Porridges recipes

Rice porridge with secret balls
77 - 35м 3
Unusual balls in rice porridge would be a perfect surprise for your little ones)) Cheese-chicken balls are perfectly combined with rice, making porridge more hearty and healthy.
A gentle rice-wheat porridge
77 - - 2
Lately I often experiment with "childish" recipes: cookies app, souffle, milk porridge. This recipe I particularly liked, although the first time I cook it in the milk mixture (milk and blend nowhere to go). And although my baby this mess to try before, we ate it with pleasure! Try it, I'm sure you and your kiddies enjoy it!
Thick vanilla milk
77 - 10м 2
For Breakfast instead of porridge you can prepare this delicious, thick vanilla milk, and morning be sweet. Children will be satisfied.
Porridge gurievski
77 - 40м 5
My family are very fond of buckwheat, and ka once while shopping, I came across the recipe. It was written on the packaging with buckwheat, I "photographed" and since then use. Maybe someone will be useful
Just buckwheat
77 - 75м 10
Buckwheat is a very healthy dish, but many people write that not in love with her since childhood, the army, etc. So there are many recipes of buckwheat with different toppings and sauces. I'm sure they are all very tasty, but indeed, buckwheat, properly welded, just with butter, very tasty too! Perhaps those who have it in simple does not like, "just do not know how to cook" :) Therefore, I propose to try to cook buckwheat for this recipe. Despite the fact that it is very simple, porridge turns crumbly, soft and very tasty. For this recipe you do not want to keep her for hours in the oven or do similar stunts. All is very simple - just need proportioning, time and heat. See details in the recipe, and I am sure you will like it.
Rice porridge with pumpkin and pear
77 - 40м 5
Very delicious and healthy Breakfast - porridge! Everyone in my family love rice pudding, I invite you to join. Pumpkin with pear, caramelized in cane sugar adorn this dish. Chilled is a wonderful dessert.
Pilaf with quince and dried fruits
76 - 65м 8
I wanted early in the morning on February 14, to please your favorite and least favorite new dish. Omelets in the form of hearts, sandwiches and other fast food has become boring, and I wanted something unusual, and at the same time Murcielago, no pink thingies and there are different wrappers. Imagine the result on your court, dear cooks. Just say, the recipe inspired me in one remarkable person, BUT I have contributed more add and cook it in their own way, therefore, it is quite a may be considered to be my copyrighted recipe.
Oatmeal with vegetables
76 - 45м 4
If you love oatmeal, you are here, try the savory vegetarian option. But you should take a look at the recipe and if you are indifferent to her. Delicious flow turns the usual porridge in a delicious, wholesome Breakfast or dinner.
Orzotto with white dry mushrooms in the "Eastern"
76 - 180м 6
Lean dish. Long-neglected, but very useful porridge-barley in an unusual a La Eastern performance. For those who love Eastern cuisine and not only. Our usual products, but differently.
Coconut porridge
76 4 5м 1
I love coconut and don't know where to apply. Today I decided to cook coconut porridge. It turned out fabulously delicious. Decided to share with you.
Barley vegetable
76 3 - -
Lent has begun and Willy nilly start to invent new combinations. Simple, hearty, flavorful and tasty dish.
Blueberry porridge
76 - 3м 2
No, it's not the espresso into coffee cups, and healthy treat for kids! Delicious porridge made from fresh berries.
Rice cereal with carrots and raisins
76 - 20м 1
"Almost like my grandmother". In childhood my grandmother often made rice porridge with carrots and raisins. Now there are rice flakes from "Mistral", make this mess much faster. Recently I came across an interesting recipe, very rich in taste sensations, to eat a serving of this cereal is not only delicious, but also very useful for Breakfast.
Millet porridge with fruit
76 - - -
Millet porridge is rich in carbohydrates and fiber, and it includes large amounts of beneficial polyunsaturated fats, vitamin a and the trace element cobalt. Also millet is gluten free and is helpful in the treatment of antibiotics, as it displays their degradation products from the body. Porridge this recipe produces a sweet, crisp and fragrant.
Porridge dessert of couscous
76 - - 2
Delicious and flavorful porridge, you can serve a dessert and you can eat just like that - very tasty and flavorful, the couscous is fine to be friends with those ingredients that is in the pot and absorbed their flavors! Help yourself!
Porridge "Exotic oatmeal"
76 - 15м 1
I decided to sit a week at lunchtime for oatmeal Recipes... cooking very much, I liked this, as easy exotics ))) an Interesting option for fasting.. This recipe is not found, I hope I am not mistaken!
Milk rice porridge with quinoa
76 - 30м 2
After I cooked the quinoa with buckwheat for a side dish, I began to wonder how it will behave with this grain dairy porridge. I decided to cook it with rice milk. I must say that impressions remained the most pleasant. Porridge turned out just great. A gentle, creamy texture of porridge, inclusions of grains of quinoa... based On rice with quinoa can be cooked pudding. As a measure of the volume of the Cup multivarki
Mess of a match with blueberries
76 - 7м 1
Mess of a match with blueberries - a very useful cereal for Breakfast. Porridge has a deep aroma and a sweet and sour taste.
Rice porridge in a pot
76 - - 2
All of us at work days morning rush, going to work or in other cases, and basically time for a tasty Breakfast there. But in the weekends I like to spoil yourself and your family for Breakfast milk cereal. Milk rice porridge - as it is delicious, and if it is cooked in a clay pot... the taste is not to describe. Makes a great slow-cooked rice porridge. Anyone interested - please help yourself!
Oatmeal with bananas in caramel sauce
76 - - -
Yes, oatmeal is very useful... but it is just so annoying. Therefore, varied the usual Breakfast unusual bananas.
Patsukova creamy porridge
76 - - 2
Offer a recipe of porridge for Breakfast of the day when everyone's at home and I especially want to please the home something tasty and useful, but not very troublesome in cooking!