Decorations for dishes recipes

Sugar glaze
165 3 3м -
Today my daughter the first time she baked eclairs. We decided to cover them with the sugar glaze recipe my friend, it turned out so smooth and shiny. Done two minutes and the fun... the Recipe for eclairs not write, because them to site a great multitude, and Fudge to try suggest.
A pyramid of crayfish
165 5 - -
This decoration is invariably admired.
Cake "horn of plenty"
164 4.5 - -
The cake was prepared on the Day of birth. Used a mastic marshmallow. Many thanks to the cooks for the recipe. Here is my first test.
"Basket" of watermelon
163 3.5 150м -
Decoration. Well, I got to the watermelon!
Mastic and application-Spiderman
162 - 240м -
Preparation of mastic of marshmallows and applique out of it for the cake. Already many such examples in the Internet!! Decided that my opinion on this case can someone come in handy! Figurine spider-man - corny and all cakes are viewed by me from this subject, seemed to some dark, so we decided to come up and to dilute the cake with bright letters... Given that this is my first experience, do not judge strictly.
Cake "Sea Dragon"
162 3 - -
Description of biscuits and cream then no, this Tolo variant of decoration
Painting Easter eggs
162 - 60м 50
All simple is genius.
Mashed potatoes "CAT"
162 5 10м -
Your children badly eat? You have to sing, to dance, to feed the baby? If You want your child ate well and asked for a Supplement? Then You to me!
Cake "Bird of happiness". Part 2 - cooking instructions bird of happiness
159 - 30м -
Very easy to cook this bird of happiness, and it looks amazing. Will decorate any holiday table (not necessarily on the cake, you can just to decorate the feast.) The idea of the cookbook.
Easter eggs "Patterned"
158 - 60м 10
At my request the "Easter eggs" the search came up 512! options. Scrolling through 100, I stopped... My recipe is certainly not new. But the eggs turn out so bright and interesting that dare to publish. May hostesses will be useful. If you do something wrong, moderators "correct"!!!
Cake "Bag of money"
156 3 - -
My first experience with fondant. Were doing a gift for the birthday girl who often says: "I am full of happiness is not enough bag of money" ))
156 4 30м 4
Delicious and beautiful cakes.
A seal
156 - 10м 1
Fast and beautiful!!!
Cake "Chicken"
155 3 - -
Making cakes for the kids for the holiday.
Homemade marzipan
155 - - -
Marzipan is nothing like the almond-sugar mass is cooked by special technology. It is very important in order to succeed, bring the sugar syrup to the right stage. I am writing about it already in the recipe. Do not neglect the temperature regime. As this recipe without the addition of proteins and exactly the right stage of heated sugar syrup is key to supply was tight as the batter, and not blurred. From ready-made marzipan, you can: — sculpt various figures and decorating or pastry; cut into small pieces and add to the dough for baking, instead of candied fruit you can stuff them with sweets or make small balls from marzipan and dipped in chocolate; — and yet all that tells You is Your imagination:-) If you are working with marzipan it is too sticky, sprinkle the marzipan and hands with powdered sugar as the dough is sprinkled with flour.
Glaze Honey
154 - 10м -
I'm in the kitchen lay an extra med and get in my way.
Cream cake "A La Nutella-tender"
154 - 20м -
If you haven't tried this recipe, I advise you to try, is very easy. First, I doubt that there will be greasy, but to me this recipe is very positively surprised!-will surprise you! It turned out very tasty! Warm the Nutella in the microwave because bake Nutella on the edges of the plates, better water bath🤗&am p;am p;am p;am p;am p;#128578;
Napkin rings, carrots-2
154 - 15м -
Here I will show two more options of making napkin rings.
Decoration of apples
154 3 30м -
simple, you only need a skill and the DESIRE. The idea is borrowed from Irina - Irinka-zaharinka Jazzedcook.
Cream cake "coffee Namelaka"
153 - 24м -
Today we will make coffee namelaka. Namelaka is a special kind of cream with a special technique of its manufacture. It has a very delicate, almost moussavou texture. Can be used for decoration of confectionery, either as part of a multi-piece or multi-layered desserts.
Swan lake
153 5 - -
Spoil kids