Drinks recipes

Cocktail "Insomnia"
124 - 20м 4
Insomnia is a good enough reason to be late for work or dont be... For the contest "Burnt by the sun".
4 the idea of iced tea
124 - - -
Now, when it's getting warmer outside, I want something refreshing. So, without hesitation, I share with you 4 recipes so-called ice tea. I think everyone can find his own version, because they are very different, made on the basis of black, green or white tea with the addition of various fruits, honey and brown sugar. Let the list of ingredients doesn't scare you, still under the cut collected from 4 drink.
Morse "Paradise apples"
124 - 40м 4
Refreshing, tasty and healthy juice! Treat yourself and your loved ones!!! For the contest "Burnt by the sun"
Infusion of herbs "Alpine"
124 4.5 30м 20
Very pleasant to the taste infusion based on mint and eucalyptus. Essential oils of mint and eucalyptus have antiseptic, antifungal, anti-inflammatory effect. Irreplaceable in the prevention and treatment of colds. Warm and reassuring on cold winter days. The idea to prepare this collection brought me the tea products of the company "Lipton".
Tarragon at home
124 5 15м 5
A very refreshing drink.
Cocktail "Mood"
124 - - -
This cocktail will satisfy not only adults but also children!
Non-alcoholic mulled wine
124 - 30м 8
Damp, cold, cold... Late autumn is the time hot tart, flavored with spices of cocktails. And the kids will prepare delicious Popsicles out of the remnants of the cocktail.
"milk and Honey"
124 - 10м 2
The recipe is beautiful, delicious and healthy drink was born out of a desire to make something fast, simple and unusual. Tastes like melted ice cream, especially if cooled in the refrigerator (not the freezer!). If you wish, you can even beat with a mixer, but simply stirred the drink is very tasty. This pudding is perfect for afternoon tea, adding milk enriches the drink with lactic acid bacteria and promotes digestion. Ground hibiscus gives this jelly an amazing color and a pleasant sour note. Children can be given from an early age, they have such a jelly-obsessed. )))
Cocktail "Lagoon"
124 - - -
The blue color of this cocktail look mesmerizing and taste exceeds all expectations! Continue to replenish our bar drinks and invite everyone for tasting! For the bar "Virtual drink"
Milky coffee liqueur
124 4 20м -
I am a lover of all sorts of liquors. I decided to experiment... And it turned out pretty good. The experiment was a success, I'm happy. Add in coffee and drink one. Very sweet and tasty. For convenience and storage, I poured the liqueur into the bottle.
Iced with whiskey and chocolate
124 3 20м 2
Treat yourself and loved ones delicious coffee! Warms great!
The tea is hot
124 - 6м 1
I assure you that it is a timely recipe! And if you have enough patience to watch it to the end, you'll understand why
124 5 120м 4
Infusion of plum-sloe and orange
124 - - -
The turn is the wild plum, it has a tart taste. We've always made sloe compote (my favorite), and this year I was thinking, not whether to make sloe brandy? And it turned out delicious zalivochka:)
Tincture Pistachio, in-shell
124 - - -
The tincture has a very interesting and complex aroma: creamy caramel and oak.
Jelly "Orange-lemon-plum with ginger"
124 - - -
Delicious, vitamin! It's a sin not to pamper the family a useful Kyselka! A bright, fresh taste!
Cinnamon drink
124 - 60м 2
Incredibly healthy drink!!! Can compete with drugs. In addition, heat quickly warms you up in cold soft drink spicy Oriental flavor!!!
Coffee in a Turk with spices
124 4 5м 1
Often make a drink, but when I have time, making coffee. Aromatic coffee brewed with cinnamon and cardamom. Enjoy your coffee! :)
Strawberry-blueberry smoothies
124 - 5м 2
This drink is very useful and pleasant to the taste! Especially well it refreshes and tones in the summer heat! Help yourself, my dear Cooks!
Drink "Almost butterbeer, Harry Potter"
123 - - -
Oh, my dears, this is my research butterbeer... Found a few recipes, well, that interested me this drink... Decided to try to cook at an Assembly recipe! Unusual! For a cold winter evening very interesting!
Refreshing tonic "Pink Panther"
123 - 20м 6
Many people at the mention of the name "Pink Panther" before eyes there is an image of funny pink Panther, a series of animated films. In fact, the so-called expensive the impressive size of the diamond. As stated, if you look at the diamond, you can see the refraction of light in the form of a Panther in a jump. Now the cult of the Panther revives. Appear museums of the Pink Panther, produced bags, underwear with a picture of the pink Panther, there is body art-ballet - "Pink Panther". And I want to offer you the juice from the fruit of the cactus "Pink Panther", which in color and spotting like pink Panther and combines the taste of melon, kiwi and nettle. And to acquaint you with the advantages of a cactus. The contest " Tired sun ".