Cook in a slow cooker recipes

Fruit crisp
227 - 75м 4
This Breakfast I was pleased with myself and my daughter. We liked it and I decided to share with you. The Foundation took the recipe of Olga Ivanchenko, for which she thanks a lot.
Roll of pork shank in a slow cooker
216 - - -
A great appetizer for the holiday table and for everyday. Very tasty, taste like pork, but much softer and juicier!
Coliva rice
213 - - -
Kolivo - boiled wheat (or other cereal), sweetened with honey or sugar. Blessed in the Church and is eaten on Friday of the first week of lent in memory of the miracle of St. Martyr Theodore of Tyrone. Koleva (called kutia), is blessed after the memorial service for the deceased. These symbolize the future Resurrection, honey or sugar - the bliss of the future life. Traditionally cooked, no frills and very simple, but tradition is tradition and should be honored.
Subrating in a slow cooker
211 - 180м -
My hands accidentally hit a few pieces of meat of deer, long thought, how to prepare it, in order to preserve the unique taste of wild meat, and to use your favorite miracle-pot multi cooking... Anyone interested in the recipe-you are welcome :)
Chicken fillet with vegetables in a slow cooker
209 - - 4
A acquired data magic unit, and I would like to share the recipe for this device. Notice that the recipe at the time is described for a conventional slow cooker, without the function "pressure cooker."
Millet porridge with minced meat
208 - - -
Mostly I cook simple meals that don't require a lot of effort, time and craftsmanship. One of such dishes is porridge with minced meat in a slow cooker, this can be rice, bulgur, buckwheat, millet, lentils or barley. And porridge in a slow cooker turn out unusually tasty and fragrant.
Vegetable soup with lentils "Soup Lesta"
205 - 50м 4
Very soulful Bulgarian vegetable soup with lentils. Prepares multivarka Vitek VT-4215 BW.
Casserole of catfish and cauliflower "Tenderness" in a slow cooker
204 - 45м 4
As the first recipe I want to introduce fish and vegetable casserole. Pangasius in perfect harmony with the vegetables, the dish is light and hearty at the same time. Help yourself! This recipe is suitable for cooking in the oven, you only need to increase the time of each stage twice.
Meat nut sandwich
202 - 120м -
My son loves the sandwiches, and the sausage we buy only in exceptional cases, it is necessary to cook meats at home. This walnut meat sold in our stores and cook it at home very simply and very quickly. And thanks to the slow cooker, your active participation is almost not required. We will cook in multivarka VITEK VT-4207R
"little giant" steak with potatoes in a slow cooker
200 - - 3
Great piece marinated in lemon steak will appeal not only to the giant! And even with the potatoes in the "miracle pot" under the name slow cooker.
Potato casserole with stuffing in multivarka
198 - 80м 4
Parmentier. Everyone knows the classic casserole, a favorite in our family, I cooked in multivarka VITEK VT-4203 SR.
Buckwheat is "Lazy hostess"
198 - 60м 6
Very tasty, fast and economical dish from what was in the fridge. A perfect dish for those who are too lazy to go for food because of the ingredients I think will be in any house and no time to stand at the stove. All amounts of the ingredients you can change and choose according to your taste, so accurate measures will not write🙂 Because we are all different someone loves meat, someone buckwheat, and someone cabbage. By the way, this is my first dish which I post, so please do not judge strictly☺
Soup in slow cooker
197 - 120м 7
It is now common to cook in a slow cooker, and the recipes are not many, even traditional. I decided to make my favorite soup with podarochnoi, it turned out even tastier than the pan..
Chicken legs baked in a slow cooker
196 - 40м 6
Quick and tasty. A simple dish, the discharge of the minimum of hassle and time for those occasions when you don't want to zamorachivatsya with multiple modes, and not much in the fridge. Chicken legs baked in foil.
Apple-coconut pie
193 - - -
Today I offer you another version of aromatic Apple pie with coconut notes...
Condensed milk at home
192 - - -
My daughter started an intense pace to absorb the condensed milk, but we all know that nowadays a little something natural can be found. So I make her homemade condensed milk in a special "raw" - the most usual baby milk mixture. All just to ugliness, so that sin not to cook!
190 - 250м 4
The harissa recipe on the website is there, but it was prepared is a brutal man with a unfeminine use of power and heaps of time. Women have not much time so they save it. I'll show you the effective preparation of this traditional Armenian dishes, using cooking technology, which is not inferior in flavor, but prepared almost without your participation. In addition, we use the right grits for harissa, which will tell.
Beef with prunes Moroccan
189 - 200м 3
One of the favorite dishes of North African cuisine. Tried different options, but this set of spices for my taste fits best and is easiest to find in stores. Good, this dish should be cooked in tajine. But in the absence of it can be prepared in a slow cooker or the utensils for stewing in the oven.
Chocolate manna with chocolate filling "Cocoman"
188 - - -
I love this megamanny, megacolony, megapussy manna. I have a lot of recipes mannikov, but this is one I bake most often. It is prepared very quickly, even no need to get your hands dirty. The result is always successful (at least in the oven, though in a slow cooker). I would be glad if someone of You cooks, it will become a favorite. And to give this manna today I want a wonderful person, a great cook Violettochka (violl)!
Cupcake chocolate vartiety
186 - 60м 8
Favorite cake from multivarki. Always lush, fragrant and very beautiful colors. A particularly valuable quality - when immediately after the signal you open the lid, nothing fits, even if still not fully cooked!
Smoked bacon in a slow cooker
184 - - -
Smoked bacon in a slow cooker Pamasonic-18