Recipes for 23rd of February

The appetizer bread "Christmas cake"
180 - 90м 5
Appetizer with baked herring, pickled in soy sauce and hot red pepper. Very tasty and beautiful appetizer for the holiday table! Baked herring is not worse than any expensive fish. Oily, spicy soy sauce for KIKKOMAN sushi and hot red pepper. Cook)
Pie "Giraffe"
180 - 40м 6
This insanely delicious pie and very easy to prepare.
Cake "fried Eggs" with peaches and whipped cream
180 5 75м 12
Rate the delicious taste of almond-chocolate sponge cake with the flavor of fine liqueur. For teachers ' Day, the competition "School time"
Tomatoes "Some Parmigiano"
180 3 10м -
This snack know everything: tomatoes, cheese, garlic, mayonnaise. I tried to do it with a different cheese (for example sausage, this recipe here already), here is my turn to Parmesan. It was the most delicious decision!!!
Beef goulash with chickpeas
179 - 60м 6
Very hearty, delicious and not difficult to prepare, goulash. With an array of spices, the dish turns out very fragrant, a great lunch for a cold time of the year!
Salad with ham, pear and avocado
179 - 30м -
Brought once again the son of hamonica and I decided to offer you one of our favorite salads with "participation" ham.
Tincture "taiga"
179 - - -
Our response gene. The taste is slightly pungent with pine finish.
179 - 40м 6
Well, who would be able to refuse! Today fruit cake! Love it very! The aroma will fill the house! Let's try friends! To the table for tea, I call you!
Meringue roulade with roasted apples
179 5 60м 6
This is my first recipe on the Cook, so do not judge strictly. It is very light and healthy dessert, not difficult to prepare. The combination of sweet almond meringue and baked Apple with cinnamon will hardly leave anyone indifferent)))
Chicken Breasts, baked with layers of plums
179 - 55м 5
This dish is worth it to cook and taste. All goes well in this dish and tender chicken marinated with herbs de Provence, paprika and garlic. Plum trees, which gently covers our chicken like fur and give the dish a richness and piquancy. And most importantly, it is absolutely not troublesome!
Dessert "101 Dalmatians"
179 4.5 10м 8
If you watched the movie "101 Dalmatians", you probably remember that there's no surprises there were! So this dessert for me from the beginning to the end was a surprise! I learned about the recipe about a month ago, but I experienced many wonders in the culinary world, still could not believe that such simple ingredients will get THIS! So I am very detailed pictures of every step!
179 4.5 90м -
I used to, before I met my husband, I wasn't pilaf, and porridge, but my husband learned to cook it like they cook at home; I will write all the details, as I was taught...
Salad "Bull"
179 4.5 20м -
My husband read in the newspaper recipe. On New year made this salad. All were delighted! Very unusual and delicious salad! At Christmas we again cooked to bis!!!
Salad "Soccer ball"
179 4 30м 1
here I saw a salad "support?", and myself decided to cook, only changed some products to suit this option.
Fish salad
179 3 7м 6
Summer salad
Cake "A Bunch"
179 5 30м 6
Light, delicate sponge cake... it Just melts in your mouth...
The avocado sauce with mussels
178 - 15м 2
From the "healthy food". The spread on sandwiches of avocado, cream cheese with garlic and parsley, supplemented by marinated mussels on the traditional rolls. Breakfast.
Spotted wolffish grilled
178 - 40м 10
Spotted wolffish is a marine fish in the order Perciformes. Less common than its relatives and striped wolffish. Perhaps this explains the fact that in stores it not such a frequent visitor. How many sea rocks, she's not too bony, it makes it easier and cooking, and drinking. Spotted catfish meat is quite fatty, very tender, like it or bake it, like it or bake, it's still a bit jelly-like, while it's hot. So for example, I more like to eat it when the fish has cooled, even better the next day and not warming up: I like a firmer texture. But it is only a matter of taste and personal preferences. Fish is good and hot, and cold. And very successfully combined with sesame seeds, which I used in the batter.
178 - 20м 5
This simple and at the same time, a delicious salad is prepared in our family for many years. The recipe was taken from a great cookbook, a gift from my husband. I think the beef salad have much taste.
Cognac home
178 - 3м 11
This recipe I read in a beautiful book, I tried to do and was not disappointed, very surprised guests. Poured in a beautiful bottle and said it was very expensive cognac. Don't know if this looks like brandy, but the fact that it is delicious and natural - exactly! Smells good, easy to drink, a natural product. And you try!
Salad "the Heart of king Arthur"
178 - - -
A delicious salad with pomegranate seeds, but "Garnet bracelet" are not similar. Recipe from the site myJulia. EN.