Recipes for Easter

Salad "Integral"
143 4 20м 2
Salad with smoked fish
Cake with white chocolate and nuts
143 3 - -
Juicy, moist cake.
Painting Easter eggs
143 - 60м 50
All simple is genius.
Salad "Goldilocks"
143 5 - -
A juicy base with smoked chicken, fresh vegetables, olives with air "cap" smoked cheese fibers, which are interspersed with the taste of chicken meat and juicy vegetables. Tasty, new, cute!
Decoration of carrots and cucumber
143 5 10м 1
Decorating them can be anything, such as meats!
Cupcakes "Simpleton-haluski"
143 5 - -
Delicious cupcakes with a pronounced flavor of halva, not cloying, soft and slightly moist texture due to the sour milk.
Carrot from aunt Clara
143 4 40м -
Great taste, easy preparation... nothing to add!
Walnut-carrot muffins
143 - - -
My alternative Easter cake.
Glaze for painting
143 - - -
Many make the frosting for the cakes same cakes. No this is not the frosting, it turns out the brittle, heavy, and when dry crumbles. For gingerbread painting glaze is done differently. In the video I will try to show. It comes out dense, after drying, has a smooth flat surface and does not crumble. Paint glaze is quite simple, a few curved lines will certainly be. But then you will pillowcases and you will succeed. Cook the cakes with pleasure, paint at its discretion, make its close.
Cake "of the Prince Regent"
143 - 150м 8
PRINZREGENTENTORTE. High, multi-layered, tasty, tender, just melting in your mouth cake! Judging by the content of "nemeckogo rasego" of the Internet, it's not exactly "the Cake of the Prince Regent"... In particular, you'll be the technology of making cakes! Therefore, no claim to the authenticity of this recipe, just want to share with you an interesting recipe is simple and delicious cake!
Spicy vegetable salad with chicken gizzards
143 - 120м 10
Very tasty and hearty salad for those who love spicy food. Prepared simply and quickly. The most important thing - to give the salad to stand for at least 4 hours, which is not always possible!))) Try it!)
Salad "Rex"
143 - - -
The salad was delicious and quite filling, we cook it for a long time, we and the guests like it. Initially, the salad recipe came to us in the distant 90's, called "Royal"... But I decided to rename and file in the face of a dog, the symbol of the coming year. At the end of the recipe you show for making such a salad in Lenten table.
Chocolate cake
143 - - -
Offer to cook chocolate Easter cake. The cake turns out tender and moist, with rich chocolate flavor and a hint of orange. I got the cake with bitterness, moderately sweet, if you do not like dark chocolate, replace it with milk.
Cherry – strawberry cake
143 - 80м 8
Siberian fragrant dessert, the rich taste it with a delicate nutty notes of almond and fresh strawberries with sour cream custard.
142 4 - -
A traditional Easter dish.
Pie "rose"
142 3 90м 12
Offer the favorite cake of my family. Very tasty, easy to prepare and the filling you can use a different one who kind of likes.
Cake Nostalgia
142 5 60м 8
Sometimes there are such dialogue:-Mom, do you cake on a cool evening, baked in the fifth grade!! Great son you're 19, I think I remember what it was a cake!!?? Very tasty with sour cream - that's all I heard for clarification! Well , let's try to remember a delicious cake!!
Cake "Chicken"
142 3 - -
Making cakes for the kids for the holiday.
Cake-meringue "Trumps" with drunken prunes
142 - 60м 8
There is still the last snow, but in protalinki sight of the earth and the air is sweet and spicy, like this cake. Breathe and can't breathe. Eat this cake and can't stop. Tender light cake with caramel-cream flavor, aroma of almonds and a surprise inside... Simple, elegant, unusual, stunning.. Perfect choice of a wedding cake.
Cottage cheese pie-cupcake "TWO of the CASKET"
142 - 40м 12
Very tender and tasty muffin casserole in one person. A layer of chocolate cheese simply incomparable. Baking disappears from the plates.
Cottage cheese-poppy seed cake with pears
142 - 150м 12
Fans curd filling, connoisseurs of delicious pastries poppy, who cares for juicy fruit - this cake is for you!