Recipes for birthday

Jelly in a hurry
200 4 120м 8
Jelly often make for the holidays of beef, rooster or pig's feet, and this can be done at least every day - quickly and cheaply!!!!
Salad "Ayron"
199 - 50м 5
Salad roll with a few different declares itself on the table and attracts attention. Raw salad is not a novelty, but very bright and festive. There is an abundance of ingredients. The taste of the salad combines salted red fish.
Fish soup with vegetables
199 - 150м 12
Fish soup with vegetables can be cooked on the basis of fish, vegetable or chicken broth, just water. Vegetables can be fresh or canned – so I made tomato soup with a pike perch. Fish – although freshwater, though marine, but most importantly, dense texture. It is desirable fillet. This time I got the soup, cod and haddock – the first more, second less. You can take the whole fish and remove the fillets, but I was ready to eat.
Korean chicken salad and cucumbers
199 - 30м 4
Offer you delicious, flavorful, spicy chicken salad, cucumbers, onions and carrots. The combination of ingredients in this salad the classic, but the cooking technique is somewhat different than usual, so the taste is different.
Cake "53"
199 - 60м 10
This cake was made for dad's birthday. Please to view.
Bean ice cream with lemon flavor
199 - 120м 4
I think many already know that white beans "Lima" has a delicate structure and a creamy taste. Such beans are not only tasty side dishes and soups, but also delicious desserts. The structure of the velvet bean is very noble and fits well even in such a dessert as ice cream. Of course it differs from classical, but as for me... a very worthy dessert. For flavoring you can add any fruit, this case - lemon Kurd lends a refreshing note. Recommended for fans of all extraordinary! For the recipe thank Elena Ivanova.
Fish cakes "goldfish"
199 - - -
The original version of fish cutlets, baked in the oven. The kids like it :) and adults too. Like and fish - no bones. For the holiday table - in the cold will be a great appetizer.
Sea buckthorn dessert
199 5 120м 2
A sweet dessert, especially for those with a sweet tooth, the condensed milk gave it a creamy taste. And sea buckthorn juice is rich in vitamins and other nutrients that are very necessary in late winter.
199 4 30м 4
Salad "Man"
199 3 15м -
Very nice light salad...
Cheese with grapes in a spicy marinade
198 - - -
I love pickled grapes and pickled cheese, is fed to fine wine, decided both these yummy snacks together in one dish. It was very tasty and flavorful!
Cake "Kyiv"
198 - 1440м 12
Oh, and for a long time I thought, before I give out this recipe... been Reading the previous recipes, which is on the site))But still decided to risk it. Recipe for guests, but with my little modifications.
The mackerel pate and feta
198 - - -
Many pies require the addition of a large amount of butter. This is not required. The required consistency gives feta and structure the most mackerel. Delicious with boiled potatoes and pancakes and just spread on toast!
Pie "candy Apple"
198 5 60м 1
Delicate Apple tart with caramel filling and sweet sprinkles.
Salad "Flamingo"
198 4 60м 6
Delicious salad made easy.
Cake "Napoleon"
197 - 180м 10
Been looking for a recipe for a delicious Napoleon, finally found!!! Share with you, hope to like it!!! It is so tender!!!
Honey cake
197 - - -
Hi everyone, I want to share with you the recipe of the "Honeymoon cake"! Not afraid to say that this is one of the most delicious honey cakes that I've eaten and baked! Honey, puff cakes, plus a kick-ass cream-flavored ice cream! Cream I am among the honey cakes is not found, I hope it went through! The cake turns out very tender! And I want to offer an idea of how you can decorate a cake for children that don't know how to work with fondant! 2 years ago ordered the honey cake with these decorations, put them, and this year she decided to bake, not to order! Think of the cars from Cars, have your son enough!)))
Crimson "Sacher cake"
197 - - 6
Classic Sacher familiar to many, but the few he's really impressive. Rather dry chocolate cake, sweet apricot jam... But when I saw the interpretation of the popular dessert in the vision and execution of Masha Zeleninou, I decided to cook it! And then came the hour H. as soon as the process began, and the cakes went in the oven - on the house overflowed fragrance that is hard to describe in words. Let me just say that we live on the 9th floor, and the smell my husband can smell as soon as I opened the door to the staircase ))) And add to that marzipan-chocolate cake sour raspberry jam... in Front of such a temptation difficult to resist even an angel... And happy holiday, lovely girl!!!
Cheese tarts with walnuts
197 - 50м 8
For lovers of cheese cakes. Delicate curd tarts with nut filling, simply melt in the mouth. Come and get it!!!!
Cake "Turtle"
197 - 60м 10
The site already has cake with the same name, but my baked quite differently. The cake turns out very tasty and pretty.
Salad "A La Caesar"
197 4 20м 3
Very much wanted the Caesar salad. But lettuce and cherry tomatoes was not. But the hand was pink tomatoes and cabbage. Very tasty. My boys so it was scarfed, what I'm almost nothing left. I hope you like it too.