Potatoes with meat medallions and rosemary
216 - 60м 3
Dear cooks, I bring to your attention the recipe is very simple, but very tasty and very, I would say, stylish dishes that will appreciate your Pets and guests. The prescription can be called extended version of the famous Lyonnaise potatoes.
Fruit pie
216 5 60м 16
Made on the principle of the grated pie, but, unlike the grated cakes on the website, proteins are not baked on top, and added to the stuffing. The cake turns out very tender, in a sealed container stored for a long time (and it only gets more delicious).
"Selectivity" Mangold real quick
216 3.5 20м -
Fairly common in Syria, the dish is delicious and vitamin. My family love him very much. Mangold (leaf beet) are considered a winter vegetable in summer it is too hot. Now began its season. This dish can be cooked from frozen Swiss chard. Try it - very tasty!
Stewed potatoes with meatballs
216 - 40м 6
A delicious dish that combines favorite potato with meatballs. But the meat balls from minced meat with fine bulgur and mashed potatoes are not as regular as we used to cook them. Try to cook this dish and it will surely reappear on your Desk because loved the ease of preparation and unusual flow.
Winter nest
216 5 - -
Tender browned chicken meatballs with bread crust settled in a cozy nest of potatoes and mushrooms, dusted with a light snow of cheese...
Spicy grilled sausages from minced meat "Chorizo"
216 - - -
Found on the Internet tempting recipe sausage: "Homemade Chorizo sausage". The recipe I was interested in some unusual meat, but after a competent description of the process of cooking meat was the phrase "filled with stuffing sausage casings or use for different dishes in the form of meat". And that's all. The technology by which the sausage continue to cook, has not been described. Having studied various sites I came to the conclusion that the classic Spanish sausage "Chorizo" dry cured. The process of preparing dried meat snacks in a home apartment I haven't mastered, and decided to cook these sausages on the technology taken from German cuisine. Therefore, the affiliation with any national cuisine is considered to indicate invalid, and the sausage went well, just amazing. Suitable for both festive and everyday table! Help yourself!
Casserole of chicken with sour cream "Tenderness"
216 - 80м 4
Casserole chicken is a great lunch, but also Breakfast or dinner. It is simple, and with the slow cooker still saves time! :) It's very tasty and satisfying!!!
Pasta cheese
216 - 15м -
A delicious and quick appetizer for any table.
216 - - -
Moussaka - a dish of Greek cuisine, which includes eggplants. But sometimes you can put other vegetables such as potatoes and zucchini. Moussaka is a casserole whose ingredients are laid out in layers. To cook moussaka can be any ground meat (pork, beef, chicken) or make a simple vegetable moussaka - vegetarian.
216 - - -
Goroshnitsa - delicious option for mushy. This recipe is suitable for vegetarians.
Of semolina cake with almonds and caramelized prunes
216 - - -
I want to share a recipe of delicious pie. Found it online a long time ago, corrected by himself, was very tasty. Prunes, soaked in cream and brandy, caramelized, sweet juicy forming a cap over the delicate almond dough with a hint of Amaretto. MMMMMMM, very tasty and simple to make a cake using semolina.
Salad "Spicy"
216 4.5 5м 3
Salad in a hurry. Interesting combination. Probably, I would not dare to do it, and then needed something fast to build, and had all the ingredients. After the salad became a frequent guest on the table.
Salad and chips
216 - 20м -
Placed on the table a dish bowl chips and 3 salads (the number of salads desired). I tried on the buffet table at a friend's house, everyone was delighted! Now also spoil their guests. Salads can also be self-dishes.
Khachapuri with Suluguni cheese
216 3 30м -
beloved and respected by all -Mrs. Khachapuri....
Bosnian kiliki
216 - 1м -
In Western Ukraine bagels eventually became known as Ciflik. It happened due to the large boundary area with Hungary, Slovakia and Poland. Thus, this is reflected in the culinary heritage of the region. Ciflik can be prepared from different dough: yeast, puff or shortcrust pastry. I made a yeast kiliki recipe from Bosnia. Very tasty, very quickly sold out, I recommend it.
Soup with lentils and pork ribs
216 - 90м 8
Perhaps not very bright, but very tasty and fragrant soup.
Pork "picnic"
216 - 30м 7
This is delicious meat you can cook at home-in a pan, under the grill or just bake in the oven and take with you on a picnic. And you can marinate and bake already on the nature on the grill. The secret of the taste lies in the marinade which we will prepare with the addition of soy sauce "Kikkoman".
The drumstick under the carrot-sendereihe cap
216 3 100м 10
Delicious, juicy meat is obtained with a light ostrinkoy. Suitable for the holiday table and for everyday.
Salad "Belarusian"
216 5 60м 5
I saw in one of the TV programs that I tried and really liked. Pechenocna with white mushrooms, cucumbers, eggs, super!
Homemade yogurt "Strawberry mood"
216 5 2м 1
Natural drinking yoghurt. Very healthy and tasty. As well as simple to prepare. Its main difference from store-bought yogurt that does not contain various food dyes and additives. Great for the kids. I'm sure many have done this yogurt in my childhood, I decided to share with you this recipe, what if someone forgot what the grandmother in the childhood made a delicious yogurt or who does not know about this version of yogurt.
Apple baklava with honey and nuts
216 4 60м 6
Extremely tasty pie dough-based "Philo" Apple-walnut stuffing. The cake recipe is from my friend of Moroccan origin - Samira. Enjoy the awesome fragrant taste of honey "baklawa"!