Recipes for Valentine's Day

Appetizer "tropikanka"
176 - 30м 5
Delicious and impressive appetizer! Will look great on the buffet table.
Marble snack
176 - 150м -
Surprisingly easy to prepare, budget-friendly and delicious snack on bread from pig's ears. It is essentially a sandwich filler, dense and at the same time, melting in the mouth, thin marble strips hryaschikov delicious crunch and look very appetizing sliced. Though the total cooking time is two and a half hours, the actual time of standing for "machine" not more than 20 min.
176 - 60м -
Tender, crispy, sweet, airy crispies will not leave a sweet tooth indifferent :)
Chocolate candy with filling
176 - - -
Everything else in the store do not buy! Well, you can do yourself and it doesn't take a lot of time!
Tartlets "Faberge"
176 3 - 6
It is a work of culinary art and not leave indifferent any guest at your party! For the competition "Queen of the cocktail."
"Surprise" from grills
176 3.5 110м -
This is a dish I learned to cook in the convection oven, I suggest everyone who uses this thing!
Meat "The Pig"
176 3 20м 8
Very tender pork.
Salad "Great taste" or squash Lecho
175 - - -
Want to share a recipe for a tasty salad for the winter. It tastes very similar to kefir, only the main ingredient in it is not bell peppers, and zucchini.
Cake "Napoleon" with two creams
175 - 120м 12
Cake "Napoleon" with two creams, raspberries and blueberries, very tasty and juicy, cooked to a family recipe.
The red bilberry
175 3 - -
Open berry pie... the Technology of preparation of straight dough yeast dough in the recipe "Apple Pies"
Cottage cheese pie with jam and cinnamon
174 - - -
Cottage cheese casserole with the addition of Apple butter and cinnamon is so delicious with a clear taste of apples. On the cut, it turns a pale cream color. For a delicious Breakfast, afternoon snack and a snack is what you need. Try it, and suddenly this recipe will become your favorite!
Soup "Oshi-burida"
174 - 60м 6
This soup kitchen belongs to Tajikistan. Interesting combination-chickpeas, dried apricots, spices, herbs and homemade noodles. Very tasty soup. Help yourself!
Biscuit honey nut cake "Ideal"
174 - - -
This recipe for more than 30 years. I found it on the page of the journal "Peasant " or "Worker" with such a name. And this name is justified. Thanks to the contest "time Tested" I want to share this recipe with You. Very fluffy, flavorful honey cake with a layer of sour cream and condensed milk with nuts. All this is really just a perfect combination, and the use of cane sugar TM "Mistral"; enhances the brightness of honey flavor and aroma. Come and help yourself!
Cake with cocoa
174 - 60м 10
I want to share with You my recipe for the cake. Very easy to prepare, but very tasty...
A cake of oatmeal in a slow cooker
174 - 100м 8
I want to share with the cooks recipe is simple and delicious cupcake. I hope my recipe will like. Please do not judge too harshly.
Improvisation on the theme of "kebab"
174 4 20м 2
Burgers on the fire.
Potato cake with mushrooms and cheese
173 - 60м 8
This appetizer was created to conquer the hearts of those who love a hearty and satisfying meal to eat, and its attractive appearance will enhance any holiday table. Try to cook – it's delicious!
Biscuits "Nuovo cherry Amaretti"
173 - 40м 42
The Siberian variant of the widely known Italian cookie "Amaretti".
Cheese cake with oranges "Snow white"
173 - 90м 8
This cheesecake dessert is a nice alternative to Easter, it is without eggs. Easter traditions in many visit their parents. If You want to bring the Passover a treat in the way she can melt due to the presence of oil. Then make this cake, it will decorate any festive table, including Easter. The oranges give the dessert a nice tartness. Try it, it's delicious! I recommend this dessert to children who eat bad cheese. This dessert they will eat for both cheeks. Cheese, sour cream, gelatin are the main components of this dessert, all of it is useful for the child's body.
Appetizer of Camembert, Apple and ham
173 - 15м 2
Delicious appetizer of Camembert with apples caramelized onions and jamon. This exquisite, delicious snack will satisfy even the most demanding gourmets.
Salad "Hotshot"
173 4 30м -
The salad is easy to prepare, but extraordinarily tasty. Guests always distinguish it from other snacks. A decent appetizer for the holiday table...