Recipes for New Year

Carp pink in vegetables
195 - 90м 5
Loved by many carp in the new version! Delicious, original and healthy! Features of this recipe is that you use not only vegetables but also their peels and absolutely no salt!!!!
Snow house
195 4 - -
28th at my grandchildren-twins birthday, a house for the granddaughter, it is necessary than to surprise)))) did a 2 day, but for the joy of granddaughters need to work hard. The house is made of gingerbread dough.
French liquor "44"
195 4 44м 1
Offer for the New year to cook a very tasty alcoholic beverage: Liquor "44" While there is time!!! The cooking time is 44 days!!! Check for yourself and friends!!!
Marinated mushrooms
195 4 30м 1
Honey carrots
194 - - -
Delicious, simple and quick recipe regular carrots. This dish is usually served on the Jewish New Year of Rosh ha-Shana, where the honey – based meal. But, regardless of religion, nothing prevents us to prepare this simple and healthy dish for the everyday table
Dessert with pudding
194 - 5м 3
Very simple and quick to prepare, but vkusnyy. I often use this option. Ready to use-powder pudding (for speed), but of course it can cook-it-yourself (website much)
Appetizer of crab meat "Crab claws"
194 - 30м 6
This appetizer is very popular in many countries, it is also sold in the form of semi-finished products in the frozen. Actually cook it very simple and the appearance and the taste will surprise your guests.
Well-Fed Athlete
194 - 35м 8
Girls, be sure to treat your Hero this hearty salad!! The salad is exactly like your man.
Dessert "Tiger running around?"
194 3 - -
The delicate cream-tangerine pot de creme. If you give him more time in the fridge, then get the cheesecake ice cream:) Today he has no such luxury was provided, and ate in a creamy chilled condition. But who here heritage?.. For the contest "Gorenje: Christmas song".
Salad "Penelope"
193 - 80м 3
A very hearty salad of beef liver, carrots, radish, pickled cucumbers, canned peas, pickled slippery jacks!!!
Black forest roulade
193 - 40м 12
The famous black forest cake or a cake "Black forest" know it all, and on our website there are several recipes of this cake in different ways. But the cake is the fact quite difficult, it is done mainly on some important occasion. And not to wait for such a case, I suggest to prepare this wonderful treat in the form of roll - quickly, without much hassle and with a brilliant result! Come on seagulls!
Cocktail "Temptation"
193 5 20м 2
A real seducer knows that the temptation impossible to resist. For the contest "Burnt by the sun"
Salad "Albina"
192 - 10м 4
Three years ago I tried this salad at a friend, since then he has become a favorite. Simple to prepare and very tasty! However, without a photo.
Shrimp in oyster sauce Chinese
192 4 20м -
Today I received a just reproach that I have not prepared something... Looked in the fridge, a locker and concocted one of these that was. And there it was, a handful of tails of tiger prawns, a handful of seafood cocktail, a handful of young octopuses and most importantly - the sauce. Well, vegetables of course.
192 4 90м 12
Sat and remembered the original recipes. And remembered "Roulade". Asked in the search for similar and found chicken roll, posted earlier, but I have a prescription more detailed and the differences, too, and I got the recipe from the Internet site. I hope you enjoy it, because it turns out ruled is something. Unfortunately your photo is not. Do roulade at every opportunity, and most importantly, this roll can completely replace the sausage and ham, because at the present time what is in the sausage is the big question. And it is of great importance in the diet of children.
Poppy-cottage cheese cake with raspberries and currants
191 - - -
Be sure to make this beautiful cake. Pellets poppy looks wonderful on a white background and bright red "cap" sour raspberry and red currant. The cake will especially appeal to those who love poppy seed cakes.
Pie with Camembert and cherry tomatoes
191 - 30м 12
I present to You a cake with cheese and cherry tomatoes. Prepared quickly and easily. The result will please You. Try it, very tasty!
The Salad "Island"
191 - 30м 6
"From the Arctic to the Antarctic People all the world are gone. And only the island Romantics not On the cards dealt. But it exists, notice me, and There is the moon and the mountains, But there is not a single sceptic And no arguer. No whisper of the inhabitants, Neither boredom nor longing. Live there alone and dreamers, Lovers and eccentrics... "
Liquor "Bailey" at home
191 4 90м 20
A little "Russified" recipe, adapted for the Russian consumer.
Chocolate herringbone
191 4 - -
Adorable dessert for the New year and Christmas.
Bread for dinner "Fragrant"
190 - 120м -
For vacation planned time out in the woods, to the country?! Bake these buns. Beautiful - YES, comfortable - VERY tasty and healthy - no DOUBT. Help yourself.