Cereal in a slow cooker - recipes with photo

Milk rice porridge in MV
Risotto of pearl barley with mushrooms
Christmas pilaf with dried apricots, raisins and cherries
Chicken gizzards with rice
Oatmeal real
Rice with curry in a slow cooker
Rice with cashews and vegetables in a slow cooker
Corn porridge with pumpkin multivarka
Rice casserole "Count cherry"
Porridge monastery in a slow cooker
Porridge with walnuts and fruit
Pancake and cereal pie "Middle"
Oatmeal with Apple and cinnamon
Coconut rice
Millet porridge with meat and vegetables
Pan Asian fried rice
Rice with pine nuts and dried apricots
Buckwheat with cranberries and nuts
Barley porridge with beans and beef Transcarpathian
Pilaf of lamb in a slow cooker