Dishes pita bread recipes

Shaverma in simaginskoe
150 - 30м 2
Long thought to unload the refrigerator. Beef, boiled potatoes, some vegetables, sauce left over from the dumplings. Found in the freezer Armenian lavash, the forgotten month... So it's a great SHAWARMA AT HOME!!!
Pizza in roll
149 4 10м -
Delicious in a hurry.
Moldavian pie in a hurry
148 - 10м -
If You do not have at hand the test or You are too lazy to cook it, you will come to the aid lavash)))
Roll with minced chicken
146 4 40м -
A simple loaf which for my family!
146 4.5 20м 4
Sometimes you want something this... unusual, for example, a kebab. Shawarma, Shawarma - like someone says.
Baked lavash rolls with eggplant
144 - 80м 6
Delicious lavash rolls with roasted eggplant and cheese. Can be served as hot with any sauce and can be cold and as a snack.
Meatloaf with beets
144 - 15м 4
This is an improvisation on an ordinary beets with garlic and mayonnaise! Very tasty and festive! )))
Pizza lasagna in Russian
143 4 40м -
Comfortable, quick, beautiful and delicious.
143 - 20м 6
A great appetizer for the holiday table! Scatters "cheers" in 15 minutes!
Roll lavash with greens
143 5 15м -
Duty snack at home and at the cottage.
A La dumplings
143 5 40м 4
Want to offer You the lazy version of dumplings, but very tasty and unusual. The dumplings come out very juicy and tasty, and prepared well, very quickly! Try. Source - my imagination.
Cheese-cheese mini quiches pita
143 - 60м 4
Mini-pies, because it's not the whole pie, and it is divided into 4 portions. It is convenient that the cake is initially cut and only put on a plate to the guest, the shape of the piece is not broken, as it would be when cutting the pie.
142 5 25м 5
Delicious, hearty, spicy Shawarma. Prepared simply and quickly.
Roll of pita with carrots in Korean
140 - - -
Quick and tasty loaf of pita bread
Rolls with is eaten this way
140 3 5м -
Will need fresh pita or pita bread, and is eaten this way - a couple of minutes...
Shawarma lean
139 - 10м 2
Offer the recipe is very tasty and juicy vegetarian Shawarma. As in the no meat, you can afford to use it in the post.
Roll with avocado in 5 minutes
138 5 5м 4
Continue the theme of "green" Shawarma, rolls, pita, this time with avocado.
Rolls "Palatine"
137 - 40м 4
Once decided to treat dad to Japanese cuisine. Ordered sushi and rolls. Dad was not happy : ( they Said that it's better that the Japanese eat, and we, Russian, are more like potatoes with meat. Then I came up with the idea to make these rolls, which would be made from the usual Russian man ingredients.
Lavash rolls with sweet peppers
137 - 20м 5
I used not purchase pita bread... and due to the fact that your lovasik turned out a little thicker and sdobnoe than regular pita, it was very interesting and tasty)) For recipe pita thanks to the author "begi"! It's all good!
Roll of pita "my Fish"
137 - 20м 8
My acquaintance with rolls of pita began 5 years ago. I saw in the transfer of cooking recipe prepared and were disappointed. Like a great set of products (salmon, cream cheese), but it turned out dry and taste is not particularly impressed. But I never give up and after a couple of experimentation, found what I was looking for. Now this is my favorite nadinochka for a loaf of pita - juicy, tender and unusual. This option on the website not found, so post. Help yourself!
Saverton with chicken in Chinese style
137 - - 2
Now we have a lot of different rolls of pita traded cafe on the road, and call them "saverton". So I decided to offer the author's recipe of saverton. Quick, tasty, fragrant, very comfortable at the picnic.