Billet recipes

Cabbage, red, pickled
243 3 - -
This pickled cabbage at home as eating. Goes with a Bang and on weekdays and holidays! And snacks - so simple world!
Salad "Permian"
242 - - -
Make this salad it's the 6th year in a row. In winter, most bottles of goes like seasoning (or roasting)in the soup and use for stewing meat, or gravy.
239 - - -
Kimchi (spicy Korean cabbage) There are over 100 varieties of kimchi, which differ not only by ingredients, region cooking, but by the time of salting and cooking technology. For the preparation of kimchi using garlic and red pepper, but also other products, from the common to the exotic. For example, some Korean cooks add in kimchi, ginger, sesame seeds, carrots, pine nuts, pears, chestnuts, seaweed and even salty little shrimp and oysters. I was making kimchi several times using different recipes, but this recipe for me was the most delicious and simple. Recipe taken from the book of Ilya Lazerson "Cabbage on the table is not empty". By the way, the other day we went to visit, and I brought the cabbage, I'll tell You honestly - world appetizer!)))
Maturing salted cucumbers
239 4 - -
Tasty, crunchy and very quickly colada
Compote of grapes with twigs
237 - 40м -
Refreshing, not cloying canned stewed grapes. Prepared without sterilisatie. A recipe from a magazine "All women" of yesteryear. Cooking time is given without cooling. Boiling water - boiling water.
The jam-the jelly of red currants
237 - 60м -
A great vitamin Supplement to the winter diet, without heat treatment and gelatin - "jam" not boiled, and fresh berries and sugar.
Adjika with horseradish without cooking
236 - - -
Very tasty and healthy sauce. Not require cooking, which preserves the useful properties of the products. Perfect for meat dishes, can be just the bread to the entrees. Very tasty, try it!
Morning crisps
234 - - -
It is a preparation for those who are watching their figure, but still loves to have a delicious Breakfast or snack. Wonderful crispy crisps, consisting only of healthy ingredients, prepared without fat or eggs. A template for such krespov you can (and should! about in the recipe) and store in the freezer, taking out and using as much as you are ready to eat. Also on hand will be delicious and extremely healthy Breakfast or snack for you and your children.
Tomatoes "yum"
234 3.3 60м 6
Preserving tomatoes for the winter. Tomatoes are eaten along with the filling. Very tasty and original recipe.
Salted brisket
234 5 - -
Tried different salt, but this recipe is very good. So in the village with my friend's salted fat.
Sauce with plums "Tkemali"
233 4 - -
Last summer prepared for the first time, sauce "TKEMALI" with the addition of tomato paste, my family loved it, try to cook, the sauce is delicate with a light scent of spicy herbs.
Strawberries in their own juice
231 - - -
It's long-awaited summer. The season of delicious sweet berries and urgent billets delicious jam from them. Recipe of strawberry jam in its own juice will preserve more vitamins and taste for winter evenings when you want to remember the hot summer. Berry remains juicy and without the "brachnogo" taste.
231 4 - -
It is not summer and not autumn, but I want to share the recipe for winter harvesting. Just today I opened the last jar and remembered.
Rose water
229 - - -
I had always heard about the recipes in which composition consists of rose water, but the store never met her. So I decided to cook it myself and share with you the recipe of its preparation.
Pickled cucumbers "Mom"
227 - - -
The recipe for these pickles I got from my mom. I can say that this is the most delicious pickles I've tried. Yes, and the method of cooking the marinade is different from all what I saw. Doing exactly as my mother taught me, and try as accurately as possible to bring this recipe to you. Immediately I apologize for the unnecessary details in the frame, but I not only shut the cucumbers, but at the same time cooking dinner and tried to communicate with the child.
Adjika of pepper
226 - 30м -
Recipes for adzhika - car and truck. Love your recipe for speed of preparation (boil 10 min), the minimum of ingredients (no tomatoes, onions, carrots, apples), and most importantly - for excellent juicy taste (without sunflower oil)! Although the cheese and cooked, but the taste is very juicy and has a beautiful red color. From the specified portion is obtained 5 - 6 half-liter cans. For winter harvests 5 servings (25 bottles) and the fly is eaten whole. Pepper buy large, fleshy, then less waste when cleaning. The recipe stated 4 pieces of bitter pepper, but who likes spicy sauce, you can put 5 - 6 pieces: Bon appetit!
226 3.5 15м -
Mixed vegetables quick cooking
Marinated tomatoes with peppers
226 3 - -
Juicy tomatoes with a flavor of pepper.
Pineapple-banana marmalade "Sunrise"
221 - - -
Good day, I want to share with you the recipe for “Pineapple-banana marmalade "Sunrise"!“ Very pleasant, exotic taste the marmalade! Marmalade is solid (which can cut) and liquid (smear)! I suggest a liquid version that is stored in jars! Fans of bananas and pineapples I can only advise!
Cucumbers with red currant
221 4 - -
Another way to prepare cucumbers.
Apple slices "the glare of the sun in amber"
220 - 20м 4
This is a very simple recipe. And very old... my grandmother used them in her youth... as the years began to add cinnamon)) Apple jam slices transparent slices of apples in a fragrant, Sunny syrup, thick, delicious... we will Stop for tea and delicious jam!! This is beautiful. and flavorful and delicious!!! entire, translucent slices, drenched in amber liquid, maddening smell of vanilla and cinnamon!!! After trying, you will definitely make it again!