Cocktail with glaze
0.5k 3 25м 6
Chocolate shake with chocolate icing.
0.5k 4 30м 5
In the Afghan language, it sounds a little bit different- Boma. Rare places for our vegetable. It is often sold frozen and has different names: okra, Gombo, lady's fingers (lady's fingers). The first time I tried it when I arrived in London, her husband bought a strange vegetable on the market. The form does not inspire confidence, and when cleaned it was a little disappointing: it turned out slimy and with small round seeds inside. We Boma fried potatoes... like a potato with masatami... still can't forget the taste. Now think why I have prepared today is different, just wanted to show the Afghan national dish Boma. Fans of vegetables dedicated!
French cake "Marjolein"
0.5k 5 260м 10
This French cake, very simple in cooking (and eating simple)))) I looked a year ago, learn Sony-accountant, corrected by himself. Kapasiteli nuts, ...cream and tablets from greed)) this one is dedicated to the Knowledge Day and part of my birthday – September 1 (as evidenced by his form) and French mistress Elise and the camera. Voila - for the competition "School time"!
Salad "Venice-1 "
0.5k 3 - -
Simple all-season salad. Prepared simply and quickly, especially four hands (for example, when my daughter helps).
Salad "Queen Margot"
0.5k - 60м 4
This is the second salad from the cafe "Margo", where he worked as sister-in-law. No cafe, and salads "live" in our family for many years. Hearty, delicious salad that can be prepared in the holidays and weekdays.
Pancakes on the water
0.5k - 45м -
Pancakes on the water - pretty simple dish. Pancakes are obtained thin, elastic, and can serve as a good "basis" for stuffing (filling for pancakes can be very diverse: meat, cheese, boiled condensed milk, etc.). Most interestingly, these pancakes (if you treat them right) are not inferior in taste to the pancakes on milk.
Mussels baked with Parmesan cheese
0.5k 5 35м 4
This dish is a tried in Japanese restaurants and since I am a big fan - has learned the trade itself.
Salad "Original"
0.5k 4 40м -
Unusual salad.
Country tavern
0.5k 4 60м 8
Slices of zucchini baked with stuffing and mayonnaise
Sochnik with cheese
0.5k - 80м 12
In haste for the whole family
Place the chicken in Coca-Cola
0.5k - 60м 4
I know I know that is bad, but this recipe failed. Please do not throw Slippers at once due to the fact that in the recipe there is "Coca Cola". Cause You know at the end of the recipe.
Salad "emerald bracelet"
0.5k - 30м 4
A very simple salad from simple ingredients, but with a little twist - with kiwi. Many years ago I tried kiwi in a fast food salad and now try not to miss these recipes. The salad is simple, prepared quickly, and can apply on the holiday table.
0.5k 4.3 - 4
Jute dlinnoplodnye (Shogi olitorius L. , muhie). Perhaps in Russia it will be hard to find this herb, but if you do find her, try to cook. And it grows in India, Southeast Asia, South and Central America, Central Asia and the Caucasus. You can try to replace the nettles or leaves of lime, Yes lime.
Salad "little dew drop"
0.5k 4 - -
Very juicy, tasty and light salad.
Salad with smoked mackerel
0.5k 4.5 30м 6
Simple salad with smoked mackerel and potatoes.
Lamb with herbs and plum
0.5k - 120м 6
... in explanation chakapuli. Of course, chakapuli, a food spring. Well, the beginning of summer. And all because why? All because at that time ripens rather begins to ripen plum. But, alas, it's now July to the end is coming, so get at us - "... in explanation chakapuli...". And it happened, believe it or not - very, very tasty.
0.5k - 20м -
Tired of barbecue? Tinkering with the marinade? La Bombetta di Alberobello Bombette of Alberobello ( southern Italy) is a very good replacement! Absolutely! Quick and tasty and juicy! Can be at home to cook. Immediately my apologies for the photos - they are from your phone how it was...
Fresh "Melon-watermelon"
0.5k - - 1
When I saw the new contest, I realized that I need to participate. And they forced me into it, my old juicer-Scarlet. Believe it or not, I bought it in 2004, in order to pressing fresh juices for the little daughter. My daughter is already 14 years old, and the juicer 10. I use it only in the summer when a lot of fruit. Over these 10 years, my device is working properly, of course, in large quantities it juice pressing can not ( not provided), but a glass of juice for 4 people to cope fine. To wash it very comfortable and not problematic. I was looking for on the Internet information, but nothing about the first released juicer Scarlett was not found. For this, I'll think that my model of juicer first!
0.5k 4 5м -
Again, everything about it-the SHRIMP . Very few people who don't like food from these crustaceans. What is she so fascinated us, taste, ease, simplicity in cooking or is it just a fad.
Salad "South beach"
0.5k 4.5 - -
I really hope this salad will appeal to lovers of sea food. This salad will adequately take its place on the festive table and pamper you and your loved ones in everyday life. Easy preparing, in the end, looks cheerful and delicious.
Salad "City"
0.5k - 60м 6
A very simple salad. Almost everyday. Especially convenient for busy citizens.