Katuv way in derone
339 - 45м 2
Katuv way - a fairly common Czech dish. First I tried in a Czech restaurant. Enjoyed it very much! But to cook it at home, somehow did not think. As time passed, the restaurant visit is not possible, so why not bring at least a piece of the Czech Republic in the house? The dish is cooked according to the recipe of the chef of the restaurant "Staromak".
The rumaki
339 3 - -
The rumaki is an appetizer, which is prepared from pieces of meat or seafood (chicken breast, liver, shrimp) wrapped in a strip of bacon.
Marzipan-cheeky Pets
339 3 20м -
Wanted to make anything sweet roses. Marzipan being sold by us, never herself did not cook... food in the house... at least the food Dyes I have. Of provisions still left...
339 3.5 30м -
Homemade German noodles.
Cake "Baby"
339 4.5 120м 16
Beautiful cake for a christening. In the form of a bib.
Roast Turkey with pepper sauce
339 4 30м 4
Roast Turkey with red sauce nikujaga pepper. A dish of Turkey breast.
Vegetable pilaf with bulgur and dried fruit
338 - 120м 4
Today I made risotto without meat and bulgur with dried fruit: dried apricots, raisins and prunes. Took the pilaf in Uzbek rice. Used the spices that are added to the Uzbek pilaf, and they are: barberry, turmeric, and cumin, garlic, hot pepper. I have pilaf recipe, but with rice. Pilaf is good not only in the days of Fasting, when allowed vegetable oil. It can be prepared in ordinary days. I will give a detailed description of this dish and the ingredients do not need to change! You'll have a hearty, flavorful, beautiful and delicious dish for lunch or dinner.
Salad "Threeness"
338 - 15м 2
Good day dear cooks!! I cook simple and delicious meals with the cook!!! She did not dare to expose their recipes. This is my first experience, so do not judge strictly... Actually it's a salad my husband... our Whole family loves it for the delicate flavor and quick cooking!!! Perfect for unexpected guests. Why this name? My husband says they were prepared in the hostel during the study, and called exactly, so the name decided not to change. Help yourself!! It is necessary to try!
Cottage cheese casserole with millet and pumpkin
338 - 90м 4
Delicious, healthy, Sunny, tender casserole. Lift your spirits at Breakfast and at afternoon tea, and with tea and coffee.
Salad "Flames of passion"
338 - - 2
Tender and juicy, spicy and savory, easy and delicious – this salad is perfect for a romantic dinner. And cooking with leaves Maggie without a drop of oil makes this salad particularly useful.
Puntarelle with anchovy sauce
338 - 20м 4
Puntarelle alla romana. Traditional Roman salad puntarelle – puntarella the sliced shoots with anchovies, garlic and olive oil. In Rome you can buy this salad in the late fall and winter.
338 - 180м 8
I downright beckon books on cuisines from different countries, they did ask to me to make the journey with them. This time I opened the book my grandmother. She had a part of his life to live in Tajikistan, where she brought the experience of their national cuisine. Dishes in Tajikistan are characterized in that they are rather simple, homemade, quite hearty and inexpensive ingredients. I know that the quality of the meat is mainly used lamb and our lamb is too expensive to become a regular guest on the table... I picked the recipe with beef is Husan - dumplings baked with meat sauce. According to the technique of the dish is quite complex and loaded - consists of 3 processes is the preparation of the dough, cooking of the meat and meat sauce. In addition, require a pre-prepared chickpeas. But... when everything was ready and the dumplings were fragrant in the dish - all were delighted. My husband said that a very unusual dish. Juicy filling, meat sauce, which soaked into the dough, the aroma of spicy spices! very hearty and delicious dish that will open new dimensions because you can experiment with the sauce, spices and toppings, and maybe even get ready and dumplings!
Zrazy "the Don" with a composite garnish
338 - - -
Very tasty dish, serve as a decoration as a festive and everyday table.
Mussels baked with Parmesan cheese
338 5 35м 4
This dish is a tried in Japanese restaurants and since I am a big fan - has learned the trade itself.
Bread nest with cod
337 - - -
Saffron is one of the most delicious winter fish of the Far East. Right now, when it is spawn, it is the most delicious. In the restaurants of Vladivostok is now a festival of saffron cod. And I decided something unusual to cook.
Azerbaijan tomato salad with sumac
337 - - -
Very tasty salad, I didn't even expect it so we like it) Minimum ingredients, maximum taste. I have time to try until tomato season is not over! Would be delicious with fresh bread or dried cabaleu, perfect as a garnish for potatoes, meat or chicken, and just eat it - a pleasure!
Roast offal with mashed potatoes
337 - 180м 10
Please do not judge strictly for my first experience of putting some of the recipes. I want to offer you a traditional dish for our family and the holiday table. This recipe is the equivalent of the Kazakh national dishes "kuyrdak," which in the original is prepared from lamb offal. I use both beef and pork by-products (based on what is available), the taste does not change. The dish turns out very flavorful, hearty and very nutritious.
A dessert of rice porridge with mascarpone
337 - 40м 1
Weekends have the opportunity to spend a little more time to cook for his beloved granddaughter Breakfast. Usual rice porridge you can apply quite unusual. In this version it is more like a dessert. Delicious, hearty, tender, mmmmmm!
337 - 40м 24
Today we prepare traditional Tatar dish – chak-chak. There are a few secrets that will help you make the best chak-chak
337 - 15м 3
Easily and quickly, for lovers of beer. Fried seafood and fried potatoes with celery stalks, spread soft cheese with herbs.
Salad "Chic"
337 - 30м -
This recipe was posted on the website in April 2008 by the user "OKS" under the name "Salad "Chic" and is illustrated with me in the framework of "Coloring".