Dishes pita bread recipes

Roll of pita
62 - 20м 10
Offer to cook a meal from the pita. The dish is very simple, tasty and affordable.
Pancakes pita with cheese
62 5 10м 6
With work, I went to visit a friend, and she on the table pancakes with cottage cheese. "good job! Just arrived and already had pancakes to cook!" "I'll teach you, it's very fast!" Since then, this recipe helps me in all cases: and when guests at the door, and as the Breakfast...
Appetizer of pita bread, mashed potatoes and herring
61 - - -
Dear Cooks, I want to offer to your attention a delicious loaf of pita bread and I guarantee someone will try, will be happy with the result.
Pita bread with cheese "On a picnic!"
61 - 30м 12
In nature, this dish goes with a BANG! Melted cheese in a crispy pita bread... mmmmm - yummy! It will appeal not only adults but also children, and you can cook not only on the grill but in a pan. Come to my debut.
Pita bread with cheese instead of bread
61 - 30м 10
For fans of khachapuri, a cheese bread, cakes and other joys - a simple recipe from ready-made pita bread to any table. To soups or as a snack, as a simple snack, this simple dish will be appreciated by everyone. Long stored, stale, delicious both hot and when cooled down, and even lie down when the night. In any case, you can reheat in the microwave. Cooks very quickly and from improvised products!
Rolls of pita stuffed with mushrooms and meat
61 - 20м -
When there is no time to cook pancakes, in comes the pita bread! Delicious, hearty, quick!
Envelopes of pita bread delicious
61 - 20м 10
The taste of these envelopes are reminiscent of the pasties. Delicious in hot or cold. A lovely starter and for the festive table, and picnic. Try it!
The pita in the grill
61 - 100м 14
Want to have delicious fresh pitas are always at hand? Want your pitas do not spoil after a couple of days? Want your child for a sweet soul was eating the cabbage? Want to learn how to make your own pitas in the grill Tefal Optigrill. Then this recipe is for You! The dough for unleavened lavash traditional, but the method of shaping and baking myself)
Pies, pita with minced meat
61 - 30м 4
Delicious and easy to prigotovleniya pies from pita!!!
Pasties, pita in a hurry
61 - 20м 6
The dough for pasties is not very complicated to prepare, but if you don't want to mess around with it, you can do chebureki from thin pita. Under the video description of the preparation.
Lazy kystybyi in pita bread
60 - - -
I'll be honest - I to this day, probably like many Cooks, I did not know about the existence of this dish, but I fell in love! Cakes are very tasty both hot and cold, great snack, Breakfast, lunch for work... If anyone was wondering, come visit - all talk, all show.
Tantuni in pita bread
60 - 30м 4
Tantuni is finely chopped fried meat wrapped with fresh tomatoes, parsley and onions with sumac roll in pita bread.
Cigar free "man talk"
60 - 40м 6
Offer this dish for real men who found the strength and courage to get rid of bad and pernicious habits. My "cigar" is a much healthier, tastier. I wish our men's health and all to keep a healthy lifestyle!
Casserole of pita "Morning"
60 - 40м 4
Casserole with cheese and mushrooms would be a great option for autumn days. Very tasty and satisfying.
Hearty pita bread
60 - - -
Hello! Well I flew! Spread another variant of a stuffing for pita bread. Try it!
Sausage in a roll of pita
60 - 30м 8
Again, another pita, you say? Fuss not a lot you can make to achieve the effect of puff pastry. Try to not swear much, but I'm such a recipe is not found. All a pleasant appetite.
How to prepare pita bread with cheese. Lavash with cheese and greenery
60 - - -
This dish contains herbs that are rich including chlorophyll, an interesting feature of which is that it is almost identical to hemoglobin. So the chlorophyll is able to exert on the blood-like effects of hemoglobin: raise the level of oxygen to accelerate the metabolism. Detailed recipe see the video below.
Pita chips
60 - 15м -
On the pages of the culinary team saw just such a cute pita chips, immediately you have the desire to cook. To prevent the desire to fade away, immediately ran to the kitchen. Turned out crispy good chips without any admixture of "E" and stuff.
Tortillas with meat and cheese
59 - 20м 4
... or tortillas in Russian. Delicious cakes, which are in harmony with meat and cheese, and a special touch are the fresh cilantro with Chile.
Eateries lavash rolls
59 - 20м 4
Very tasty rolls
Envelopes of pita with pumpkin cottage cheese filling
59 - - -
A great dish for Breakfast is quick and tasty, and useful!