Broths and soups recipes

Czech garlic soup "Soup"
139 - 30м -
Like any traditional soup, chernecki plenty of cooking options, they differ by technology and food composition, and feeding method. I want to share my version in which I had arranged all the process and end result. Recipe found on the Internet. This is a good soup for summer - not heavy, but quite filling and flavorful. All. anyone interested, let's eat!
Wrong azu
139 3 60м -
Delicious, quick, hearty dish! Decided to treat her young man, he loves this dish!
Soup with pumpkin, mushrooms and barley
139 - - -
Homemade, hearty dish perfect for cold seasons. An interesting blend of aromatic forest mushrooms, pearl barley pearls and sweet vegetables: rutabagas, pumpkins and carrots.
Quick soup for 5 minutes
139 - 5м 4
The summer is hot! Time for berries, when, if not now, them to eat. Here is a very quick recipe for a cold soup or dessert, call it what you like. We have strawberries already moved away, now it is the turn of sweet cherry and cherry and many others.
Hadia ASHI-soup with cereals
139 - - -
Hadia ASHI is the Azerbaijani dish made from different grains. Free translation of this dish - "soup gift". Azerbaijani customs this soup cooks the grandmother of the child who came first tooth=)) and give it to the neighbors so that the teeth cut through easily and without pain=)) Well, of course, this soup can be prepared and just. It is very hearty and healthy=) Well, if you make fries for a soup without oil, it will be a great diet dish
Soup "Tatarochka"
139 - 30м -
Continue to make your recipes. This soup to me is my grandmother nursed, and my son really likes it too.
The soup is a creamy cheese with ground beef "Delicious"
139 3 - -
I, in fact, starters are not very fond of. Cook, of course, but less frequently than necessary. But before that, soup is simply irresistible, so he has a full and rich taste. Difficult to describe, so just try it - you will not regret!
Soup-Veloute of cauliflower with mushrooms
139 - - -
This soup is the no-the madness of taste. Fragrant, with an incredible silky texture... My husband actually puree doesn't care... Well, that is, not a fan, but... this soup he ate with pleasure, and even while eating, praised, as many as three times. Very tasty soup.
Hodgepodge "Mushroom Paradise"
139 - 60м 5
Mushroom dishes like nothing out during lent. Rich in taste, easy to make and beautiful when applying. And this is important, I'll tell You. In the bag will meet dried mushrooms, frozen and pickled, arch I all this beauty powder from dried porcini mushrooms. Help yourself.
Banana soup
139 - 40м 5
Thick milk-banana soup with the aroma of orange peel. Good as a dessert for a little sweet tooth, and adult palates. This recipe was posted by user Fox in 2008 under the name "Banana soup" and is illustrated with me in the framework of "Coloring".
Soup "Udon with oyster mushrooms"
139 - 20м -
Two years ago friends went on vacation to Japan and brought a lot of experience and recipes that have been shared. Most of the recipes I remember the Udon noodles with mushrooms, probably due to the fact that the ingredients available and cook quickly and easily.
Okroshka with calamari
139 3 - -
The taste of the hash resembles the taste of smoked sausages, try it.
Autumn cream soup
138 - 25м 4
Very easy to prepare fall dish.
Waj's for Laghman
138 3 40м 6
Our family version of the sauce for Laghman brought from Uzbekistan.
Homemade noodles - Eriste Azerbaijan
138 - 20м -
Delicious soup any time of year, especially in winter
Mushroom soup-Julien "Dream"
138 - 60м 10
It's a DREAM, not a soup! He's rich, delicate, thin, delicious!.. There is a lot of adjectives to write in praise of this soup. Of course, every day is not cook, but for a Sunday lunch! Similar recipes on the website there, but still not the same. If wine, no potatoes, if potatoes, without cheese, etc. And this recipe - all coincided!
Soup "cook-C"
138 5 50м -
Of course, this soup is vaguely reminiscent of traditional cook-si, but in our family we call it, don't know where I got this recipe, but my mom cooked and so I cook... it Turns out interesting flavor, and the soup is incredibly easy.
Soup from Mama Rose
138 - 90м 15
Very light and delicate soup. He, by the way, great choice for kids up to, and after, as well as for nursing moms.
Leucin soup
138 5 30м 6
Were treated to this soup a colleague (hence the name). I liked it, and I decided to share with you. Diet vegetable soup with cheese.
Miso soup with tofu and shrimp
138 5 15м -
On the eve of his birthday, I confessed to friends that cook at home sushi and rolls. Nobody even doubted that my birthday will land, and, of course, not in the restaurant and at home! But to cheat rolls for, though small, but still crowds of adults, not light. So, I decided to diversify the menu, miso soup, salads and Japanese-style shrimp. And rolls, of course. But first the soup. Many cooks online know about my love for tofu, of course, it is in the soup. And shrimp, crab meat, leeks, wood mushrooms and daikon. Nothing more. Full-bodied, tangy taste. Great start to the dinner in the Japanese style.
Soup from canned mackerel
138 4 30м 3
Cheap, quickly prepared and almost like an ear.