Salad "Hamlet"
291 4 30м 4
The salad is delicious, nutritious and easy to prepare! Suitable for everyday and for festive.
Cake "Malachite"
291 3 - -
Very tasty and easy to prepare cake. And the name was born so: I read my daughter the fairy tale Bazhov "malachite Box". So inspired... :-)
291 5 10м -
very tasty burgers
Salad "Edel"
291 3.5 15м 4
The basis of the instant noodles "Edel" ("a Rolton")
Stuffed nori "Koreanska"
290 - - 6
For fans of "spicy" in a hurry to offer an appetizer that our family called stuffed cabbage. Such "stuffed" you can indulge yourself in everyday life and serve on a festive table. They had a great variety to the menu during Lent and is a wonderful complement menu for vegetarians. Help yourself to health!
Fruit graten
290 - 15м -
Fruit dessert that is served hot. For a basis I took French orange graten, adding to the recipe notes of soy sauce and slices of papaya (melon). Here, soy sauce is well blended into the sweet fruit and creamy tones. Colorful dessert will brighten gloomy autumn days.
290 - 45м 6
My family called this dish and prepare it for this recipe. A minimum of ingredients. Handle any scullion. You can cook in a slow cooker in the fire, but then without the onions (this is my opinion).
290 - 70м 8
"Mangia" with the Bulgarian translates simply as "dish". In different localities of Bulgaria, this dish is prepared in different ways. In season vegetables can not share. This dish is prepared every season for 25 years (to prepare the start of another grandma, whose husband is a native Bulgarian). Step-by-step photos, unfortunately, do not have time...
Salad "Hedgehog pomegranate"
290 4 60м 6
Another puff salad, similar in composition to many other products, but quaint. Also ideal for Christmas and any other holiday table.
290 4.5 - -
This is the traditional national dish of Tatars and Bashkirs. It is quite simple, but very tasty. He's got two different toppings.
290 5 10м -
BIEZPIENA MAJINAS[biezpiena Maines] Cheese Houses. Latvians are very fond of cheese, and so many Latvian dishes prepared because of it. The basis of the cheese house comprises three (square or rectangular) cookies, forming a "triangle", which is filled with sweet curd mass. This dish in Latvia very much, especially the children. Very often the houses meet on the holiday table, or just for tea. The taste is so delicate that houses all quietly fade and disappear. :)
Chicken tacos in the broth
290 4 - -
Tried this dish at a Mexican restaurant. Liked. To taste it was the usual chicken in tempura with broth. But I decided to do, so to speak, more than the Mexican version. Learned that a Taco is a Mexican corn tortilla. A little imagination and.... if you are tired of the classic soup "chicken Noodle house", try "Chicken tacos in broth" a La Mexican.
The sauce of mascarpone
290 3 - -
Sauce for desserts!
Salad "Dandelion"
290 - 20м 6
Salad recipe present - Guests are always entertained! We call it "Dandelion" Eat and lick your finger!
Pancakes on sour milk
289 - 20м 4
Always come to the rescue of the Browns on the menu! Indulge on the Breakfast family! And to result from the dishes to achieve a little bit have to work hard! Mugs are very flat, we don't need ( and fluffy they are! For each family, at least the thousandth time what the secret will be useful to us! And I am extremely willing to learn! I know those you want to share!
Guiro Hanpan
289 - 50м -
Uyghur dish!
Cake "Meteor - 3 "
289 - - -
Another author's recipe of the delicious cake.
289 4 60м -
A new look at the chicken.
Salad "Hunters at rest"
289 3 10м 8
Very simple and easy salad, a favorite in my family. Bought ready in a plastic box of salad with an interesting name, the salad to taste like and since I'm doing it.
Alsatian Apple pie
289 5 150м -
Searching the website like Apple pies recipe is not found, although it may be bad looking. If you find, tell me! The beauty of this cake is the combination of sour apples and sweet cream.. Taste upload!
Soup "Lamb on the meadow"
289 4 - -
Very tasty and healthy soup that will satisfy any palate.