Snacks recipes

Chorizo sausage for frying
274 - 45м -
I offer you the recipe for Spanish sausage for frying "chorizo fresco". Unchanged ingredient here is smoked paprika which gives the sausage the red color and special taste. Other spices you can experiment with.
274 4 10м -
Caprese is a traditional Italian snack food. The name of this appetizer received from the island of Capri. Thanks to red, white, and green, echoing the colors of the Italian flag, Caprese became one of the national dishes of Italy. In the traditional recipe must use mozzarella from Buffalo milk black, the best varieties of tomatoes for Caprese — "Bull's heart", and olive oil should be cold pressed. Don't know what milk used for the production of domestic mozzarella, but even without such fanaticism appetizer! :)
Appetizer "Christmas mice"
273 4.5 15м 2
Appetizer of eggs stuffed with salad.
Sushi "Gunkan-Maki"
272 - 30м 2
I'm a big fan of Japanese cuisine. I want to introduce you to Gunkan-Maki Gunkan-machi (translated roll is a warship) is a kind of sushi, is a compressed palms figure, framed by the perimeter of the strip of nori to give it the shape of the ship. Often made with crab meat and flying fish eggs. This is a very delicious and simple to prepare.
Snack Martini "Under the hood"
272 - - -
10 years ago I started Dating a young man who later became my husband and the most reliable and faithful friend and protector. Then I had no idea what to eat wine or a Martini can not only mayonnaise salad, or a juicy piece of "meat by-francuzski". In one of the romantic evening, the husband decided to treat me that made it all himself. Poured into a Martini or two, threw a handful of ice. And prepared sandwiches: a slice of cheese, a cube of pineapple and a slice of chocolate. My gastronomic ideas about the combination of cheese and chocolate were such that, when the husband said, "Try it. Need it all together to eat". I obeyed of course. Put it in his mouth conapesca, chewed, tears rolled down the face.. and suddenly at some point my inner I stopped fighting him and said, "Dasha, it's very tasty!" Since then I have under the hood of the snacks and appetizer was under the hood of the glass..
Bread with buckwheat cereal, and Apple
271 - 60м -
Bread with buckwheat cereal and Apple allow you to get enough of without harm to the figures and, more importantly, are gluten free. These crispy cakes are good as a Cup of morning tea or coffee, or as a healthy snack that you can take with you to work!
Sandwiches fluffy
270 - - -
As well, in the fridge is mayonnaise and ketchup. They can be banal sandwiches make a delicious and interesting dish for home meals and for holiday gatherings for work, for party, for the youth party and picnic.
Charcuterie "the Hunter"
270 - 60м 4
As a rule, most men mostly prefer more hearty meals and stronger drinks. Therefore, I propose the recipe for hearty meats with exquisite taste, which will be the perfect addition to the holiday table both cold and hot. And will appeal not only men but ladies too. The name of the snack is an unnecessary reminder that every man in the soul hunter!
Appetizer "Baklajany"
269 - - -
Hello! This simple idea came during the gathering for a picnic. To the kebab pitas usually do and take a lot of vegetables and salad, and raw what can be better than vegetables? This time it was eggplant, I decided to cook at home and take the finished dish. Of course, began to have thoughts: will take - will not take? flow - no flow? fall apart - fall apart? in General, I decided to pack them in your favorite batter. It turned out juicy, tasty, and bread and vegetables all in one. Since then, often do not only for barbecue, but to many meat dishes.
Sandwiches "Good morning"
269 - 30м 10
Offer two options of sandwiches that will add variety to your Breakfast
Hepatic pancakes
268 4 40м -
I love pancakes, can be seen, Belarusian roots make themselves know)) But even more I love the liver in different variations, so I decided to combine these two things. We loved it, try it and you.
Sushi cake with mussels
265 - 40м 4
Started a week of snack cakes, the topic is unfamiliar, so it will be some of my improvisation. The first is a sushi cake with mussels. Had to climb on the Japanese site, and here's what I did. Suggest this to cook. Just treat your guests and yourself.
Bread with a stuffing - quick and filling
263 4 35м 6
This is a quick snack. To prepare it, even a beginner can cook. Does not require large expenditures of time and effort.
Marinated duck breast
262 3.5 180м 1
Suitable for festive table, and the sandwiches in the morning...
Cheese roll
262 4 - -
Roll of boiled cheese-filled
261 - 15м 3
These hot sandwiches is good for a hearty Breakfast or if you're suddenly attacked by uninvited guests. The recipe is simple to indecency, perhaps, has no great originality, but is quick and inexpensive. And most importantly - products "Piccardo" can be found in most refrigerators our country :)
Pate of green peas and chickpeas
260 - 20м -
Vegetable pate recipe which I found in the Swedish magazine Buffe. The recipe resembles hummus but has a milder taste due to the presence of green peas.
Cowes, or delicious potato snack with tuna
258 - 30м 10
This recipe is from Bolivia, but taste characteristics is quite suitable for the Russian table. It is possible to call this dish a salad or appetizer.
Pate on potato chips
258 5 20м 8
Original submission snacks and olives for the holiday table
Bream marinated
255 4 15м -
Quickly prepared, marinated and eaten)))
Heh pike
251 - 70м 4
This is the second recipe of Korean snacks.