Billet recipes

Gnocchi with spinach
108 - 60м -
Gnocchi verdi. Gnocchi - these are Italian dumplings. They are also made from corn, and from chestnut flour and pumpkin, but most often still made from potatoes. Products enough simple but the preparation requires some fuss, so it makes sense to prepare the gnocchi for future use. And then if one evening you will not be time for cooking, and will want something quick and tasty, and preferably interesting, having such a blank in the freezer, you can easily cook a real Italian dish in minutes.
Tomatoes in sweet and sour filling
108 4 - -
Very tasty tomatoes and pickle.
Jam from apples and cranberries
108 - - -
The combination of apples and cranberries in jam or jam - a classic, ever-popular. I want to share with you, dear cooks, the method of how to prepare this jam I. Help yourself!
"Drunk" tomatoes
108 4 30м 6
The best harvesting of tomatoes I've tasted! Recommend!
Pumpkin jam with walnuts
108 - - -
Very tasty jam! Try it! See for yourself!
Tomato rings
108 5 40м 2
Amazing blank!
Cucumber salad with tomatoes "summer Memories"
108 5 - -
Another great recipe of the workpiece, where it is possible to use over-ripe cucumbers and tomatoes.
Cucumbers in cucumbers
108 - - -
The recipe of this preset I found on the website of the Bread. ru. Many thanks to the author of the recipe - Stafa. Very tasty pickles turned out. Now I want to share with you.
Eggplant, whole, canned
108 5 - -
Cook for more than 25 years. This recipe I got from my friend who gave it to a friend from the Donetsk region.
108 - 60м -
Extremely crispy and easy to prepare!
"Panacea"-a remedy for autumn Blues
108 3.5 30м -
I can not share with everyone, uvajaemie me the cooks this wonderful tool. The recipe is truly national , because they learned it from old ladies who sold me the celery. As we have not the best time-the off-season, with all the ensuing consequences. As the cold, slush, reduction of light day and as a consequence autumn depression.
Peppers canned
108 4 30м 8
Peppers are delicate, sweet, a great snack
Caviar mushroom
108 3 30м -
Very easy to prepare snack dish. Lean and diet. Also, it can be stored for future use and store in the fridge. Hope this works for the contest "Fast from Moulinex".
Cornel jam
108 - - -
Very tasty and healthy jam. In such a small jar so much useful. Did you know that the dogwood has anti-inflammatory, astringent, choleretic, diuretic and bactericidal action? A decoction of fruits (compotes, jams, preserves) is used as a tonic, aphrodisiac and tonic. Dogwood berries are used as a delicious remedy to improve digestion and as a choleretic in the gastro-intestinal diseases, as an astringent for diarrhea, dysentery. Children with diarrhoea is recommended: pomegranate jelly with the addition of dried pears. Biologically active substances included in the composition of fruits of dogwood, normalize blood pressure, pressure blood vessels of the brain, eliminate headaches, prevent the sclerosis. Dogwood also promotes strengthening of walls of blood vessels, prevents fragility of capillaries and is used in venous insufficiency, edema of the feet, inflammation of the veins. It improves the metabolic processes in the body, is used in case of articular diseases, gout, it is used for skin diseases, as a diuretic and anti-inflammatory properties in acute inflammation of the bladder, cystitis. Try this wonderful berry, and save all the useful properties to the harsh winter.
"Peter" cabbage
108 4 - -
My favorite recipe crunchy cabbage for the winter :) always Turns out!
Peach jam-marmalade
107 - 30м 6
Hope you like my peach jam with pieces of fruit and subtle notes of cloves...
Bell pepper "rainbow "
107 4 10м 50
This blank pepper will help You out in any situation. Great additive when baking pizza, as an appetizer, as one of the components in the design of salads and sandwiches.
Pickles "Checked"
107 - 40м -
No matter how much I tried new recipes, come back again and again to this. Sometime in the distant 90s found him in the tear-off calendar. Was just a "pickles", but when I have asked for this recipe many have said, "Yours checked! " and it stuck to them. I suggest to You to look for more than 30 years - was revealed none of the jar.
Zucchini Korean
107 - 90м -
Very delicious spicy appetizer of zucchini for the winter and quite simple to prepare. Saw that there are similar recipes, but decided your add. A recipe shared with me friend and it turned out to taste our family. Who felt, the fact should be like this appetizer.
Green onions
107 - 20м -
I have two children, live in a private home, the garden thus, and sometimes onions at the tip begins to turn yellow and fade, to be honest I really feel sorry for him and I decided to freeze onions and why not? For 9 years, every winter we have on the table greetings from summer!!!
Cheese pie "Duet"
107 - - -
Have you tried to freeze the cheese? I prefer to freeze it straight in ......pie. Pie out of the freezer and immediately put it in the oven and 40 minutes later we get that gorgeous cheesecake. It is very convenient, especially when you have guests at the door or someone from the family event, for example, her husband's birthday, and I want to treat him to a celebratory Breakfast. Where can I take in the morning, weekdays, time cooking? Comes to the aid of my cheesecake from the freezer. By the way, thanks to her husband, there was this pie, he (my husband) loves savoury cheese, I even cheesecakes to make it with salt and spices and children, of course, give sweet. So one pie goes sweet half with dried fruit and chocolate and salty with paprika and nutmeg.