Salads recipes

Salad "UMI"
0.5k - 60м 4
I love to order this salad at a chain of coffee shops, so it is very harmonious in its composition. To solve it is not difficult, therefore hasten to share with you.
Salad "Air coat"
0.5k 4 60м 6
Lay out newly-invented thing... Spontaneously wanted coats.. while I went for herring, had a plan.. and it turned into a salad, such air, even a salad it can not be called.. rather something like a soufflé or mousse... help yourself!!!
Salad "Niagara"
0.5k - 20м 4
Very light but tasty!
Warm salad with NAPA cabbage and mushrooms
0.5k - 60м 2
Enjoy delicious warm salad, which is you can submit as an independent dish for dinner, and as snacks for the festive table. Despite the rather "heavy" ingredients, thanks to the cabbage and tomatoes, the salad turns out juicy, fresh and delicious! Try?
Salad "dunno"
0.5k 3.4 20м -
A simple salad, but I loved it. Quick and easy to prepare. Try it!
Salad "Makovka"
0.5k - - -
Delicious, fresh, little salad.
Salad with crab sticks and smoked
0.5k - - -
I bought shares two packages of pork. Actually, I smoked very much, but two packages!!! Sandwiches don't eat... That and began to experiment. And the first thing I did - the salad. And it turned out very easy, and incredibly delicious! The main feature of this salad: the products are preferably cut into thin as possible, and long strips.
Salad "Whim"
0.5k 4 - -
Sometimes you want to capricious and indulge yourself with this delicious salad... Sweet prunes with meat, cheese and pickle is very tasty!
Salad "Primula" with chicken liver
0.5k 5 - -
Wonderful salad. Very tasty. Will decorate any holiday table and will delight not only you but also the guests.
Salad "compound"
0.5k - 20м 6
My signature salad is a favorite in my family. Once I made it to the jubilee of the Pope. Guests liked it very much, and someone asked: "what is this salad? So delicious!" Well, I can't leave the dish without a name, took and blurted out: "Mimino". And stuck it a wonderful name to my author's dish! By the way, even men-picky, it hit the spot! And most importantly - this salad I never put in the fridge for impregnation, and serve immediately. And so it turns out juicy, crispy, fresh!
Salad "Slav"
0.5k 3 40м 5
Elegant, bright and delicious salad - it is perfect and diversify your holiday menu! Prepare - and see for yourself!
Salad "Moscow-850 "
0.5k 4 - -
Amazingly delicious salad! The recipe is from an old "Peasant" or "Workers," I don't remember exactly published was in 1996... when Moscow celebrated its 850th anniversary.
Salad "Slavik"
0.5k 5 30м 4
Very useful and unusual salad, came up with my 5 year old son. Particularly suitable for those who are on a diet.
Salad "Imperial"
494 - 30м 6
The recipe for this salad brought from the cafe "Imperial". This is their signature salad. Very hearty, tasty and tender, we love it!!! Simple to prepare. Ham, cheese, cucumber, eggs, pepper, corn...
White beans with asparagus, coriander and pesto sauce
490 - - -
Legumes, including beans, peas and lentils contain sufficient amounts of protein to build muscle. But just beans is boring. We promised to make your diet delicious. So, be pesto, coriander, asparagus, and follow the instructions below.
Salad "Polinka"
489 3 - -
Salad "Cruise"
484 - 30м 2
I have a habit of trying different not the usual meals in restaurants, and then to repeat them at home. This salad I tried last weekend at the restaurant "Cruise" on the shore near Vladivostok. Easy on the calories and the execution of the salad, just for us girls. Give vigor and energy in the period of spring avitaminosis.
Salad "Bachelor Party"
484 3 - -
Salad "stole" from a restaurant, I don't know, I guess whether the ingredients, but very good. He firmly "settled" on the holiday table of our family. It is adored by men, as it cold with mustard!!!
Marinated green beans in Korean
483 - - -
Delicious, fragrant and spicy harvesting. In fact, all of Korean cuisine. I have this salad rolled up for the winter. And you can eat immediately, but give it a brew.
Salad "hastily or Guest on the threshold"
482 5 5м 6
The salad, which can be done in 5 minutes... delicious and unusual...
Salad "hell"
481 - - -
Delicious and colorful chicken salad, mushrooms, and juicy kiwi.