235 - - -
Another favorite in our family is an Uzbek dish. I've been wanting to learn how to cook samosa itself. And this helped, in fact, lagman! Deciding to cook the dish, I wanted to try the samosas, not tandarei, of course, but very tasty! So, get acquainted, Uzbek samosa at home.
A layered cake with cheese
235 - 90м 6
I saw the recipe for this bread in one television program, decided to prepare and share with local cooks. Try to bake Uzbek puff bread with a flavorful cheese, it's not as difficult as it might seem at first glance.
Mess of pottage
235 - - -
A delicious and hearty chickpea soup is a great option for a meal!
The meat in the captain's
235 - 90м -
This is a dish I remember from childhood. My mom made it on major holidays and when it was ready, my brother and I were running and stealing the potatoes in pieces - it was really very delicious :) Now I have two kids who eat the same as I was at their age - picking their Cutlery on the plate, thinking that it will be sweeter and tastier :) With the meat in the captain's things differently- sweep the plate for five seconds, ask for seconds, and then ran to the pan to steal another slice of potatoes :) a Few tips: 1. do not pour a lot of cheese. if it's a lot, then a cheese layer, under which potatoes will turn out not very tasty. 2. be sure to cut the potatoes into strips
Salad "Entourage"
235 - - 2
For the first time this salad I tried at a friend's. But she once learned this recipe from his friend chef in a small restaurant in Manhattan. Very tender, tasty, nutritious, fragrant and spicy salad. It will be the adornment of a Christmas buffet and festive evening.
Spicy herring in quince sauce
235 - 30м 3
A very interesting and tasty appetizer. Long peeped it in the journal "Love to cook", but in any way hands did not reach, and here the competition. So help yourselves. But not at night, and thirsty! :D
Cake "hen"
235 - 120м 10
This is a cake from my childhood!!! Mom baked it special for me every year for my birthday. Today, I invite you to tea with the taste of a fairy tale. PS this recipe I site is not found, if repeated please forgive!!!
Striped bread
235 - - -
The recipe for this bread I took from the book "Serves them bread machine". It's kind of interesting (in form) and delicious (for fans of rye baking)bread.
Marzipan cookies with pistachios
235 - 50м -
Or pistachio cookies with marzipan. Recently, we visited for the first time in Italy, specifically in Rome. Of course we wanted to see the Colosseum and the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter's Cathedral, but we wanted to try Italian food. We were not disappointed. We liked everything, and breads and cheeses and various antipasti and something else... on the first day, walking through the narrow streets of Rome, we stumbled upon a small bakery shop, where we of course looked. And there is a real Paradise for the sweet tooth. Our will power was broken, and we bought a variety of sweets, as they say "on trial". We especially liked the biscuits called Pistacchiono. As part of its we, with certainty, identified pistachio and marzipan. The rest of the ingredients left for us an Enigma. After returning home, I decided to bake something. But, as usual, had to improvise on the move and, as a result, I did it - here is a delicious cookie, with a delicate aroma of almonds and pistachios. I hope You enjoy...
Chocolate cake without eggs
235 - - -
...and a cake from him))
Cake "Chocolate shock"
235 - 40м 12
In the program "Eat at home", where I learned this recipe, the cake is called "Coffee shock", but after tasting, we unanimously renamed. There was also a variant of the name "Death figure" -- He's like... a huge bar of chocolate with the coffee flavor! Now it's number 2 in my rating chocolate-cake (No. 2, not because it is worse than number 1, but because its not much to eat). I liked the technology of preparation of dough, unusual and relatively time-consuming. Try it, the cake is delicious.
235 3.7 40м -
Patir prepare at home is very easy and delicious!
Green lobio with tomatoes and nuts
235 5 30м -
Lobio is one of the most popular Georgian dishes. There are dozens of ways of cooking this dish. I think that will appeal to all who love the combination of beans, cilantro, nuts. I recommend to try and those who are not fasting, it turned out very tasty and juicy. Yup, still in its juice, and not an ounce of any oil. The recipe for participation in the contest "Fast from Moulinex".
Cake "Marina"
235 3.5 120м 10
I found this cake on the forum Jastuk, but slightly changed the proportions, so I give the recipe) Cakes no sugar, they are a meringue with nuts and baked it all together... in General, what I tell you - better to see once! And to all a happy holiday, dear Cooks!
Salad "Chaos"
235 4 10м 6
At first glance, but everything is in order.
235 4 50м -
Found in the old records the recipe for the pasties, it turned out with juicy meat and soft dough)))
235 5 15м -
Quickly prepared, tasty and tender dish.
Cottage cheese casserole
234 - 75м 6
Offer to cook a mouth-watering cheesecake. Cottage cheese casserole is incredibly tasty, juicy, soft and melting in your mouth. It will appeal to both adults and children.
Baked beef brisket in the style pastrami
234 - 1340м 10
This recipe I learned in cooking class in space "Kitchen". Thank you so much for him, Roman Vasilyev. Very much I love oven baked beef, but to achieve the desired softness and taste have been rare. And then I always get juicy, tender and very tasty meat. Great for hot, and cold for sandwiches or just to eat a piece - fun. In General, this recipe has become my favorite: easy, tasty and family liked. Happy to share with You this finding. Similar recipe on the site I met.
Sandwiches fluffy
234 - - -
As well, in the fridge is mayonnaise and ketchup. They can be banal sandwiches make a delicious and interesting dish for home meals and for holiday gatherings for work, for party, for the youth party and picnic.
Green beans with tomatoes by Lebanese
234 - - -
Simple, but despite this, very tasty snack of green beans, and most importantly - useful and diet, as prepared in Zepter cookware, and hence complied with all the rules of healthy eating, the food is prepared without salt, oil and water.