Desserts recipes

Cake "Kyiv"
183 3 - 8
Kiev cake consists of two layers - the air-nut, connected cream. It turns out the pellet air-nut, and then connected by cream, which is prepared on the basis of butter and milk-sugar syrup - is the main question. The cake and cream. That's all, actually, technology.
"Orange-almond Symphony"
183 - - -
A delicious combination of orange and almond. Cakes without flour and fat.
Cake "the Negro in the foam"
183 4 - -
Delicate and quick to prepare cake.
Gingerbread house
183 3 50м -
Celebratory cake. Suitable for a Christmas buffet and children's birthday party.
Cake "fried Eggs" with peaches and whipped cream
182 5 75м 12
Rate the delicious taste of almond-chocolate sponge cake with the flavor of fine liqueur. For teachers ' Day, the competition "School time"
Cake "Black forest"
182 4 - -
This cake, like "Honey" as "Napoleon" (the list goes on), lots of options, each hostess has her own recipe. Who loves this cake, go. I will share with You my recipe.
Cake "Northern"
182 4 - -
Very easy to prepare. It can even make a student like me at the time. It was 3rd grade, in the oven I was afraid the oven, decided in a frying pan on the stove... still turned out delicious! :)
"Potato toys"
182 4 - -
Cake "Potatoes" in the form of toys
Cake "Mystery"
181 - - -
Cake! Differently you will not name! So tender, flavorful and nutty! What else? Come, I'll tell you a secret.
Cake "Caramel Bounty"
181 4.5 120м -
A very delicious cake! Moderately sweet, chocolate, with a coconut layer. Did on the birthday of Amalki (friend's daughter). Source of recipe from Irina vaynerman - Jazzedcook, thank you very much.
Cake "Barash"
181 3.5 - -
Now, many kids love to watch Smeshariki, and my son is no exception, so he was very happy after seeing this cake on your birthday!!!
Cake "Chocolate with cream cheese and cream"
181 3 - -
The cake idea was stripped from the Federal Ira, made a few changes and it turned out that it worked! I loved it! :)
Cake "A Bunch"
181 5 30м 6
Light, delicate sponge cake... it Just melts in your mouth...
Cottage cheese-oatmeal dessert "Lakomka"
180 - - -
Delicate, airy, flavorful treat in the morning lifts the mood on a 100 points! I invite You to try this dessert, that gloomy autumn day Your mood was above the sun!
Custard without eggs
180 - 15м 5
Not like in custard flavor of the eggs, so by trial and experiments created your custard. It turns out tender, not cloying, with a slight creamy taste and aroma of vanilla! With this cream you can eat pancakes and pancakes, you can fluff cakes and pastries or just spread on a granola bar to eat for Breakfast with some tea! Offer 2 options a prescription.
Cake with cocoa
180 - 60м 10
I want to share with You my recipe for the cake. Very easy to prepare, but very tasty...
Chocolate chip cookies with salt from Arman Arnala
180 - 30м -
Very tasty, nutty, chocolate and just "magic" cookies from chef. The highlight of this cookie is the sea salt of medium grind. Be sure to try!
Souffle "rainbow"
180 - 20м -
Low-calorie, simple and very beautiful cobbler!
Cake "Curly Pinscher"
180 - - -
For everyone who loves everything chocolate)))) the Cake is quick to prepare, simple ingredients, and the taste is excellent, sweet. Thanks to its "curls" is bulky, at all enough)))
Chocolate candy with filling
180 - - -
Everything else in the store do not buy! Well, you can do yourself and it doesn't take a lot of time!
Cookies "Spiral"
180 4 50м 8
A very tasty cookie. The dough contains persimmons, which makes it very unusual. Try it and you will not remain indifferent.