Porridges recipes

Couscous with zucchini and eggplant with yogurt sauce
203 5 - -
a quick , easy dish for lent
Japanese rice with vegetables
200 5 - -
In the Japanese restaurant tasted this rice - simply delicious!
200 - 40м 4
Hominy is a Moldovan national dish. Is a cool mixed porridge made of corn flour, which is cooked in a cauldron, served with bacon and salty cheese. Seems to be no what special, but very tasty.
Semolina for dessert
199 5 20м 3
Ordinary porridge can be so beautifully presented that no one will refuse such a bright, delicious Breakfast!
Oatmeal drinking
199 - 15м 2
And not to have our porridge? This is no joke! How to persuade your child to eat healthy porridge? To represent it in the form of a cocktail! I invite you to try tasty and healthy porridge prepared with whole grain rolled oats Extra from TM Mistral, with the addition of yogurt and cherries. Such a mess you can give the baby to school with you, pack it in a jar with secure lid.
Forgotten cereal
198 3 30м 4
Porridge is delicious, nourishing. Go and as a garnish, and as a separate dish. At a price inferior to rice and buckwheat, and in utility no. Cook, suddenly like. And, maybe someone eats, but do not consider it necessary to praise such a simple grist? sa I will!
Porridge dessert with orange and cocoa
198 - - -
Healthy and tasty porridge-dessert of buckwheat cereal with a velvety chocolate taste and a delicate aroma of an orange... a Real temptation!
Porridge "Day-night"
198 - 25м -
Rice-chocolate porridge for children. The tale of his own composition enclosed)
A very English Breakfast of oatmeal
197 - 10м 1
OATMEAL "Antisclero tin". Long otobet you have the hunger, "practise" your intestines due to high fiber content and reduce cholesterol. And looks useful: the cereal without unnecessary additives you do not grow fat, and its composition mineral silicon would be beneficial for the skin. This is a quote from the article " 20 VERY USEFUL PRODUCTS," which I put back to 1 February, but in the "air" she did not go. Still "hanging" on the website with the review - "Waiting for admin approval". Dear administrators, please answer, PLEASE! Maybe there is such information on the website, SORRY.
Rice and blueberry porridge
195 - 55м 2
They say that in the house where you eat blueberries, the doctor is nothing to do. Today prepared rice porridge on blueberry broth.
Polenta with mushroom gravy
194 - 30м 2
This version of porridge of corn grits on the website I found. Try it, very tasty.
Millet porridge
192 - - -
Based on recipe millet porridge. Turned out very tasty porridge, for which the author of the recipe thank you.
Millet porridge with pumpkin in Kazakh
191 3 - 4
Sweet porridge, suitable for both adults and children. For photos thanks scullion Khorkina.
""A magpie" cooked gruel... "
191 3 10м 1
For our TREASURES, which are still quite small, but foodies and milk porridge has flatly refused!
Buckwheat porridge with halvah and dates
191 - - -
The simplest recipe for a quick Breakfast for the sweet tooth! Porridge made of buckwheat flakes with Arabic notes in the taste, which give the halva and dates! Suitable for post.
Porridge monastery
189 - 60м 8
The Nativity fast is the last multi-day post of the year. It begins 15 (28 - new style) in November and lasts until December 25 (January 7), lasts forty days. Advent is sometimes called groats. The hostess Desk is currently a mess.
Combo porridge
188 - 10м 1
Super healthy Breakfast cereal. Combo porridge is porridge with yogurt. muesli, honey and juicy grapes.
Risotto with cherries and pine nuts
187 4 40м 4
Delicious, "fancy", a dessert risotto - like, not only adults but also children! An alternative to the usual rice porridge.
Muesli "Mon Ishe"
185 - 30м 2
Breakfast, of course, is more for women... But who are us, not we ourselves, will please, pamper yourself, loved ones! Hearty, tasty, useful!!!
Casserole buckwheat
183 - 60м 1
This diet meal is not very difficult and relatively quickly.
183 - 3м 1
In the morning, is usually not enough time to cook oatmeal. This porridge is good that is cooked in minutes and turns out very tender.