Sauces recipes

Honey mustard sauce
200 - - -
The sauce is prepared in minutes. Has a wonderful velvety structure, amazing honey aroma and a sweet-tangy taste. It's worth a try!!!
Gravy with mushrooms
200 - 35м 4
Good old gravy in our time has become a rarity, because it is faster and easier to cook just the sauce, but do not take a little more time for this gravy)
Cranberry sauce
196 - 45м 8
A stunning sweet and sour sauce bright pink, turkeys and more!
196 3.5 - -
Greek dish. Was taught to make one friend in Greece.
Salad dressing
196 3 5м 10
Salad dressing that is ideal for all leaf salads, fresh cucumbers and tomatoes.
The sauce and the salad of squid and shrimp
194 - 15м -
Dear cooks, I suggest to try a delicious salad of squid and shrimp, which when whipped in a blender turns into a delicious sauce for pancakes ;)
Tahina-a paste of sesame seeds
194 5 - -
Did on trial: will or not. Happened, but was much thicker purchase, because sesame oil was just absent at the moment. The recipe was given badboy 2000.
Cranberry sauce
193 - - -
Cranberry sauce is always a great addition to any meal and table decoration! With ginger, pepper and honey will be interesting!
Cheese and garlic sauce
193 - 15м 2
Very tasty, flavorful sauce! Great for meat, for bread, to grenkami and fries. This sauce I made the carrot fries. Very tasty combination!
Nut sauce "BAJ"
193 3 - -
Hello, my fellow Cooks! Today I propose you a traditional Georgian walnut sauce. Bage sauce is almost universal and is preparing very simple. The only thing it is not customary to eat is meat, is not suitable. And, of course, a matter of taste. As satsivi, lobio and khachapuri to cook it knows every housewife, and, of course, each with its own method and taste. So just say that don't pretend to possess the ultimate truth and offer the option of which I was taught by my grandmother (plus modern technology). Try and make sure that it is very tasty!
The vegetable sauce to the kebab
192 - 15м -
A wonderful addition!
Heart rate-garlic-sour cream sauce
192 5 10м 1
Very tasty all natural sauce is the perfect substitute "factory" sauces. Suited to many things, especially chicken. Especially fans of garlic!
Salad dressings: of rasola of green peas and beans
191 - 30м -
The liquid from the cans of peas are usually discarded. But few people know that at its basis it is possible to cook a delicious homemade mayonnaise. And cooked beans also makes a great sauce that can be eaten even in the post. Try, because any salad dramatically changes the taste and appearance depending on the chosen filling.
Sauce "Shock"
190 3.5 25м -
Suitable for fish, the taste was odd and familiar.
Sour cream sauce, adjika and coriander
188 - 5м 4
The sauce is perfect for Shawarma, kebabs, pita, hot dogs, and just with hot Pitta bread or pita bread is delicious!
Horseradish cream sauce
188 5 15м -
A very interesting taste. Perfect for meat.
The Sauce "Tomato"
187 4 35м 1
Served with grilled meat, stuffed vegetable dishes.
My sauce "Asparagus"
187 4 300м -
I really liked the previous recipe "Asparagus", which put [email protected] And I also wanted to share with you MY recipe for this sauce.
Pancakes "Rizovski" with cheese sauce
186 - - -
Want to impress guests at the carnival, bake these colorful pancakes in the shape of different animals or colors. Kids with pleasure will help You. Cheese and a thick sauce will not leave anyone indifferent!!!
Lemon-mint sauce
186 3 - -
This sauce is well suited to grilled fish. Especially delicious with mackerel.
Cheese-bean dip
185 - - -
Unusual thick sauce that can be spread on toast, vegetables and dip crackers in it or just eat it with a spoon.