Sauces recipes

Fritters of pea and mustard cream sauce
90 - 60м 45
Delicious and beautiful pancakes! Pancakes will appeal to all without exception. Fun pancakes arouse the appetite of everyone. They will decorate any holiday table. For pancakes you can cook the sauce to your taste. Help yourself!
Sauce mushroom sauce "Doxil"
89 4 30м 3
Suited to dishes of eggs, poultry, fried potatoes.
Russian pancakes with an Oriental touch
89 - - -
I want to show you one of the options of fillings for pancakes that will appeal to all lovers of Oriental cuisine. Recipe will appeal to all sweet tooth. The usual baklava, we tried everything, but the pancakes...
Tomato sauce for barbecue
89 4 15м -
Quick, tasty and practical!
Cold sauce with cucumbers
89 - - 3
Delicious cold sauce with pickled cucumber, which is suitable for any dish of meat or fish.
Mayonnaise avocado
89 3 10м 5
A very easy dish, but hearty, and similar to the usual mayonnaise. Guests even not notice the difference. The recipe is illustrated with user Li-Li-I in the framework of "Coloring"
Ketchup "No E-NIS"
89 - 30м 15
Love your homemade ketchup? My - Yes. Before I bought a gallon, but the more bought, the more I was disappointed. Too many in-store options most of these e. But, despite this, my family was not going to abandon it, so I had to invent my own. So there was this recipe, which store, but does not contain all byaku. If someone doesn't like a particular spice, it can be easily exchanged for others. Importantly, the process itself.
Ginger-garlic paste
89 - 20м -
That day looks at me sadly from the shelf of the refrigerator ginger root. Realizing that ginger age is not long, I began to look into the possibility of its utilization and conservation. The easiest recipe with great range of use of lay almost on the surface. Ginger-garlic paste is used for cooking Chinese, Thai and Indian cuisine. Is added usually at the beginning of cooking in a hot oil and can also be used for the preparation of various sauces, marinades, meat, fish and vegetables. Memory the recipe Aron-Space, often use this paste in their recipes.
Sour cream sauce for fish
89 4 15м -
Most fish dishes are well combined with the sauce. I suggest this recipe. Simple and delicious.
The BlackBerry sauce to the meat
89 - 30м 5
Sweet and sour, thick and quite fragrant BlackBerry sauce based on red wine with honey perfectly complements the taste of meat or grilled vegetables!
Tomato-plum ketchup
89 5 - -
Original sweet tomato sauce with the scent of plums (inspired by a recipe from the newspaper "Skatert-Samobranka")
Pancakes with chocolate-raspberry sauce
89 - - 4
I love recipes where everything just.. in this recipe it's simple-and gravy, and pancakes.. And the taste and appearance is very pleasing!
Mushroom sauce
89 - 20м 2
Sauce addition to the dish. Without him in the main meal something is missing, I hope my recipe who will.
Sauce Tartar for fish and meat
89 - 10м 5
Made sauce for trout. Personally, I really liked it.
Luqueno-tangerine sauce with ginger and raisins
89 - 40м -
Insanely aromatic and delicious sauce. A storehouse of vitamins and maximum benefit. Can be used for layer cakes, but I ate it just with tea prichesochka) Want to make this a sweet gift to Svetlana miss).
Pumpkin-orange dessert sauce with ginger and lemon
89 - 30м -
Useful pumpkin in a fragrant combination of orange marmalade, ginger and lemon. Simple, bright and flavorful sauce, the perfect complement to cheese or toast. And "nothing" too good!
Mayonnaise sauce"Baggio"
89 - 5м -
Versatile spicy thick sauce based on mayonnaise complement and accentuate the taste of dishes from boiled, fried and baked meat, poultry, smoked meats, and vegetables, both fresh and baked.
Green mayonnaise
89 - - -
Great homemade green Mayo with tarragon. Has a pleasant smell of tarragon and a magnificent view. This sauce goes well with salted fish. Cooked very simply, such greens can be put in any mayonnaise and use it in various dishes and salads. It is also preferable that this sauce immediately to eat or to add to the dish, in my opinion, over time, the taste quality is lost.
Sauce with walnuts
89 - 15м 5
Sauce with walnuts is a typical sauce of the region of Liguria. This sauce was first introduced in 1961 at the food festival in Genoa. Now this is one of the typical Genoese dishes. He served in combination with pasta or ravioli (pansotti).
A nutty dressing for meats, salads and sandwiches
89 3 15м 4
Delicious, flavorful filling of walnuts with a light taste of garlic, seasoned with "Hops-suneli" and greens, decorate the usual dish. It is perfect for meat dishes, vegetables, salads, sandwiches. Today I made this filling for stuffed meat with rice pancakes. Fast, simple and very tasty!
Greek bread-nut sauce "Skordalia"
89 - 20м -
Skordalia is puree salads, snacks, shaded with spice and acidity typical of Greek cuisine. You can eat them with slices of fresh, steamed vegetables or grilled vegetables with any fresh food that needs a flavor. Any veggies would be delicious with this sauce. Even just with a slice of fresh bread and tasty