Winter chocolate cake
197 - - -
Moist, very chocolate and rich tart with a Cup of hot tea/coffee from help you to keep warm on a cold winter day. The recipe is from the book "School of Gastronome", in the original this cake is baked with the use of ready-made butter cookies, I baked some cookies myself, using aromatic spices, nuts, dried fruit and candied peel. It turned out a wonderful combination of spices-nuts-chocolate. Pie something very reminiscent of the taste of chocolate sausage. Moist chocolate interspersed with delicious cookies. I will show you how you can make this cake as a portion, in General, do not pass by!!!
Buns "Coconut sun"
197 - 180м 10
Yeast buns with coconut filling unusual shapes could not be better to diversify the holiday table in a pancake week, will delight kids and adults. And then my husband said today: "All ate pancakes for a year!!!"
Berry-fruit jelly from varenets
197 - 10м 3
Delicious, healthy dessert for kids and adults, with caramel-cremony shade thanks to the honey and varenets! The plum gives a nice acidity, the sweetness of the bananas! But as my husband does not like prunes in the ramekin, added the Mandarin oranges with bananas.
Cheese cakes with green onions and smoked cheese
197 - - -
I suggest you start a summer morning with savory cheesecakes. Intense cheese-the cheese taste is strong sweet tea. And of course, offer you to walk in the shadow of the summer garden
Baked chicken legs "Spicy tropics"
197 - - -
Welcome to the table... an Explosion of flavour, piquancy and saturation will surprise you...
Cheese-vegetable casserole
197 - 30м 4
It's delicious, healthy, simple vegetable casserole was cooked in multivarka VITEK VT-4214, help yourself!
The sauce-seasoning pineapple chicken skewers
197 - - -
The combination of pineapple with chicken can already be called a classic, so give this combination a little bit of a makeover.
Soup fish "No hassle"
197 - 25м -
What can you make from a small piece of salmon and vegetables? So much so that and a husband to feed, and child, and friend, at the light ran... And spend all in all about 20 minutes... Tasty, nutritious soup with salmon flakes!
Bashkir pie
197 4 - -
Want to offer a delicious and easy cake recipe. Puff pie with a complex filling. And eat it with pleasure both adults and children.
The butter chicken (chicken in a creamy sauce)
197 - 60м 6
I again welcome you all and apologize for my long absence :-) the other day I had my first experience with Indian food and I'm back to share with you the recipe for the most tender and flavorful chicken in a creamy sauce (in English "butter chicken"). It is very easy to prepare, but you can scare the long list of ingredients, among which pride of place is of Indian spices. However, if you find a specialty store or market with a good selection, you will be able to buy everything :-) Your Katya, 14 years old
Appetizer "cakes"
197 - - -
This appetizer is enchanting and opinion, and taste buds! Try it, you will not regret!
Millet casserole with cauliflower
197 - 40м 3
Tasty and healthy. Help yourself, dear poweracoustik.
"Silver backless"
197 4 - -
Well, we love to have fun, especially to eat two or three loaves in his teeth to scratch))). And yesterday, even, a Holy cause - tanica well... my Husband brought a beer, wine dry to me... you go! Still, under such snacks! He - layered lattice with garlic and pepper, we - fish and calimarie!
Sliced chicken fillet "Holiday"
197 - - -
In our family, very popular chicken Breasts. This holiday version is delicious, is dietary and beautiful, by bacon breast remains juicy. Maybe useful to someone?
Culturally Tauk
197 3 120м -
Stuffed chicken. Spend the time to cook, but this dish is worth it.
Bagels pumpkin vegetable
197 - - -
I have left some pumpkin porridge has not really wanted, so decided to try making these bagels! The recipe is from the magazine "Lisa" has long been lying on the bookmark!
197 - 55м 1
Delicious homemade white bread. Author prescription - Anya (recipe from the net).
Pizza in Russian
197 3.5 30м 8
Refined and simple, yummy, yum!
Sparkling Easter eggs
197 5 - -
The original way to color eggs on the occasion. The eggs acquire a beautiful Burgundy color and are formed of many crystals, which are very beautiful shimmer and glisten in the sun.
Fruit smoothies
197 - - 1
This dairy-free smoothie, beautiful, thick and wonderfully refreshing. A wonderful combination of banana, strawberry and pineapple. The contest "Tired sun"
Pie snack '3 cups'
197 - 50м 12
Very simple to prepare dish makes a save during the visit of unexpected guests or when well, did not want anything banal garnish. Good both hot and cold. The name is, maybe the dough from three cups of ingredients. The photo is not special, maybe never thought that I would post here. Thought that there is such a recipe. But not finding, I decided to share. Try. The filling can be any, not sweet.