Venison Cacciatore
0.7k - 100м 4
All lovers of wild meat dedicated! Great recipe. The meat turns out juicy and soft. Because many people are afraid to cook wild meat... No reason! Try.
Casserole German style c cassiram
0.7k - 70м 4
In fact, nothing special, this strange word is. Kasseler (Kassler) is a salted and slightly smoked pork, but essentially something like our smoked ham. In Germany it is often used for casseroles, and even boiled, fried or just in desserts is not added. Today, I offer the option of casseroles for a family lunch/dinner, for a change, so to speak. Delicious, hearty, home-style!
Casserole "Jean-eggplant"
0.7k 3 60м 4
If You love eggplant and meat, then You are here. And if not, then I recommend to try. The result is worth it. Tender and juicy casserole of eggplant and ground beef with tomato-cream sauce will leave no one indifferent. Cooked very simply and quickly, and disappears instantly. Very tasty. Come and help yourself, dear cooks!
Potato souffle
0.7k 3 - -
Potato soufflé with minced meat.
Meat tasu
0.7k - 60м 3
Usually meat is added to TSU traditional Japanese soup ramen, but it may be a self-sufficient dish! Tasy meat is delicious, juicy and flavorful, a frequent guest on our table and as a cold snack, if you cook the whole piece, and as the second plate. So I boldly share with you the recipe of its preparation and advise - a must try!
Cake "milk"
0.7k 3 45м 10
If you love bananas, chocolate and nuts - this cake will become your favorite dish! On German cooking sites grazing many of these "dear", but I think my version you like, because it is proven!
0.7k 3.5 60м 6
All lovers of chicken is dedicated. Chicken and potatoes in a new and interesting execution.
Salad "Petrovich"
0.7k - - -
A wonderful vegetable salad! Nice, light, crunchy, spicy... Good for dinner at home, Yes, and on the holiday table will not be superfluous. Author - Geroma cook who posted this recipe on her blog, a big thank you to her for a delicious salad!
Couscous with vegetables and chicken wings
0.7k - 30м 4
This recipe of couscous I discovered in my student years. Very simply, quickly and with minimal cost, and most importantly delicious!
Chicken breast with strawberry sauce
0.7k - - -
Let's see what we have prepared! Unmatched delicious chicken breast! Great fried chicken breast with a terrific balsamic dressing strawberry arugula salad and feta! It is very tasty! Enjoy!
0.7k - - -
To describe this dish can be long. Anyone who has ever tried strudel, become a fan of this dish. A native dish from Germany. But many have adapted it to your taste. Was no exception and my recipe. Meet the recipe for my family, which combines the Ukrainian, Uzbek and German cuisine.
0.7k 4 20м 2
Very simple and fast! In the morning when in a hurry, the most it!
Tomato soup "Perlovka"
0.7k 3 30м 4
Soup - impromptu. Was boiled barley, which we had to use. I decided to experiment. Pictures are not done because there was no certainty that you will get something edible. But when my darling started to ask for more, I decided that soup was a success and can share this recipe.
Salad Ondine
0.7k 3 15м 6
This salad is a worthy competitor to the beloved coat, we can say it is the old version. But overall they have only the main ingredient is herring, which define it is very difficult (so eat it with pleasure even opposers herring). Flies away instantly, the taste is awesome - fresh, unusual. Cooked very quickly. This is one of my specialty salads. Invented long ago, just had a series on the marine theme, and so did the name.
0.7k 3.5 - -
The Azerbaijan cuisine. Very delicious soup, served cold.
The meat in the captain's
0.7k - 90м -
This is a dish I remember from childhood. My mom made it on major holidays and when it was ready, my brother and I were running and stealing the potatoes in pieces - it was really very delicious :) Now I have two kids who eat the same as I was at their age - picking their Cutlery on the plate, thinking that it will be sweeter and tastier :) With the meat in the captain's things differently- sweep the plate for five seconds, ask for seconds, and then ran to the pan to steal another slice of potatoes :) a Few tips: 1. do not pour a lot of cheese. if it's a lot, then a cheese layer, under which potatoes will turn out not very tasty. 2. be sure to cut the potatoes into strips
Salad "90 -90 -60 "
0.7k - - -
This salad was the first time I tried it I liked it so much that when he got home, I immediately prepared.
Cake "puss in boots"
0.7k - - -
Left the Miller's youngest son inheritance - a cat. Cat wore a pair of red boots and went to fish. One day, as he brought a tray on which lay a delicious cake - crunchy meringue, roasted peanuts, condensed milk and biscuit... Rushed the cat to the Palace of the king, and announced that a feast worthy of kings. Having the recipe, the cake can be easily made at home.
Pilau of rabbit
0.7k 5 60м 8
Came to me on one occasion, a rabbit from the village and I decided to cook him risotto. Very very good.
Braised beef lung
0.7k - 60м 4
Beef lung can be cooked many delicious and healthy meals. The use of this byproduct in that it contains many vitamins, iron and iodine. The energy value of the product is just 92 calories. Easy beef contain less fat than conventional meat. I have to say, the dish is not for everybody!
0.7k 4 30м 5
In the Afghan language, it sounds a little bit different- Boma. Rare places for our vegetable. It is often sold frozen and has different names: okra, Gombo, lady's fingers (lady's fingers). The first time I tried it when I arrived in London, her husband bought a strange vegetable on the market. The form does not inspire confidence, and when cleaned it was a little disappointing: it turned out slimy and with small round seeds inside. We Boma fried potatoes... like a potato with masatami... still can't forget the taste. Now think why I have prepared today is different, just wanted to show the Afghan national dish Boma. Fans of vegetables dedicated!