Cooking in grills recipes

Fish medallions, "goldfish"
182 3 40м -
"Golden" not only because the crust zarumyanilsya... But because once Your family taste this fish, it will perform all the desires of the hostess! Very good work!!! And it is to prepare this delicious we are from the simplest of ingredients - nothing is impossible!!!
"Surprise" from grills
176 3.5 110м -
This is a dish I learned to cook in the convection oven, I suggest everyone who uses this thing!
Baked pasta with smoked chicken
175 5 80м 15
Dear cooks, I have no doubt that similar dishes on the website abound, and all share, because every home owner has something different that it gives the dish, and what a heart and hands give a taste.. Just a unique combination of pasta, smoked flavor, mushrooms and vegetables, the smell while cooking was indescribable, and it's a separate dinner (lunch), and on the holiday table is not ashamed to put the son (5 years) estimated, leaving on the plate only pieces of onions (well, he does not like it) so I ask for my recipe
Improvisation on the theme of "kebab"
174 4 20м 2
Burgers on the fire.
Cold-smoked mackerel
172 4.5 30м -
Fish in convection oven.
Potato mud pies
171 - 20м -
Very tasty dish, which is just 20 minutes to cook in aerogrill. Filling for potato mud pies can be varied. It all depends on Your imagination.
Barbecue home
170 3 160м 8
Yesterday decided to cook kebabs at home. Turned out very juicy meat with the smell of fire.
Pie zucchini "Fragrant"
167 - 65м 4
I love zucchini! Already prepared them in different ways, pancakes baked, and French were doing, and battered, and breaded... But today I came across a cake recipe which I hasten to share with you because I myself was very pleased with them! And my husband too!
Cake "nut-raisin"
166 - - -
Cake is perhaps the unvarnished, everyday, but the holidays are not every day. But simple, fast, delicious. And tasty want in everyday life. To prepare the cake in advance, because he is a callous better.
Pork with vegetables in aerogrill
164 - - -
I love lean pork in any form, and then the meat and garnish at the same time.
Cheese corners
162 - 20м 5
Very tasty cheese biscuits. It's quick and easy. Version of the recipe for aerogrill!
Bananas in chocolate
162 3 10м -
Cooked in aerogrill. Banana is soft, roasted, if cooking time reduce, the banana will stay fresh almost.
Potatoes "Aero"
161 - 60м 2
Potatoes baked in the convection oven in large chunks, fragrant, with a Golden crust.
Roast beef in the convection oven
159 4 90м 4
Recipe from the "Meat without the hassle" - took promarinovali and in aerogrill! Men enjoy this dish. You can adjust who loves blood or pazariste.
Smoked herring with vegetable skewers
159 5 - 2
Smoked herring with vegetable skewers.
Skewers of pork in Thai
157 - - -
Muu Ping. Tasty and juicy kebabs Thai pork called Moo Ping, cook is not difficult. All the zest, as for any other kebab in the marinade. And, of course, in the method of preparation. Thais prepare their Moo Ping on the grill over the barely glowing coals. If You have the opportunity to prepare kebabs outside a city apartment on the grill that would be great! If this is not possible, we can cook, as I do, in aerogrill. You know that the taste here is different from the taste of the kebabs from the grill. Still, the kebabs are very tasty. P. S. it is based on a recipe from the Internet with a blog about Thai cooking.
Meat "bread" in Greek from the grills
154 - - -
This dish, of course, can be cooked in the oven, but I learn recently purchased convection oven. Not always successfully : (, but my household suffer my experiments on the principle of "what child would not teshilos... " :) This dish is from the successful, my contribution to the Treasury of recipes "cooking in grills".
Chicken leg quarters in convection oven
153 5 15м -
First experience with a convection oven. Fast, clean, tasty.
Pork ribs with baked potatoes in the convection oven
153 - 110м 6
Simple but very tasty dish. In the convection oven while preparing meat and side dish. Recipe once taken from the Internet (name of site don't remember).
Lamb ribs in Korean
152 - 80м 6
This way the marinade is prepared for the first time. The combination of Apple and soy sauce gave an Oriental taste to the dish. And, of course, the wine "sherry" made the meat soft and juicy.
Meat spresovannoe
152 4 - -
Dish cooked in a special device called a "Vecinita".