Snacks recipes

Herring in wine sauce as Icelandic
144 - 30м 6
I really like the herring in wine sauce "Icelandic". Long wanted to prepare. On the Internet there are recipes for this delicacy, and become acquainted with the recommendations decided on your option. That's what I got...
Homemade lard with cracklings
144 - - -
If you like fat and dishes from it, I recommend You this recipe. Well-seasoned and rich in flavor, the lard can be as a separate dish, and the addition to soups, potatoes and more.
Chicken julienne in vol-AU-vent
144 - 25м 4
Want to offer a recipe for chicken julienne, the feed can be different vol-AU-vent, and the grill. Well suited for a hot snack for the holiday table.
Liver pate in vaccinia
144 - 30м 6
Continue to master your vecinity. Liver pate favorite snack of my family, cook often and in different recipes. It was interesting to cook the pate in vaccinia, has turned soft pate, tasty and in my opinion presentable. The scope for variations is not limited!
Shawarma in Korean
144 - 30м 2
What do you mean Shawarma in Korean is too much? Take a look at these "masterpieces" as a beet in Korean, for example ;) With such culinary trends Shawarma is just the beginning. But the beginning is correct, original and delicious.
Eateries puffs with egg salad
144 - 50м 12
This simple appetizer found in the latest issue of the journal "a Collection of recipes". Snack from the category of "the feast". Love to share the recipe.
Pate "Peasant"
144 - 70м 6
Pate "Peasant" potatoes, ham and fragrant porcini mushrooms is a hearty, tasty dish that is easy to prepare and can be served as a main dish or as a snack. Recipe source: magazine "Good advice"
Olives, stuffed with meat
144 - 30м 20
Spicy appetizer for the holiday table. Cooked very quickly. Perfect vodka. Recipe of the mid-19th century.
Ham "Holiday"
144 - - -
Last cooking ham to beef mixture. This time I decided to bake a ham in the oven.
Eateries cupcakes "Under pertsovochka"
144 - 60м -
Offer for our dear, beloved men to make a super-zakuani - gift cupcakes with filling! Inside each cupcake is tender liver ball, and the ball... Come and learn!
Roll out potato dough with fish-mushroom stuffing
144 - 50м 8
Delicious! Fast! Simple! Beautiful! Can be eaten hot or cold.
Remember the summer
144 4 30м 2
Jellied oxtail
144 4.5 40м 10
Aspic — a dish of congealed to a gelatinous mass on cooling beef broth with chunks of meat. NO GELATIN!!!
Sushi rolls with salmon and avocado
144 4 40м 4
Japanese snack.
Sandwich Fish
144 3 10м -
Quick and tasty!
Liver cake
144 4 40м 8
Appetizer for fans of liver.
Easter meat pie
143 - - -
I want to treat you not just delicious, but very tasty and original in the preparation of meat casserole. Go!
An omelet rolls on a holiday table
143 - 30м 6
Beautiful, delicious snack, and you cook it easy! Try to cook, you will love it!
Fragrant bruschetta with pesto and salami
143 - 15м 12
Bruschetta this created for a very special occasion: a crisp slice of baguette, delicate pesto and "Salami Cherkizovsky"... mmm... just a dream, just a story... a Christmas dream, Christmas fairy tale!!!
Lamb's brains in batter
143 - - 4
As you know, in the Caucasus sheep eaten whole, from head to tail. And dishes out some parts of the RAM in the Caucasus are considered a delicacy. Distinguished guests, for example, are skewers of lamb eggs. And brains are considered a delicacy no less.
Carretes herring
143 - 30м 6
Carretes herring or snack in Tallinn, Estonian national dish. Incredibly tasty stuff. Delicate cold yoghurt jelly with flecks of salty herring and a bright dill and cucumber flavor. Cook for 5-6 hours before serving. Real turritis is based on sour cream, the highest fat content. Sour cream I did always, but decided to cook at home a thick yogurt, less fat and it turned out great! Help amazing sourdough from Aigo, it turns out delicious yogurt.