Salads recipes

Salad "Petrovich"
239 - - -
A wonderful vegetable salad! Nice, light, crunchy, spicy... Good for dinner at home, Yes, and on the holiday table will not be superfluous. Author - Geroma cook who posted this recipe on her blog, a big thank you to her for a delicious salad!
Salad "Bull"
239 4 - -
"There is a bull shakes, sighs on the move, Oh Board ends, now I fall" in this children's rhyme history is silent what happened to the bull, but my very asks in the stomach. Another variation on the theme of "Herring under a fur coat". The idea with the design was taken from mailing to e-mail.
Salad of squid, mussels and bell peppers
238 - - -
Bright, beautiful, very tasty salad for seafood lovers.
Salad "Spring" in Moldovan
238 4 - -
A delicious spring salad!
Salad of poultry
237 5 - -
Chicken salad is never too much! Everyone has their own taste and flavor! Offer you your chicken salad! To cook once or twice! Very quick and easy! This salad and a festive table decorate! Light but hearty! A minimum of ingredients! A combination of boiled chicken, eggs, green onions, and raw carrots... very happy! Help yourself, dear Cooks!!!
Salad "Kaleidoscope"
237 3 10м -
Very tasty, nutritious and easy to prepare salad.
Salad "Straw for Christmas"
237 - 20м 6
According to an old tradition as Catholics and Orthodox Christians, Christmas table was decorated in a special way: under the tablecloth, put some hay or straw (the memory of the manger of the baby Jesus). All of the ingredients in this salad I cut up the strips and thus the dish symbolizes Christmas straw. The contest "Gorenje: Christmas song".
"Fire and ice" Recipe No. 2
237 3 20м 4
This salad of cauliflower for fans of salsa... because I love this vegetable, very long time experimenting with it, I realized that cauliflower does not like competitors and more delicious low-order salads... Now the "Flame"...
Salad with pasta and ham
236 - - -
Hearty, tasty salad with pasta, ham and corn!
Salad "Slovenia"
236 - 30м 6
Amazing chicken salad, very satisfying!
Salad "Milan"
236 - - -
Tasty, easy vegetable salad with crab sticks. Spicy flavor will please you.
Vegetable salad "Fantasy"
236 4 10м 2
This salad is prepared on the principle of vegetable cake.
Very juicy salad
235 5 50м 6
Very tasty, nice, juicy salad, fit as for the festive table, and just in time for lunch. This is my first recipe and I apologize in advance if something is wrong with the design, yet understand :)
Salad "Penguin"
235 - 1м 4
I like this salad was prepared for the first birthday of her son. Everyone was in awe of him!
Wurst salad
235 - - -
Very easy to prepare salad! According to the author it refers to the Swabian kitchen and use it in all sorts of variations: put the hunk of black bread, are delicious on their own or as a side dish. It is mentioned that Wurst salad is delicious with fried potatoes. We ate nothing )) Author bunteru found in foodclub_ru.
Salad "Fish in the pond"
235 5 - -
The site already has this salad. Put up your own version. The first time I tried it at work on the birthday celebration and now every time I cook it, as if transported to that time.
Salad "the Flower from the bottom of the sea"
235 5 - -
Fritters in the role of outlandish shells, and the red fish is our flower :) the Leaves are lettuce - waves of the sea... mmmm... summer is coming... soon the sea :))) I'll Try to participate in the competition "Scarlett March 8" :)
Salad "living" from Gilding
234 - - -
Dear Cooks! Like to treat you to a delicious salad that I met 15 years ago, in the café, the gracious hosts of this institution - spouses Gilding. The recipe was given to "eyes" (to taste). Here is the recipe, which I cook. This salad I am presenting to our wonderful Cooks - Tanya (korztat) and Olga (accus). Happy birthday, lovely girl!!! Not a cake, but from the heart!!!
Salad "Sea flower"
234 - 30м -
The salad was prepared on March 8, not enough time to show you. Liked by everyone, in both look and content.
Salad "Mideya"
234 - 20м -
Fancy a quick and easy salad with spicy mussels, grilled mushrooms, framed by fresh vegetables.
Salad-cake with minced chicken
233 - 90м 8
Delicious and hearty for lunch and dinner, for home and for guests )))