Marinade, breading recipes

Super marinade for meat
158 - 15м 7
This wonderful recipe has saved me when I worked from 8:00 to 19:00. Direct my wand) Workpiece I was doing early in the morning or in the evening and returning from work, cooked side dish, quickly fried meat and voila - a hearty dinner ready!
Chicken skewers with Apple-soy marinade
155 - 120м 4
Summer is an amazing time, it's time for picnics and alfresco dining, it's time to barbecue! And then there is unlimited opportunity to indulge your loved ones with new interesting flavors! And we will help various marinades! Try and mine with Apple juice and our favorite soy sauce "Kikkoman"!
Salted cucumbers-quick
154 - 10м 4
Reviewed all the recipes for pickled cucumbers on the website, but have not found. The recipe is outrageously simple, and the result is excellent. Even by themselves, and to photograph the steps was not necessary, because they are almost there! I barely managed to capture the prepared cucumbers, because my husband sucked down in a jiffy. The preparation time excluding the marinating. Well, let's start.
Mushrooms in Catalan
152 - - -
Hello! Today, the appetizer of mushrooms! I must say - on the fan! Either love, or absolutely not! But I think reading the recipe, you will immediately understand your this dish or not!
Pickled herring, home-made
150 4 45м 8
Herring from the jar is good, but their pickles are much tastier!
Barbecue "emerald"
146 - 150м 6
No words can describe how delicious and beautiful I can't. This is the barbecue that will appeal to everyone, and not just like it, and eat it all and adults and children and observing proper diet. Very easy to prepare. Suitable for grill and oven and to BBQ facilities. A versatile marinade for any meat, fish and seafood. Perfect for the holiday table. Delicious both cold and hot.
Mushrooms marinated in Korean
144 - 30м 4
I want to offer another recipe. Took into account the wishes and looked at the ingredients, like a match is not found))This recipe found on the Internet and we liked it very much. Try))
Marinade "Sabres" with soy sauce
144 - - -
Often fly to Israel. Friends in the Promised Land give us the local cuisine, and also dishes throughout the day. Here is one such
Mushrooms in Venezuelan
144 4.5 30м 5
It is a kind of pickled mushrooms. They can be stored in the fridge and a very original taste as a separate dish and for garnish. Try it, you will not regret.
Flavorful marinades for grilling
140 - - -
Flavorful marinades to grill: the step-by-step from Kikkoman
Marinade for poultry "Incomparable"
137 - 15м -
Recipe found on the Internet. The most delicious marinade recipe for chicken, which has won a place of honor on the table. The bird with this marinade produces a sweet, juicy... so yum!
Marinated mushrooms
136 4 - -
Sorry, no camera at hand. These mushrooms can be prepared the day before cooking with them. Are prepared very easily, and is ready when cooled.
Quick pickled mushrooms
136 5 - -
A delicious appetizer of mushrooms. Is prepared pretty quickly.
Marinade for fish
136 - 10м 1
With this marinade you can cook any fish. It is especially suitable for river fish, having a peculiar odor (catfish, pike, etc.) to reduce or recapture. Cook with him and the noble fish: sea bass, trout, salmon.
Marinated mackerel
135 - 60м 2
Very easy to prepare and very tasty!
Marinade for chicken wings
134 - 120м 6
A delicious marinade. Chicken can be fried, grilled, BBQ, or just in the pan.
Pickled mushrooms
133 - 15м 5
Very fast, simple and delicious!!! Perfect for any holiday or just because!)
Favorite mushrooms
133 - 10м 3
A quick and delicious snack. Will appeal to all lovers of mushrooms.
The breading "Spicy"
131 - 30м 4
Did chicken wings in original breaded.
Chicken fillet in tomato-egg sauce
130 - 20м 4
A convenience option in case you need something quick to prepare.
Aromatic vinegar
130 - 5м 100
Another recipe in the Treasury of flavorful vinegars of the site.