Decorations for dishes recipes

Mint Fudge "Chill"
183 - 6м -
A wonderful refreshing sweet mint flavor! Suitable for muffins, cookies, biscuits and gingerbread.
Salad Horseshoe
183 - 60м 8
I want to share with the cooks idea of decorating salads. I have made so familiar to all of us the salad.
Custard "Taffy"
175 - 10м -
This delicate custard with vanilla flavor and creamy flavor of butterscotch is perfect for cakes, rolls and pastries.
"Swans" for decoration
173 5 90м -
For someone like, think decoration would look good.
Appetizer "Santa Claus"
169 - 10м 1
Always thought to make Santa Claus very difficult... but it turned out just the opposite. This Santa Claus can be used for decoration of Christmas table!
Chocolate glaze
168 5 10м -
An easy and delicious way to make chocolate frosting for cakes or cookies))))
Shiny chocolate glaze
168 - 10м -
Did the cake and wanted sprinkle with powdered sugar and on the back read the recipe, decided to make and did not regret it, the frosting turns out very tasty and beautiful, there are the options of chocolate glazes, but I have not found. Try it, you will love it.
Glaze "Yummy"
167 - 10м -
Delicious creamy frosting of boiled condensed milk. You can cover cakes and buns, and spoon ulepetyvala a Bang!
166 5 60м -
Melon and again, and again CARVING)))
The icing on the water of the cocoa
165 - 2м -
Offer a simple and affordable recipe glaze made from cocoa. Quickly cooked, without added fat, eggs and butter. There are times when there is no chocolate for making the glaze. This recipe will rescue you and will not disappoint. It does not have the usual Shine, like an oil glaze, but it turns out soft and gentle, easy to apply to cupcakes, muffins, cakes.
Chocolate glaze
162 - 10м 1
I'm an aspiring chef, Pillsbury. Chose the tactics of gradual integration into the world "Big food" and I don't yet have experience cooking super meals. So, I want to offer you one of their favorite retseptiki - glaze. It is prepared not only to fill the cake, but just for tea.
Chocolate decoration
162 - 3м 1
Decoration chocolate for the lazy!! Any cake or cookies can be decorated in 5 minutes!
Protein frosting
162 - 20м -
Air protein glaze, a perfect decoration for cupcakes, cakes, and just with cookies you can eat.
Glaze honeysuckle
162 - 10м 15
Found on the Internet this frosting. Share the recipe with you! Author Themestock thank you so much for the recipe!
Chocolate glaze
161 - 3м -
All the current week Light miss baked puffs, cupcakes, muffins and pies, constantly thanks to their authors on the forum. Being no longer able to contemplate a series of her exquisite baking, today I hastily realized cupcakes with blueberries. I wanted to sprinkle them on top with powdered sugar, but I thought of hitherto untested recipe chocolate glaze, discovered, as usual, on the web. And now I want to share this miracle, because I came from him in delight! This glaze contains no sour cream, no butter, it is not necessary to cook, it can be applied slowly, because it does not freeze instantly, pastry may be hot or completely cooled, it does not matter! I admit that in the full recipes cakes, this icing is already included, but for obvious reasons, I this circumstance did not check.
159 5 15м -
In my opinion the best tried many but this is like the most
Flowers made of chocolate
158 - 30м -
Very easy and quick way to decorate cake chocolate flowers. A minimum of time, and the occasion.
Marmalade glaze
157 - 15м -
I had lemon marmalade, so I thought, why not try to make it a glaze. Tried, turned out delicious and flavorful! Perfect for cakes, biscuits and pastries. So that's cochinilla this recipe is very interesting, unusual, tasty glaze! Help yourself and you, my dear Powerade!
Our kids - "Munya"
157 - 50м 1
And here Munya - funny cow-smesharik of the last century. Children love the story of the time machine. And also love meals in the form of favorite characters.
157 4 2400м 1
for comparison
"Flaming cocktail" of melon
156 5 - -
Exotic. This cocktail is dedicated to my friend OKSANA (OK-71 ), in honor of her birthday 01 July.