Broths and soups recipes

Soup with rice and meatballs
345 - - -
This soup is usually prepared in a milk the week before lent. This soup can easily play any carnivore that meatballs without meat is almost impossible to guess. Very hearty, delicious soup.
Fish soup "Aquarium"
345 - - -
A very useful soup with seaweed. Specially for the kids.
Chicken tacos in the broth
345 4 - -
Tried this dish at a Mexican restaurant. Liked. To taste it was the usual chicken in tempura with broth. But I decided to do, so to speak, more than the Mexican version. Learned that a Taco is a Mexican corn tortilla. A little imagination and.... if you are tired of the classic soup "chicken Noodle house", try "Chicken tacos in broth" a La Mexican.
Vegan Soup
344 - - -
Soup with chickpeas. Knowing little about the chickpeas, I decided to learn this unusual new cereal, which I advise all those who have not yet encountered.
Beet soup with pesto
340 - - -
The recipe, of course, more for hot summer days, but warm autumn is also quite suitable. This light refreshing soup is prepared very simply, and looks bright and elegant.
Soup "Lamb on the meadow"
336 4 - -
Very tasty and healthy soup that will satisfy any palate.
Ear Royal
332 5 40м 4
It does not describe
331 4 - -
The recipe is the closure I've seen on the site, but in the DEP, except for those vegetables in the ingredients, add nothing! Zamu is possible to prepare the same fish, but one important - it should be tart, I wrote the recipe by which we basically preparing the people, instead of a lemon added as well branny tart brew, it is sold in stores, but some do and at home. Homemade noodles, we also sold, but some do it themselves, the recipe is simple - water+ flour+egg home so a yellow one was. Zamu we even served the next day after the wedding, is good for a hangover, we have it everyone knows, and it can even add greens such as leustean, but not everyone loves her because of a specific taste (just my her and don't like). Oh, forgot to write, some like to add finely chopped potatoes, but also not to overdo it, the soup light should be.
Soup "Mastava"
329 3 50м 4
Of course, in Uzbekistan this rice meat soup is made from lamb and sheep fat. I prepare it a little differently and do it well. Try to cook in my recipe.
Ture "Siberian"
327 - 5м 1
The fast hot entrée. This dish was prepared by my mother's father, and I still, when you need a quick bite to eat, it is cooked. At first glance it seems that such a set of products anything tasty does not work, but this dish surprised.
Kharcho soup with lamb
326 4 - -
Soup "Country"
326 3 60м 4
Soup vegetarian "Country" Cabbage soup I don't put at all. Don't like boiled cabbage. If you cook meat soup, after cooking the broth, removed the meat, separated from bones, cut in small pieces and put in the finished soup with spices
Grandfather's soup with a quenelle of buckwheat
324 - - -
A delicious soup with the mushroom aroma and delicate cheese quenelle. A rich, nourishing, aromatic - it is fine to diversify Your dining menu.
Dovga Baku
324 4.5 50м -
Azerbaijan's national dish. Sour-milk soup, not in the sense of sour, and made with kefir (sour milk). Refreshing, light. Healthy dish, its a very good serve after a heavy meal. There is an option Dovga with meat and peas, prefer without these components.
Soup "Sombrero"
322 3 60м -
If the fridge you find some mushrooms, a piece of smoked sausage and a jar of vegetable mixture Sombrero, you can cook here's a hearty soup...
Minestrone with beans, borlotti
320 - 40м 4
This soup is "rich in fiber and carbohydrates and contains little fat," so says of him, Gordon Ramsay. The site has a few recipes, some very close. But after trying this recipe, I couldn't resist and decided to remind You about this wonderful and healthy dish in the interpretation of the chef.
Assorted soup with rice noodles
319 - - 2
Fragrant noodle soup with red rice with chicken hearts, vegetables, mushrooms and the aroma of star anise and spices! For all lovers of simple, fast, delicious! Soup and a light diet, excellent for fasting days!
Moldovan Deputy (Zalman)
319 - 120м -
Same national Moldovan dish, very tasty, and easy. Takes minimum time and maximum pleasure.
Fish soup with capelin
316 - 60м 3
The soup in the Post, when allowed to fish. I invite you to try delicious and nutritious soup is soup made from fish broth from capelin with vegetables and quinoa. Capelin - fish is very useful. Unfortunately many people ignore it. The use of capelin cover a broad spectrum of effects on the body, from preventing heart attacks to improving your mood. Therefore, it is necessary to include in the diet and for everyday use, and in the composition of the diet.
Soup "Shirako"
315 - - -
If you decide to find in the Internet the worst soup in the world, among other search engine will give you Japanese soup, Shirako (literally "white children"). Why very healthy soup called terrible? Just because it is prepared from fish ROE. And the drafters of the "horrific" ratings write a soup made of fish semen is a nightmare! You think so too? Then this recipe is not for you. I have a very positive attitude to Molokan and no fear of Shirako have not experienced. I shoveled a lot of the Internet, but the recipe for this soup was never found. By collecting the crumbs of information about this soup, I finally made it. Now, scullion is the first Russian culinary site that hosts the recipe of Japanese soup "Shirako". Are you ready to see one of the most horrible soups?
Polish soup with pickles
315 - - -
This is one of the most popular traditional Polish soups. This soup is low in calories. Try to cook for dinner Polish soup with pickles and dressing for the pickle "Maggi". Preparation takes very little time, the result is a delicious and hearty entree, reminiscent of a pickle.