Salad "Ataman"
318 4 - -
in my heart oyster mushrooms persistently occupy the first place among all the mushrooms.. and they taste a special mushroom... and interesting... and the flavor I'm generally silent... so rich.. mushroom.. just want to close your eyes... and imagine yourself in the woods... although they are grown specifically for sale... and in the forests they are harvested... and what of our forest in the steppes of the don?... well, except that the Pylon is the capital of the don Cossacks pleasing to the eye an abundance of pine and spruce forests... and the air is so clean... forest.. and every now and then dashing on horseback galloping Cossacks, led by their chieftain.. offer hearty... hot... juicy... tender... well, very tasty salad with oyster mushrooms... pickles.. rice... so easy to prepare... but it can be a wonderful hearty dinner for You or the perfect salad for the holiday table..
Salad "man's whim"
318 3 - -
Very tasty salad.
Diet oatmeal pancakes
318 - - -
These pancakes are light and contain far fewer calories than usual. The filling can be anything low-fat cottage cheese and fruit, boiled chicken and mushrooms or something else to your taste.
Mushrooms " Umbrellas" fried in batter
317 - 25м 4
The height of the mushroom, rush, "passive hunting". This year we opened a new parasol mushroom, or as they are called chicken coops. Umbrella colorful, or big (Macrolepiota procera) is a very interesting mushroom, before we passed it by, taking over poisonous... in vain, these mushrooms belong to the family Sampinjonu, they are easy to prepare, and the taste surprised us, pleasantly surprised. They smell like raw nuts, and fried in batter can take even a chicken chop. I recommend to study them better and not to pass by, if you meet.
Polish cookies "Colacci"
317 - 30м -
Кolacky (kolace, kolach, or кolache) - a common cookie in some countries of Europe (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland), each country has its own particular recipe. Offer the Polish version of the cookie. Make it for Christmas and not only. Budget recipe, fast, delicious.
Meat "Log"
317 5 - -
Simply divine meat pie with pickles and beans. Very juicy and soft!!!
317 4 - -
Burgers "Summer"
316 - - -
Bright, juicy and tasty burgers with a young dill and sesame seeds. The original mix and the flavors will not leave you indifferent. Help yourself!
Chicken salad "clou"
316 - - 8
Oddly enough, in my family, chicken salad "was not". So, to scratch, peck at, but without enthusiasm. And I embarked on an adventurous combination of products, because, in my opinion, to live without the chicken salad somehow sad. Experimented with ingredients and condiments, and one day... well, serves you, cooks, to try the result of my labors, which for our holiday table is now a "showstopper".
Pickled fish "guttersnipe"
316 - 2160м 30
Easy appetizer of cheap fish, which in Greek is called "Gavres". Other names: anchovy, anchovy. Fish is always sold fresh! Having in the fridge for a snack, you are hard to surprise. Great for strong drinks.
Salad "Olivia"
316 3 - -
Very tasty, healthy, fast! Light salad with chicken, olives, cheese, dressed with spicy dressing, is unlikely to leave anyone indifferent!
Pita bread with meat "Rolls - Speedsters"
316 4 30м -
Very, very quick, tasty, simple, hearty, tastes like dumplings =)
316 4 50м -
The name, of course, ridiculous, but it's from the personal vocabulary of my Polka)) So she called the stuffed meat in puff pastry!)
Pasta "al-La Contadina"
315 - 50м 2
Do you love pasta as much as in Italy? Of course, tell you, and be absolutely right! Pasta is delicious, nutritious, easy to prepare dish and observing all the rules, it goes into the category of diet.. There are, however, in the cooking of pasta of your secrets in a million, but they are with us Nino sure today will tell. For Italians, pasta is Italian is all theirs. No meal, no celebration in Italy is complete without pasta. Italian dinner, like ours, consists of three courses - first, second, third and compote. So for Italians, pasta is the first dish like soup or borsch. And if you, being in Italy, in a restaurant or cafe, order a pasta, the waiter will certainly ask, and that Signor or Signora wishes to second? Well, until our dough for biscotti is resting in the fridge, we have an hour, Nino decided to spoil us another simple, delicious and life's recipe paste "Alla Contadina", which translates on the peasant pasta, or pasta in a simple way. So prepared paste not only his family, but many families of Italy. Again, a dish from the series and in the feast and in the world. This paste blends harmoniously and acidity, and sweet notes, and zest. Dish, on the one hand, very light, and the other saturates for a long time. Yet we continue the season of ground tomatoes, let's prepare, the sauce is excellent!
Salad "Mirel"
315 - 220м 12
The salad will be interesting not only for its composition and combination of components, although it is, of course, deserves attention, as the salad turns out delicious. Good mood and an excellent appetite will be provided to all present.
Kharcho from Roxana Babayan
315 - - -
Back in the 2000's this recipe I found on the page of a magazine. The recipe very much. If you strictly follow the recipe, it turns out an amazing dish - a real feast for the taste buds. I want to share it with You. Anyone interested - you are welcome to my table.
315 - 90м 6
Delicious stewed potatoes with vegetables and chicken! easy to prepare, suitable for a gala dinner, and lunch, and you can even feed the kids)This dish can be cooked in an ordinary pot, but in a slow cooker it turns out just perfect!!!
Buckwheat Suvorov
315 - 30м 4
Buckwheat and liver we accompany the whole life from childhood to old age. This is a simple dish to prepare and very useful.
Simple massovoe cake-Popsicle
314 - 180м 6
Very delicious recipe, mousse and original presentation)
"Zatirukha" milk
314 - 30м 6
Milk "zatirukha" - the taste of childhood. All children, as is customary in the summer and sent to her grandmother in the village. And Granny for dinner and prepared "zatirukha", the taste is amazing, supplements asked all... In memory of his beloved grandmother... And You remember the taste of childhood?
Salad "Ale hop"
314 - - -
Offer juicy, sweet, vitamin, very simple, quick and delicious salad of available products. Came home from work late at home, You will not spend a lot of time and effort to prepare this salad, the family will stay fed and happy.