband a job, and he didn't know what. In the evening came in and asked: "What kind of yummy to me yesterday you did?" Here it is.
Greek meatballs in the oven "Bifteki"
0.7k - - -
Once my family asked me: "what do we have for lunch today?" - "Tonight, we will eat Russian burgers," I replied. - "Chops? What is it? - "Cutlets are fried pieces of minced meat". The next question I was somewhat discouraged... "But what do they smell?"- "Well, measom, a little garlic and onions." - "???" - "all".- "Well, then it's tasteless". Here's a funny dialogue. You want to offer traditional Greek aromatic analogue, which is prepared in the oven.
Salad Elegant
0.7k - 25м -
Delicious and expensive salad on the holiday table. Delight Your guests! Eat lightning!!! And ask for the recipe...
Soup "Touraine"
0.7k - 30м 6
"In France, one of the most favorite soups - Touraine, from garlic to tomatoes – a native of Gascony. Locals call it a dialect "quickly done" - he really is prepared immediately, and the hostess used this recipe when you need someone to feed. It is also the "hangover" soup: its flavor literally returns to life, so Touraine is often served as Breakfast."
0.7k - - -
This dish is in Georgian and in Armenian cuisine. The name (if not mistaken) Armenian. It is a kind of soup with kefir (yogurt). Very tasty. You can eat and hot and cold.
Cake "Fad"
0.7k 4 40м 16
A quick but very delicious and unusual cake. Try to make and you will not regret it! All the ingredients are available.