Cereal in a slow cooker - recipes with photo

Oatmeal with spiced apples and almond milk
Vegetable pilaf with eggplant
Corn-rice porridge with pumpkin
Granola with cherries
Rice pudding for a couple
Couscous with apples
Tomato risotto with squid
Pilaf of lamb in a slow cooker
Bulgur with mushrooms and vegetables
Buckwheat porridge with liver in a slow cooker
Vegetable pilaf with veggies in a slow cooker
Pea-millet porridge with stewed meat
Rice porridge "Almost classic"
The most delicious pilaf in multivarka
Rice casserole-shifter with caramel pineapple
Wheat porridge in a slow cooker with meat
Porridge of bulgur and lentils
Rice with corn and peas in slow cooker
Porridge "Friendly family"
Semolina "Honey" in a slow cooker