Bakery recipes

195 - - -
This is a traditional Irish dish. Found it in the Runet very long time, so the author does not know. Very similar to our pancakes, but taste sweeter.
Strudel "Tiger treats"
195 - - -
Stunning roll fine dough. Very tasty, hearty and spicy. For the contest "Gorenje: Christmas song".
Pizzetti grill
195 5 - 4
Never cooked anything on the built-in oven and grill, although the stove bought for a long time, used only the grill for Browning. My Grilly debut - first base is baked under the grill, then do pizzetti with filling. The dough is quick and delicious!
Lazy cheesecakes
195 3 - -
She did not expect that so delicious :)
195 3.5 - -
Crispy bubbly batter and juicy flavorful meat - what else is needed for lovers of pasties!
Pizza "Herringbone"
195 4 30м 6
interesting design in General. All ingredients have is pizza, and the design is pretty toasty ones tree.
Pie double stuffed potatoes cheese
194 5 - -
Let's prepare a wonderful cake with double filling, with potatoes and cheese. The cake turns out very hearty and delicious. This cake is good for Breakfast on the holiday table.
Beet cake with spicy plum
194 - - -
The idea itself is chocolate cake with beetroot is not a new one, the site has some great recipes. I suggest you to create a cake without eggs and butter. Moist, rich rich flavor!
Pancake cake
194 - 90м 8
A simple recipe for pancake cake with creamy cream cheese frosting
The dough is shelf stable and the quality
194 - 15м 2
Very handy to have in the freezer a supply of wonderful test, which if necessary can be turned into cookies or pie. Different every time, depending on the additives in it. This dough can be stored in the freezer from 2 weeks to several months.
Pancakes Coffeemania
194 5 60м -
Lush, airy and delicious pancakes for the buckwheat flour with the scent of oranges and coffee. Very elegant and festive taste. Treat yourself and your loved ones during the holidays:)
Cupcake from what is
194 5 - -
Cupcake from what are in your fridge. Delicious and simple.
Dumplings on yogurt with cauliflower
193 - - 6
One of my favorite family recipes, simple, reliable and delicious. Home-made kefir to leaven the dough from Oursson is especially fluffy! Serve these donuts with a delicious sauce of homemade yogurt with herbs. And these donuts almost smell the pasties taste like meat!
My tat
193 - 90м 16
30 years not baked meat pies, and today I was homesick, and wanted to remind her husband that day when he made me the proposal on my Desk were these belyashi (and not only). Today, we had as many as 16 pieces. Right now there are none. Certainly from the point of view of "usefulness " this is not the most healthy dish, but we eat kebabs, and if you belong to this process "absorption " food with common sense, then drink beer, it will bring to our health and psychological positive. Oh and how often do you cook it, everyone decides for himself.
193 - 180м 8
I didn't realize how moved to the 1st level. A huge thank you to everyone who supported my "diary entries"! And of course I would like this event to mark a recipe, but this time with step by step photos. Not found this recipe on the website, but if I made a mistake, immediately remove your. Everyone is invited to tea with them.
Limbourgian fruit flan
193 - 90м -
Soft, fluffy cake with a strong taste of peaches and a layer of rice, boiled in milk with vanilla. Very tasty and very unusual.
Bread "2 in 1"
193 - 200м -
The eternal problem – what to eat to lose weight? Or – as so to prepare, so tasty, and healthy? The answer is found!!! Looking for a long time, by trial and error. Finally, the result was Delicious and Healthy bread. So, to all lovers of healthy and delicious food, WELCOME!
Mini panettone
193 5 45м 20
Easier to say, fragrant muffins with raisins and candied fruit
Quiche with chicken and broccoli
193 5 60м 8
I had Kura-grill, so there departed from the recipe.
Shore koga
192 - 95м 7
Fluffy buns with a spicy filling!
192 - 70м 14
Soft, juicy, lush Algerian sweetness. Very easy to prepare, without much cost and finest ingredients. As for me, for our manna looks like, well, only slightly fancy)))