Hot meals recipes

Potato croquettes with cheese
250 3 - -
The version of potato croquettes.
Cabbage-mushroom casserole
250 3 - -
Three layered casserole of rice, cabbage and mushrooms.
Owner pork with apples
250 4 - 6
Very easy to prigotovlenii, but very tasty dish. Suitable for special occasions and just for lunch.
Shrimp and mussels with tomato sauce
250 5 - -
A recipe worthy of the Christmas table. The idea was borrowed from our American friends.
249 - 120м 4
Kazan-kebab - meat cooked in a pot without any technological cycles and much labor. This dish, with the unusual name of Kazan-kebab, translated means "barbecue in the cauldron", will be a great option for cooking on the fire while camping.
Meat in beer
249 4 - -
Honestly, the meat in the beer I didn't cook ever. Moreover, recipes, I have not seen, and perhaps met, but passed. Did the chicken in aerogrill on the beer, that is Leela in the bottom of the flask beer, but the chicken was on the grill. Recently decided to treat father-in-law freshly caught hare. I've figured out how to cook it, to which he shrugged and said that he has his own way of cooking meat: "Beer". Well, I guess I am not the boss. And the most stuck in my mind and scraped, it's like I'm this way don't know? It is not good. Father-in-law I did not call, I decided to improvise.
Porridge with meat
248 - 400м 5
I suggest to remember about the porridge from field kitchens - one meat and gets such a hefty vats. In this nostalgic vein. Now some of this is already 20-30 years as there is, if we are in the field and kicked the dining room, and here's IRP. Well, okay, like to cook in the kitchen nothing will prevent us.
248 - 40м 5
Squid with vegetables cooked in Korean. Bright flavors will not leave anyone indifferent. Come on in and get!!!
Salmon in breadcrumbs with mayonnaise and cheese
248 - - 3
For dinner I cooked salmon. This is my favorite fish! Salmon fried in crispy breadcrumbs, baked under the grill with cheese and mayonnaise. The fish turned out delicious, hearty and easy to prepare.
Cannelloni with vegetable filling "Spring"
248 - 80м -
The second time experimenting with these wonderful tubes of pasta:) this time with a light vegetable filling and spring option.
Schnitzel of Turkey with Apple and spinach
248 3 40м 4
The meat is tasty and juicy. You can also cook a chicken breast. You can add a little broth. My recipe personally, coincidences happen. Serves 4 for 2 pieces For a side dish you can serve a vegetable salad, mashed potatoes or rice.
Tomatoes and spaghetti under the browned cheese crust
248 4 30м 4
Quickly prepared.
French casserole
248 4 - -
Fish fillet cooked in a wine sauce
248 5 50м 5
Very tasty and flavorful dish
Fish-lentil meatballs
247 - - -
For a variety of fish menu will fit these meatballs, which are quite self-sufficient and do not require a side dish. It is possible to apply only a light vegetable salad.
Dumplings with secret with buckwheat and mushroom filling
247 - 60м -
The secret to dumplings is not in the coin by chance found in the dumpling, and the dough recipe. This secret was suggested to me by my grandmother. For many years she worked as a chef the dining room, and these dumplings were in great demand. Dumplings are very lush, even if not cooking for a couple. Try.
Pumpkin-potato pancakes
247 5 30м -
If you love vegetable pancakes, these you just will like. Very tasty with sour cream, borsch or supima instead of bread. For the competition "Bright mood".
Fricassee of shrimp with cream
247 - 20м 3
"Fricassee" (fr) is a method of cooking, when meat or poultry cooked in white sauce, usually with vegetables. The dish is often for a taste of wine is added. Originally in France this term means chicken stew, etc. stew in white and brown sauce. Usually under the white cream broth mean, and the quality of the ingredients used vegetables, onions, mushrooms. Fish fricasse cooked right in the sauce. Gradually the word was simplified to "Frico" - ragout (FR. – ragout). Fricassee of shrimp cooked very simply and quickly - and it turns out very tasty!
Chicken "ACE in the hole.. "
247 4 40м 4
What could be better than JUST download the dish in the oven, not wasting time for anything?... ... to take up a favorite fashion magazine (to keep an eye on yourself outfit March 8)... slowly, carefully and with deliberation to eat, sipping from a straw, light alcoholic cocktail... after resting half an hour... some gloss on the face... to wear a beautiful dress... adjusting unruly lock of hair falling on the face... sudermania cocktail, Lekha intoxicating and charming smile to open the door to your loved...... knowing that dinner is already ready... without your effort!!! Offer lovely ladies in anticipation of our holiday to treat yourself to initialstop... and at the same time a unique and delicious dinner without the hassle!!! This recipe is just like the ACE in the hole... will always help in saving time... besides the sleeve then there is not only a place to hide an ACE...
Millet buzz
247 5 15м 4
This dish I did it in haste. Very hearty and very tasty. Mushrooms!
Roast for 20 minutes
247 3 20м 5
Under the sign of Virgo. For photos thanks scullion yuvl.