Snacks recipes

Sprats in envelopes of puff pastry
0.6k 5 25м 8
These envelopes are prepared very quickly. But they are no less delicious. Perfect for Breakfast and snack. They're nice as well to eat with a Cup of delicious tea or coffee!
The bug of mackerel
0.6k - 1500м 6
Fillet of salted mackerel with spices, rolled in a special way and frozen.
Roll "bear's ear,"
0.6k - 300м 8
I want to share a bread recipe that is sold on the shelves of the store. However, home is the most delicious. Today I will show the easiest way and You to taste you can add garlic, herbs. In General, what's in the fridge.
Sushi "Funny Panda"
0.6k - 30м 10
For sushi lovers. I present to You sushi in a Fun Pandas. Very tasty and fun!
0.5k 5 60м -
Spicy beef.
Cheese sticks
0.5k 4.8 20м 6
Quick and easy appetizer, especially if before the arrival of the friends were quite a bit of time. To prepare 6 servings you will need about 20 minutes.
Dried fish in a electric dryer
479 - - -
A relatively quick method of cooking dried fish. Fans of beer and fish.
Onion rings fries
479 4.7 - -
Appetizer that is loved not all, for the brutal men of the company at the time, especially if you have no friends.
Garlic croutons
477 4.9 - -
For those who don't trust the crackers from the store, this easy and cheap snack is a great option.
474 - 15м 1
It's simple and quick to prepare meat dish is good for Breakfast. It can be considered as an alternative to the Shawarma. His birthplace - tureya province Zonguldak, part of the local cuisine.
Appetizer "a Coach for Cinderella"
467 4 10м 1
Festive children's snack
461 - 15м -
Nice and easy to prepare Greek sauce of salted cod caviar will grace any holiday table as snacks and for sure will surprise guests with its elegance.
459 5 50м 10
457 3.5 40м -
Beads of beans. Soft starter of green beans.
Canapés assorted
451 - - -
Canapés are prepared quickly, is a recipe in a hurry, the option from the "guests on the threshold". The basis for them can be prepared in advance and finish just before serving. It is convenient for cherished parties. For a nice chat on the sofa or playing Board games in the warm company of canapés disappear unnoticed, as they do not put. So put twice, can't go wrong. The combination of flavors canapés familiar, understandable, they can easily offer to strangers, they hardly anyone will not like.
Tartlets of cod liver "Unpleasant"
446 4 20м 17
Delicate and unique dish. Looks very good on the table. Taste the quality.. I can't pass.. very tasty.
Roulade of chicken liver
435 - 30м 1
For lovers of the liver and not only recommend this roll!
Calve Salad
432 - - -
Made it for the first time and I liked the combination of flavors. Slightly changed the recipe. I suggest to you to assess it to your taste.
Jellied eggs
415 5 60м 15
The original filler in the form of eggs will be a perfect decoration of table
Sushi cake Chuka
399 - 60м 8
To minimize the sushi and rolls require certain skills and experience. And the sushi cake is made much easier and faster. Bright, festive, beautiful, hearty and easy dish. All the nuances of preparation, you can see in the video.
Goose jerky
397 3 - -
It is the national dish of Tatars and Bashkirs. I have here the recipe for sun-dried goose, but without the photos. Uncle bought me a goose and I zavyalili and photographed.