Cake "the smile of the Negro"
329 5 60м 16
A cake for occasion, if you want something sweet and fast.
328 - 40м 4
The recipe my grandmother from the Belarusian Polesye. Nowhere in the Internet did not find, and would like to the cultural heritage of woodland did not disappear, and other people became acquainted with this deliciousness.
Pie "Kelo,"
328 - - -
Today I want to share with You, cooks, delicious dessert cake that is cooked... Yes, Yes... of crumbs (preferably, of course, home). The pie turns out perfectly smooth (baked it in round and in square and rectangular form), with soft, loose structure. Invite everyone to a tea party!
Salad with purslane "Summer"
328 - 15м 5
This salad my mom makes every summer! I remember it from childhood. Hot and spicy salad, taste a bit like pickled mushrooms. Very quickly prepared! Great snack!
Layered salad "Krasnaya Polyana"
328 - - -
Variants of this salad a lot. But with my list of products I met. So I suggest you to refer to. First time tried the salad is not soaked, did not even realize that the products in it; after impregnation, it turns out tasty and tender salad.
Salad "Chelsea"
328 5 - -
My favorite salad! I love it... mmmm..
Meat in breadcrumbs
328 4 30м 4
Repulsed pieces of meat, fried in breadcrumbs
327 - - -
Mchadi - corn tortillas, served with pork or just eaten instead of bread. The form of pellets can be very different. Cook them quickly and easily. Help yourself!
The juice from the rhubarb
327 - 5м -
We are now adding to salad dressings, lemon juice, and the Soviet times, fruit was tight. That's why she did the juice from the rhubarb, and using it for dressings instead of vinegar and lemon. Only the process was time-consuming twist through a meat grinder and push-UPS in gauze. With the advent of juicers, the process is considerably accelerated. If you have not decided what to do with rhubarb, this recipe might come in handy.
Greek meatballs in the oven "Bifteki"
327 - - -
Once my family asked me: "what do we have for lunch today?" - "Tonight, we will eat Russian burgers," I replied. - "Chops? What is it? - "Cutlets are fried pieces of minced meat". The next question I was somewhat discouraged... "But what do they smell?"- "Well, measom, a little garlic and onions." - "???" - "all".- "Well, then it's tasteless". Here's a funny dialogue. You want to offer traditional Greek aromatic analogue, which is prepared in the oven.
Salad "Marianne"
327 3 30м 1
The original combination of plum with cashew nuts.
Domlama in Uzbek
326 - 90м -
Very tasty, juicy and easy to prepare Uzbek dish. On the website saw a few recipes. Now, please enjoy my version.
EBI gedza
326 - - -
Pelmeni gedza incredibly popular in Japan, where you can find many gedza-restaurants and gedza-stalls. In Osaka opened even have gyoza stadium, which is a theme Park in the Japanese city of the last century. There are many varieties of pelmeni gedza and their preparation: yaki-gedza - fried gedza, of age-have gyoza - deep fried, stick-gedza - boiled gedza, Musi-gedza - have gyoza, steamed and also have gyoza in the form of kebabs and many other species. The most common in Japan yaki-have gyoza, fried in a small amount of oil. EBI gedza - another kind of Japanese dumplings, which feature in that the meat for them, cooked shrimp, chopped into small pieces (EBI – shrimp, have gyoza – dumplings).
Pie-Changeling "Caramel-banana"
325 - 60м 8
I really liked the recipe for this cake, I again today decided to bake, but only with bananas, as the author of this recipe blogger Kimberly. Fast, easy, and most importantly, very tasty! I'm sure this cake does not spoil, Use any fruits, nuts, cream, frosting and so on. For imagination is huge, and the result is always delicious! Begin!
325 - 60м 3
Often go to the border Jake, I love and often cook Chinese. Read the recipes of other chefs, many hurt in Russian looks like, not the taste so breathtaking! usually cook "the eye", so measures are approximate
Salad Amulet
325 - 30м 6
Delicate salad with a light creamy flavor, thanks to the fitaki. Who loves the fish - enjoy.
Carp Mediterranean
325 4 - 4
Delicious Carpiquet with spicy sauce!!! One of my "signature" dishes. Very tasty!!! Pleased with their men on February 23))) As always - was in the wild delight)))
Dinner at the cottage
325 5 - -
Simple and delicious.
Cake "Tamara"
324 3.5 80м 4
Cake in honor of my cousin Thomas! The first time I tried cake with prunes on her 16 years and it has become my favorite. Cakes baked as Prague, but with the cream, all slightly different. I love sour cream (a combination of sour cream+prune is just the bomb!), but here, no sour cream, so I decided to make a cream of yogurt.
Salad "Louise"
323 - - -
Simple, delicious and hearty salad.
Salad "a Dream of ladies"
323 - 20м -
Very simple to prepare, hope you enjoy.