Decorations for dishes recipes

The decor of white chocolate
58 - 20м 10
The idea of this decoration caught my eye in one of the cooking magazines... I've nurtured it and finally did... now I want to share with You this wonderful and colorful pieces of chocolate!
Carved a pot of pumpkin for baking
57 4 120м -
For fans of pumpkin is a wonderful gift! Such a beautiful pot can be baked with any filling of Your taste.
Strawberries in chocolate with caramel figures
57 3 45м 4
As an extension of my imagination of chocolate.
Idea for meat salad
57 3 - -
Saw on classmates work fine master Oksana Gizon and decided to try to do something similar.
Mastic "Banana honey"
57 - - -
I got the recipe here - I called cake "little princes", but I instead buy the mastic, did itself out of marshmallow. Want to show that I did.
"Roses" for serving or appetizer
56 - 5м -
With these roses, you can lay the table, put each guest on a plate - it will be nice. You can also use them for decorating or to serve with appetizers. All edible!
Dairy fondant and the icing on the cake
56 - 30м 8
The usual sour cream cake baked in the shape of a heart and covered with milk paste. The pattern is applied icing on the mastic.
The decoration of the dish "Lamb of cabbage"
55 - - -
New year 2015 is the year of the wooden sheep. Of course, we and our children look forward to the Christmas holidays. It's the smell of spruce in the house, glitter Christmas decorations, gifts for our children and grandchildren. And how do without the beautiful and delicious Christmas table. I'll give you a small idea of how to decorate salad little sheep from cauliflower. To make such sheep will not make you work. Your kids will sit and pick them along with you and happily show what they got. Such lambs can be decorated any snack or salad. Cook with love, happy new year!
Natural food coloring with their hands
55 - 20м 3
Make natural food coloring red, yellow and blue color quick and easy!
Decoration "Ruffles" for a cake
55 - 40м -
Beautiful decoration for cake in a fluffy, airy Ruche. Each of us wants to get some unusual and intriguing gift, or we ourselves would like to surprise someone with something extraordinarily beautiful... so let's learn to make a beautiful. At the request of the lovely hostesses, I continue the lessons decorating cakes.
Chocolate patterns "OLE Lukoye"
54 - 30м -
Today I want to tell you how you can decorate the most ordinary transparent dishes with liquid chocolate. Such cups can be submitted, and an exquisite dessert at a dinner party, and a scoop of vanilla ice cream at a party, and the baby's milk at night. Limitations only two. First, the taste of the dish must be combined with the chocolate; second, its temperature should not be higher than room temperature. I offer you five different techniques of design. Choose any depending on the availability of time and the imagination!
Basket for salads
54 - 20м -
Very original presentation of mayonnaise salad.
Candle of radish
53 - - -
Decoration for a romantic dinner.
A cradle for the baby from icing
53 - 30м -
The cradle of the icing is spectacular with exquisite decoration for the cake. It could be the Christening of the baby or when You are celebrating the first year of birth. To make this cradle is not so difficult, but very interesting. It is possible to decorate everything: to make larger or smaller size, to put a different pattern on the sides etc, but still get a beautiful, unique and just Your only product. Such a cradle can be made in advance and stored for long periods in a plastic box, putting away and higher up so you don't accidentally touch, because all the products from icing are very fragile. The cradle can also be done as a gift to your relatives or friends, who You invited to your family's holiday. You will see the admiring glances of guests, because this is not a toy to buy in the store, but only can be done by hand. If You choose to not bake a homemade cake, but you can buy in the store, in this case, the crib can be put on store-bought cake. It is also good to mould sleeping baby fondant, and even from unleavened dough, "wear" cap on the head, put in the cradle, the blankets covering mastic or thinly rolled piece of dough, giving the appropriate form. Hostesses who have no experience working with fondant, make a fresh test and the Piglet, enabling their imagination. It will be interesting if modeling will you be doing with Your children.
Braided cover
53 - 15м 6
"the Wicker cover" - a great idea for the festive table. I think guests will be pleasantly surprised, if You serve any drink, coffee, tea with edible, delicious caps.
Flower from Mandarin and kiwi
51 - 15м 2
This "flower" from Mandarin and kiwi can be put on a festive table for a small number of guests, and can be used as an element of larger cuts of fruit.
Mirror glaze
51 - 30м 5
This frosting is the perfect pair for any confectionery. It can cover not only moscovie, but sponge cakes, well they podmorozit before. And we'll cover it our raspberry eclairs. And they will be beautiful-as beautiful as in the modern confectionery. The remains of the glaze is great stored in the freezer when you need it just defrost and bring to operating temperature.
Decoration "Mouse Irishka"
50 - 20м 1
The mouse is made from rice. You can apply for the children's Christmas table - original and funny! The symbol of the coming year!
Cake with fondant
49 - - -
My first cake! It came out very nice))) the Kids were thrilled!
How to make tomato rose
48 - - -
How to make a tomato rose? It's very simple and easy. For jewelry making you can use a variety of vegetables. Today I show you a rose from the tomato. This flower, in my opinion, the easiest to manufacture. It can make even a child. Roses you can decorate salads, is very well suited to meat dishes. The flower looks very gently, if you complete your dish on Valentine's day or March 8. These days so you want to treat your loved ones. Cook with love and enjoy your holidays!
Beautiful vase for fruit or sweets
47 4 30м 1
Beautiful vase for fruit or sweets