Cooking in grills recipes

Beef skewers
149 - - -
Continue to develop in the convection oven. Today I had the skewers of beef shanks. Turned out, of course, not like on fire, but the smell is still present. And most importantly, without any liquid fumes.
Grilled chicken
149 - 100м 8
Chicken at home is one of the favorite dishes. Has a lot of things you can cook. But my favorite is the usual roasted whole chicken grilled.
Eclairs in aerogrill
148 4 - 4
Continue to master the grills and this is my first cakes in it. In principle, the recipe is not new, just specific instructions to the owners of this wonder-stove. So if you want to remove it, then so be it.
Baked potatoes with cottage cheese
146 - 40м 2
Dear vegetarians, I offer you a recipe that I took from the book "GRILL - EASY AND DELICIOUS" (Der Grosse Grillspass) I adapted this recipe to suit your taste and made step-by-step photos. I hope you like it too!
Roulade of chicken in aerogrill
146 - 30м 6
There are a lot of recipes this loaf. My cooked in aerogrill.
Chicken kebab
145 - - -
Cook in AG
Pork "Juicy"
145 3.5 20м 2
Easy to prepare, crispy, juicy inside, spicy pork, which is easy to cook in the convection oven, in the oven.
144 4 25м 2
Juicy meat patties
Zucchini "cheese meadow"
144 - 25м 5
Quick, tasty and simple. On the 10th anniversary of joint life the husband gave up meat. Here, learn slowly. So, do not judge strictly.
Skewers of nutria in aerogrill
143 - 60м 10
As you understand, we really like the nutria, so we use all possible variants of its preparation. Believe me, nutria meat can replace pork: it is cheaper, many times healthier and tastier. The thus prepared shashlik is no worse than on the fire, the only thing there is no smell of smoke, but it is faster and less troublesome.
Pancake casserole cottage cheese-lemon
142 - 80м -
Very tasty, tender casserole with cottage cheese-lemon filling will appeal to you and your family!!!
Millet porridge with dried fruit in pots
141 5 30м 3
In General, I have for the New year aerogrill - husband favorite gave. Means you have something in it to cook. Here is gruel and decided. Turned out pretty! Anyway, the baby appreciated the fact that asked for more!
Cookies couscous
140 - 30м 1
Again, my diet Breakfast. Came up already several times made, I really like it - and here it seems nothing like not found. No butter, no sugar (although if you want, you can add), on top of a crust, soft inside, very simple and hopefully useful... the Invention, in one word.
Cheese pie "LAKOMKA"
140 - 50м 6
This pie cooked in the convection oven and the taste is simply divine. My husband does not like cheese, or rather, not loved until now... and this cake with the child was eating at the time, barely have time to take pictures)))
Puff Pastry Bear Claws
140 5 - -
Puff, pastry, convection oven.
"Sea language" in aerogrill
138 3 30м 2
Tender, virtually fat sea fish. And most importantly, prepared with the least effort!
Chicken wings with sauce of cicibela
137 5 40м 2
Very delicate, sweet flavor co! Well, the way I like it cooked very quickly.
137 - - -
Cheesecake with cottage cheese and prunes
Cottage cheese-plum pie with oatmeal
137 - 35м 3
This casserole is a great Breakfast, useful for adults and children.
Drunken ribs
136 3 120м 4
Delicious, juicy, tender...
Carp in aerogrill
136 4 35м 2
Was waiting for a loved one with a trip and thought, what would be his treat. That experimented with river fish.