Recipes for Christmas

165 5 60м -
Jam tarts is delicious! But the jam has a tendency to leak during baking and during the transportation (often baked in the work and parents). Had to come up with something, and a lot of toppings, and the type of commodity, and without problems. We'll see what happens, maybe someone will be useful. For search of the similar did not find, if that - sorry.
Rolls with bread and salmon
165 - - 20
Easy to implement, effective and delicious snack of crispbread, cream cheese and salmon. For the idea thanks Tanya lapundrik from LJ.
Coffee and pear tart with walnuts
164 - 60м 12
This is something new! Coffee and pear pie with nuts - tender juicy stuffing in a thin crispy batter. And the taste - just a delight - a creamy coffee note goes well with pear and almonds. Most importantly - choose and flavored pears.
164 - - -
Good day)) I Want to share a family recipe, my mother calls this dish is "Cooksey", it might not be like that Cooksey offered on the Internet, but it is very simple and for me personally, insanely delicious.
Biscuits "new year's wheel"
164 - - -
This cookie like my granddaughter. So, let's bake! Interesting to look at, even a little bit funny! Delicious, nutty! Help yourself and you!
Dessert tarts with fruit and pistachio ice cream
164 4 30м -
Dessert tarts with fruit and pistachio ice cream is always a great joy for children and their parents for the holiday table! For the competition "Queen of the cocktail"
Appetizer "wild flowers"
164 3 - -
I really wanted to decorate my holiday table, so there was this appetizer. Waiting for Your evaluation!
Cake "honey heaven"
164 3 90м -
This cake I'm baking for more than 20 years, and still my family waiting to come and feast on the festive table will appear again "honey heaven". I only decorated it in a new way. Please do not judge me harshly because I'm just trying to make jewelry fondant and icing.
Chicken in caramel
164 3 - 4
Chicken "Lived with send Vika two cheerful goose". Another option is prepare all your favorite chicken. Funny feet with a unique aroma and taste will not leave anyone indifferent... help yourself. My impromptu. For this dish you can use knives and the form of Scarlett.
Interesting salad 2
164 4 40м -
Very tasty!!!
Dumplings Fragrant
163 - 25м 5
Sometimes the holidays are no time to make a cake or sweet pie. You can of course buy ready-made, but you can make a quick and delicious dessert by apples in puff pastry. I love Apple cakes, fragrance the holiday from her. The recipe is old and well known, but some details make the apples so delicious that they and holiday table will not fail. I found the puffs with the use of brandy and dates and the aroma is wonderful. And free time you can spend on yourself or to Tinker with other masterpieces. And the Monkey will be happy apples and figs, and crispy test will not give up, a kind of gourmand.
163 - 30м 10
The idea is taken from our prescription Xu-xu. If the strawberry puree with brandy or vodka is not spoiled for a long time, why not make this drink with other berries or fruit. The cranberry was very tasty. Previously tried to do the infusions on berries, mint. The result is not much. This drink is different from tinctures and flavouring qualities, and on the presence of vitamins in it.
Tower of victory
163 - 25м 4
spices and tomato juice not only gives the rice a nice color, but wonderful taste. for the contest "the 10 components of Victory"
163 4 10м 8
This salad drew me with its unusual name and when I tried, I realized - this is mine, try it and you.
163 4 1м 20
Regular pancakes from sour milk. Taste like normal pancakes.
Cake a La "Snickers"
162 - 120м 10
This cake is my improvisation on the classic recipe :) on the Internet many options for this cake and simply with condensed milk, with a meringue with nuts and without, etc., but I wanted to make a quick cake without problems, something even remotely similar to the real "Snickers". I offer You my version of this cake.
Marmalade cherry pectin
162 - 40м -
This year, as mini gifts for family and friends for the New year, I decided to make boxes with delicious homemade marmalade. Preparing it is quite simple and does not require much cost.
Herring marinated in lemon juice
162 - 50м 4
Norwegian recipe. My favorite recipe pickled herring I have ever tasted. For me, it even takes priority over the pickled herring. So herring is marinated for buffet (smörgasbord) Marinated herring occupies a special, privileged position on the Norwegian "Swedish" table. The main difference from its Russian that the marinade is not used Sol.
Cake-meringue "Honeycomb"
162 - - -
Dear girls! Thank you all for the congratulations, happy Birthday, thank you for the gifts and your attention! I'm really glad to have met you, found new friends. This cake I dedicate to you, my lovely, nice, good, kind and helpful girl! The recipe was found a long time ago on the Internet, it has become a favorite cake for me, my family and friends. I hope enjoy you! Come on, girls, help yourself!
Sandwiches "Tanks of a dirt are not afraid"
162 - 40м -
Preparing for February 23. It is a pity that in the "holidays" there is no Day tank. Dedicated to my beloved cousin Sergey, the husband of my sister. He is a former tanker, although tankers were not there (they will understand me) is in the blood. Invented them when he was still in the rank of the groom came to see us. That's remembered about them. Maybe someone else wants to amuse their men.
162 4 - -
Very tasty!