Cook in a slow cooker recipes

Pie coffee
93 - - -
A very simple coffee cake from the available set of products, which is without hassle and quickly. But it turns out incredibly delicious! Easy, gentle, even graceful and delicate. Decent pastries! Come on in, help yourself.
Stewed potatoes with chicken stomachs
93 - 60м 6
A simple and delicious dish "for each" day, from childhood. Stewed potatoes with chicken pupochke (that's why it was called my mother and grandmother, chicken gizzards), we have been doing in the family is not often a very laborious was the process! Now we buy it in the store, clean the ventricles, which you just rinse in water, and before each ventricle, it was necessary to clean off the ugly and thick film, to flush residue from chicken food - not for the faint of heart, but the result was worth it! Very tasty, hearty and what is important in our time - the maximum available and is not difficult! Recipe adapted by me under the slow cooker, because in the heat to stand at the stove does not ice, and eating is still hunting! :-D
Cod in the Eastern
93 - 60м 3
This simple, slightly dry the fish I cooked in multivarka VITEK VT-4214. Great sauce and the right fighting did the trick - fish-plain turned out very tender, juicy, flavorful and spicy! Come on in, help yourself!
Pie pear-ginger
92 - 60м -
Very fragrant, sweet pie. Pears you can substitute apples instead of sesame seeds you can use poppy. Pie cooked in multivarka Stadler Form
Chicken with pumpkin and mushrooms in a slow cooker
92 - 65м 4
Creamy taste and tenderness of chicken meat. This dish transforms an ordinary dinner into a festive. Cooked in multivarka VITEK 4212-BK.
Soup "Cappuccino"
92 - 50м 2
Mushroom, creamy, fragrant soup. Very tender, very tasty. It's worth a try. And helped me cook my multivarka VITEK VT-4203 SR.
Banana yogurt (homemade)
92 - 360м 4
Healthy and tasty fermented milk product — yogurt — cooked in a slow cooker is very easy. As a starter you can use any yogurt without toppings and flavors. And for children it is the best option! ))
Potato-meat casserole
92 - 60м 2
I want to bring to your attention another dish of baby food. Casserole turns out very juicy and tasty. It is fast and easy to prepare, which is important for young mothers (which often have no time) and experienced chefs who are just learning to cook)))
Pumpkin cupcake in multivarku
92 - 60м 6
Delicate and fragrant cake! The pumpkin flavor is not felt! Eaten instantly!
Bread with lentils
92 - 240м -
I want to share my bread recipe. Very delicious bread! I admit, I use lentils very often. Now cooked several dishes with lentils, but in connection with the work exhibit not time.
Stew one Cup of buckwheat
92 - 50м 6
Feature meals in the availability of products and ease of preparation. And most importantly delicious. The dish in the video is prepared in a slow cooker but you can cook the traditional way.
Tender pork
92 - 45м 3
The pork is cooked without any oil. Absolutely not sharp, but due to cooking in a slow cooker is also very soft. Indicated as food for pregnant women, it is for these reasons. Not greasy, not fried. I believe that it can be in the roaster on the stove to cook!
Bread milk and honey for tea
92 - - -
Tasty, soft, very fluffy sweet bread for tea. Recipe designed by me for molewski Stadler Form. I think this recipe I will dispel the myth that it is impossible in a slow cooker to cook nice and airy cakes!
Narangi spring
92 - - -
Narangi is nothing like an Uzbek vegetable stew with meat. Of course, like most of the Uzbek dishes, it is prepared in the cauldron, but I have to say that in a slow cooker, it turned out no worse and maybe even better. Tender meat with steamed vegetables and fragrant spices, simply delicious.
Soup beef in slow cooker
92 - - -
Shurpa - a soup of Eastern also known under different names sorba, corpa, shorpo, and sorpa, chorba. Options are also a great many, each nation has its own version. My easy soup with a rich fragrant broth and tender boiled meat.
Green soup "our"
92 - - -
Even before the Boy was a dispute about who and how to cook green soup... it Turned out that nobody here makes the green borscht as it is prepared from us. I then phoned all her friends, acquaintances, relatives and husband... we All cook green soup is so and not otherwise. The process is long, but the result is worth it... All the first hot food we are preparing for a long time, as if parched, the taste was more saturated and richer.
Sweet quiche cheese souffle and the peaches in a slow cooker
92 - 90м 8
One of my favorite recipes. Open pie: a shortcrust pastry with cottage cheese and slices of apricot. Very tasty!
Bigus in a slow cooker
92 - 60м 6
Easy to prepare, but delicious, low-calorie dish.
Fish with vegetables
92 - - -
I cooked the fish so the first time in a slow cooker, it turned out very flavorful and recommend you! Of course, you can prepare and in the oven)))
Lard and cracklings
92 - - -
Lard (lard) – it's a fat vytaplivaete of pork fat. Sometimes to make it, take suet, as I consider it unsuitable for other purposes. It drowned out of lard, fat scraps, and subcutaneous fat, from interior (intestinal) fat. Lard and cracklings are great for cereals, soups, baking. And if you add salt, spices, herbs and spread on a slice of bread - a great snack!
Millet porridge with meat and vegetables
92 - - -
In my family this mess called "Pilaf from Taras Bulba", because my eldest son is studying the works of N. Gogol, found a great love of the inhabitants of the Ukraine in the old days to the millet. Porridge is tasty and very juicy (if so, you can assess the mess :-) ). This is my original recipe. Cooked in multivarka VITEK VT-4211 W