Muesli - recipes with photo

Baked muesli with Apple
Apple and chocolate bars
Bars with the taste of halva
Multigrain granola with cranberries
Oat bars with pear
Granola bars with sesame seeds
Muesli "Nuts under the snow"
Bars "Energy of the day"
Bars with apples, raisins and nuts
Bars oats chocolate
Homemade baked granola
Bars-cinnamon granola
Bars-muesli with banana fruits
Muesli nut-cheese
Cereal without sugar or honey
Granola and dessert out of it
A granola bar with nuts and candied fruit
My muesli
Granola from Martha Stewart
In explanation of the bars "kind"

Of course, you can buy muesli in the store. But the one who does not like the raisins constantly falling into them, or peanuts, or the degree of caramelization of flakes, or just not happy with the percentage of fruits and flakes, there is always an option to cook them yourself. Moreover, there are an unlimited number of muesli recipes.