Recipes for Lent

Roasted peppers with Golden millet
139 - - 3
Affordable, hearty and very tasty recipe baked bell peppers stuffed with millet porridge, mushrooms, onions and herbs. This dish will enrich the body trace elements and vitamins of group B. Tender texture of the filling, attractive supply and full-bodied taste - tempting main quality of this recipe!!!
Pate, humus - hummus
138 3 1м -
It's not really a pate, simply so called, not knowing to which category. First tried it in the Arab restaurant. Since he did not find peace until I teach myself to cook. Interesting taste, like adults and children. And besides - also very useful - a solid plant protein!
Eggplant and squash in tomato juice
138 3 40м -
Cool appetizer or salad!
Salad with a mix of Japanese algae and wood mushrooms
138 4 20м -
To withstand a night in the Japanese style, I had to experiment with salads. Familiar to us drinking "Olivier" and "Fur" does not fit into the overall picture of the evening. I present to Your judgment a salad of mushrooms, celery, radishes, cucumbers and a mix of algae. Very fresh, juicy salad. The guests very much.
138 4 60м 2
The season of artichokes, it will last until April, when the buds appear purple flowers, and then the white fluff, because the artichoke is a cultural relative of the wild Thistle. There is a section in cooking ways of cooking this product: boiled served with hollandaise sauce, baked under Bechamel, cut thin slices and fry in deep fat. I took the path of least resistance...
Meatless vegan mayonnaise and nutovo-carrot cakes
138 - - 3
I can not share with you the recipe for a great sauce. Its taste is very similar to the famous taste of mayonnaise, but no egg yolk in the recipe as the classic prototype, nor milk, as in the variations on its theme, we do not need. If I managed to intrigue you, you are welcome! Oh Yes! I almost forgot – burgers. Patties of chickpeas, carrots and onions, very simple but very tasty, I recommend!
Rolls from vegetable puff pastry with raisins, halva, walnuts and brown sugar
138 - 30м -
Very simple and quickly prepared, eaten, however, still faster. The combination of halva, raisins and walnuts with sugar is one of the favorite, you can still add Apple - but my husband loves without.
Tomato soup "Panzanella"
138 - 40м 4
Probably, many know the Italian salad "Panzanella ", but I want to offer you a soup of the same name. On this recipe I came across in a magazine and couldn't resist the description and picture))) the result is a delicious, fragrant and easy soup with Italian accent. Try it, you will not remain indifferent.
Drink, useful in all respects
138 - 5м 1
What can I say about this drink? It performs two important functions - supports us in shape and protects from the cold! Especially good in cold season, with frost or moisture... or in the evening, when the hands are drawn to the fridge... help yourself!
Salad "One use"
138 - 15м 3
The salad is easy, and the benefits of raw beet all heard. If somewhere again, I apologize in advance. PS thank you, my dear cooks for your support and understanding! After all, for the beginners and designed this recipe. Personally I love and know how to cook and even though on the website I'm new, but can cope with complex recipes. Because sometimes we just don't want to bother for long and complex cooking recipes and I want something simple, quick and tasty and healthy. :*
Rye bread kvass
138 - 120м -
The recipe for this bread I had spontaneously, looking through all the recipes that use brew. Try it and you, what a wonderful taste of this bread turned out. I want to dedicate this bread, a wonderful cook, Svetlana (Svetlana g980). Let's start...
138 - - -
Bage - Georgian walnut sauce. Not to be confused with satsivi, though also very tasty, but much easier to cook and very quick. Bage is suitable for chicken, fish, vegetables and boiled eggs. The sauce is thick, rich, nutty, spicy and very flavorful. Each hostess your Bage with slight variations, but it is able to do every Georgian woman. It is really delicious. The Bages are used in cold and boil the BAJ is not necessary. Help yourself!
Herring in a fur coat
138 - 30м 6
Moreover, on the topic of "Herring under a fur coat" perfectly complete Your Christmas table! Delicious, easy, inexpensive and looks great on the holiday table! The addition of soy sauce in this dish makes it somewhat similar to sushi.
Salad "90-60-90"
138 - 25м -
Dear cooks, I suggest a salad "90-60-90" salad for the perfect figure. Especially the salad will be interesting to losing weight and Fasting.
Jam of Mandarin and pumpkin
138 - - -
They say that tangerine jam is tasty to drink organic coffee, and maybe jam jam and coffee... In any case, it turns out delicious, and the pumpkin not to know! It is only for the masses. Help yourself!
Bread wheat and rye bran
138 - - -
Simple, tasty and healthy bread every day. Good with first courses, and with the second, and the sandwich with this bread is pretty good. Come on in, help yourself.
Pesto paprika
138 - 80м -
This pesto I tried at a cooking show, we really enjoyed it and we bought a jar and I usually read the composition and repeat the recipe already in the home version)) Very tasty and spicy, good for potatoes, pasta and slice of bread..
Ear sterlet
137 5 60м -
Best thing I ever ate post.
Raspberry cheesecake dessert with BlackBerry juice
137 3 20м 3
As berry would like to extend a Sunny summer!!! very vitamin, healthy, and sooooo delicious!!!!
Mustard-onion potatoes
137 3 35м 6
Continuing the theme of side dishes offer a simple and delicious option for feeding potatoes. I got the idea from "cookbook", changed by itself. As they say, "that is all."... I had not thought of?
Cauliflower "Serpentine"
137 3.5 - 2
Baked cauliflower a cabbage with shrimp. Simple to prepare and very tasty. Alternatively, you can submit a cold sauce made from vegetables. For the contest "Fast from "Moulinex"".