Dairy products recipes

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Recipe for slow cooker MP5015PSD.
Homemade cheese type Adyghe
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Milk cheese at home
Imereti cheese
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Every culture has a cheese young cheese. In Georgia's Imereti cheese. It is possible to make cheese Suluguni.
Homemade cheese "Paneer"
165 - 30м 1
A great cheese with his own hands. Probably, there is no cheese that could compete with cheese in Indian cuisine called in Hindi "Paneer". This gorgeous cheese is easy to prepare, not time consuming, but has a lovely subtle taste and versatile in use, although it can be served as a separate dish.
The yogurt Actimel
164 - 12м 1
Very easy to prepare and very useful. I have a friend cured his child of eighteen months a chronic disorder of the intestine dysbacteriosis. I'm your baby constantly to give the night a yogurt.
Homemade cheese "mozzarella"
160 - 60м -
I think we should start. Never understood what good are our people in pizzas. Rather not. Did not understand what good pizza in our eateries and pizzas prepared at home (you know, those sweet tarts with a thickness of 10 centimeters piled into it "victoriawhite the parts"). Didn't understand until I decided to make it myself. All pies dropped immediately, took a genuine Italian recipe. It is here that I smoke, however, as friends that tried it. Did it, until recently, the conventional solid cheese, but here's the thing, here, even here, some person (who had moved to Italy) began to say that pizza without mozzarella does not happen (by the way correct they say). I had to look for mozzarella. Found - not very much and expensive somehow. "Want something done right, do it yourself!". Here it just now...
Homemade condensed milk
158 - 60м 1
Nowadays very hard to find a real natural delicious condensed milk. And why not make it yourself? I will present you a simple recipe for this homemade condensed milk!!! From 1 liter of milk comes out about 300 - 400 grams of condensed milk!
Yogurt ordinary
157 - 15м 5
Delicious thick yogurt.
Nadughi in mini-pellets Suluguni
157 - - 5
Each of our travel to a new place leads to another the knowledge of local cuisine. So this time, visiting Tbilisi, I managed to discover new. We all know cheese dressing, but few people know that there are a variety of cakes. These cakes sell in the markets of Georgia. These are thin, almost transparent pancakes the size of a saucer, with a recognizable taste. When buying cheese on the market, the woman-the seller gave us Suluguni cake inside which was a mouth-watering cheese nadugi. So dish has this name. Porassprosit Georgian friends and Google in the web, concluded: the filling for these pancakes is identical to the already known to the ricotta.
Cheese from yogurt
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We have a little man often drink kefir, which is produced on the dairy kitchen, also themselves through times of drink, in short builds up sometimes a lot, throw a pity, pancakes sometimes too lazy to cook, what to do with it? Cheese! It turns out a little bit, but in the case! Cottage cheese, you can do many things, here on the website a lot of recipes. Can someone come in handy.
Cheese "Camembert" from goat's milk
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This cheese was born in France. There is a legend about the appearance of this cheese. In 1791 Normandy farmer Marie Harel during the French revolution saved from death hiding from persecution monk who, in gratitude, revealed to her the only way he the secret of making this cheese.
Classic cottage
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The recipe for the homemade cheese.
Yogurt strawberry-chocolate
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Natural yoghurt, cooked with his own hands - what could be tastier?! Besides taste, the yoghurt has beneficial properties that are beneficial to our whole body. Now strawberry season, treat your loved ones delicious yogurt dessert with a rich chocolate and strawberry flavor.
Cheese in a water bath
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Lovers of cheese, everyone is invited! A simple recipe for menu offer! Homey, cozy, simple recipe! After all, except for yogurt, the products are here! Dear friends, and then decide! You want a dessert, serve it, but you can with greens to make a normal, any option, one that usual! Just love cheese! He is always very dear to me!
Homemade cheese
152 - 60м 5
Homemade cheese using the enzyme
Homemade cheese "Philadelphia"
152 - 20м 10
It turns out very soft and very delicate cream cheese - like Philadelphia, but better. The recipe is not quick, it will take a couple of days, but it's worth it!!!
Cheese homemade "Special"
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The peculiarity of the preparation of this cheese is that the initial product though cooked, but NOT COOKED! We all know that if you digest the cheese get grains. Think - soured badly clot separated from the serum. In this case, it ALWAYS happens. In search of such a recipe is not found.
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Recipe for slow cooker MP5015PSD.
Boiled condensed milk "Faster"
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In order to get the milk, we typically require a lot of time on its preparation. I in the experiment found a way out of this situation, that is, in 1 hour you can get a delicious, thick BOILED condensed milk at home. To see the difference, I want to see that at home for 1 hour of cooking is sweetened condensed milk which you then boil for another 2 hours, so the result is boiled condensed milk.
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Carville (Caerphilly) cheese, invented in the 1830-ies in the region, Carville in Wales. Recipe Pavel Chechulin.
Yogurt from warm milk
149 - 450м 7
To make yogurt, and it turns out delicious, sweet prostokvashi, as store. No, better and tastier.