The dough - recipes with photo

Super-fast pseudo-puff pastry
Unleavened dough on kefir
Quick yeast-free puff pastry in Georgian
Cake "Cheese and berry shake"
Puff pastry "Philo Spoleto"
Phyllo dough "Crusts"
Dough for "samsa"
Quick puff-yeast dough
Puff pastry quick cooking
The dough is flaky unleavened
The puff pastry for 10 minutes
Puff pastry cake "Napoleon"
Puff pastry with your hands
Vegetable puff pastry
Quick puff pastry dough without yeast in the beer
Quick yeast-free puff pastry
Puff pastry
Cheese puff pastry
Puff bagels on lard
Family happiness, or favorite dough for my husband

The dough is the basis of many culinary dishes, plastic mass obtained by mixing flour with liquid. The test is also called any thick mass, resembling the consistency of the dough, and is usually obtained by mixing solid and liquid. There is a yeast and yeast-free dough, bread and butter dough, pancake, sand, unleavened, puff, custard, biscuit, Vienna dough... depending on the product for which the dough is made, there are pizza dough, dough for pies, dough for chebureks, for dumplings, lasagna, pies, buns, pastry dough and others. The quality of the culinary product is highly dependent on the ability to work with the test, the success of the selected test recipe. In our collection of recipes more than five hundred dough recipes.