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Cheesecake "chocolate"
Chocolate cheesecake
Cheesecake "Sokolok"
Cheesecake "Almost diet"
Frozen cheesecake with strawberries
Cheesecake "Sunshine in a glass"
In verinag cheesecake with strawberry sauce
Cheesecake with strawberry jelly "Strawberries and cream"
Cheesecake "Black forest"
The easiest Cheesecake
Key lime cheesecake without baking
Candy "Cheesecake"
Cheesecake dip
The dessert motives cheesecake
Cheesecake without baking with marshmallow cream
Cheesecake without baking with marshmallow cream
Cake a La "Cheesecake"
Portioned cheesecake no-bake "a Christmas story"
Cheesecake from cashews
A La cheesecake "I'm on a diet"

Cheesecake is a dish of European cuisine. In fact, it is a curd or cheese dessert, there are many variations of cheesecake — from casserole to souffle cake.

How to cook cheesecake at home? Cheesecake recipe contains the following ingredients: cream cheese, sugar, cream, eggs (already on the ingredients it is noticeable that the caloric content of cheesecake is large enough — from 400 to 600 Kcal per serving). In addition, you will need a cookie that is used as a base or substitute for flour, fruit and other additives. For example, if you decide to cook a chocolate cheesecake, its recipe will require you, respectively, the presence of chocolate. Chocolate cheesecake has excellent taste, no wonder it is common for many European restaurants. Cheesecake usually has two layers: the lower of the dough, and the upper of the souffle.

Cheesecake classic recipe which we briefly described, is prepared in the original from cream cheese. However, our Housewives increasingly prefer to replace it with cottage cheese, and prepare cheesecake curd. Cheesecake recipe from cottage cheese has exactly the same cooking technology as the classic cheesecake. Very often there is a question of how to cook a cheesecake, so that in the finished form it did not have a crack in the middle? Answer: the main thing in the proper preparation of cheesecake is a uniform and prolonged heating. To do this, cheesecake cheese or any other cheesecake baked for a long time, then slowly cooled or even baked in a water bath. Cheese cheesecake recipe has many varieties: vanilla, strawberries, peaches, bananas. Cheesecake is prepared not only in the oven or microwave. You can cook cheesecake in a slow cooker.

There is also cheesecake without baking. Cheesecake without baking is prepared in Britain. Any British housewife knows how to make cheesecake. The first layer of cheesecake is crushed cookies mixed with butter and pressed into a thick pancake. The second layer of cheesecake, or filling – a mixture of milk, sugar, cheese, cream. Recipe of cheesecake without baking zavershaetsya by cooling of the resulting dessert. Americans are very fond of cheesecake, they even came up with their own recipe for Cheesecake new York. This dish is very similar to our cottage cheese casserole, and there is evidence that the recipe for new York Cheesecake originated thanks to immigrants from Eastern Europe. And today cheesecake cake is considered to be an American national dish.

That seems to be all about cheesecake. If you still do not know how to make a cheesecake, on our website you will surely find a recipe for cheesecake with a photo that is unlikely to leave you indifferent.