Decorations for dishes recipes

Our kids - "Hedgehog"
130 - 50м 1
And here is the hedgehog - a very kind and shy about laughing. Children love the hedgehog and his various collections: wrappers, mushrooms, cacti. And also love meals in the form of favorite characters.
Mashed potatoes "CAT"
130 5 10м -
Your children badly eat? You have to sing, to dance, to feed the baby? If You want your child ate well and asked for a Supplement? Then You to me!
"Chocolate fountain"
128 - 60м 1
Gift for favorite friends for the holiday table chocolate "fountain" handmade.
Easter eggs "Marble"
128 - 30м 10
I want to share my experience on how to dye Easter eggs marble. My dad always thus painted Easter eggs. It turns out unusual and very beautiful.
Cake "Pool"
128 - 90м 15
Cake received as a gift my husband on his Birthday.
A seal
128 - 10м 1
Fast and beautiful!!!
Decoration of apples
128 3 30м -
simple, you only need a skill and the DESIRE. The idea is borrowed from Irina - Irinka-zaharinka Jazzedcook.
Decoration of dishes
127 5 - -
Cacti of carrot Decorate colors cactus salads, meat dishes and carrot pudding.
Gift watermelon labels - 2
127 3.5 160м -
In this part I want to show You more examples of personalized carved watermelons.
Salad "the Singing of the cock"
127 - 40м 4
When I made the salad "chicken-hen", I immediately got the idea to make the salad, "the Singing of the cock," as a hen without a cock!:). So you can draw any salad, which will be attended eggs.
Decoration of vegetables to dishes Butterfly
127 5 10м 1
On the website was put up decorations butterflies, this is a different principle of cutting out the butterflies were made from turnips.
Decoration "Kar-karych"
127 3 60м 1
And here's the Kar-Karych - great traveler, a wonderful storyteller. Children love when Kar-Karych wears a stovepipe hat and is very mysterious as the fakir in the circus.
Rose orange
127 - 5м 4
Very beautiful rose orange, this beauty can do. All you need is a sharp knife and oranges. The main thing is to slice the orange in thin slices. If it has bones no problem, take your time, remove them when cutting. This rose to garnish any appetizer and dessert. Orange rose will be true for Valentine's day and 8 March. You can decorate any dessert, for example, any ice cream, or cake. Will pritrusit grated chocolate or drizzle topping. Enhance your meals, impress guests and loved ones.
127 - 15м 1
Simple design
Fried pies with sweet filling "Roses"
126 5 - -
Left the dough from pies with potatoes. Here are rather a way of registration of pies. Very, very simple!
"The candlestick" of the melon
126 4 - -
For a romantic evening
126 - - -
At the request of the cook lay flowers to the cake chocolate with a cheese souffle... and not only...
Cream for cakes
125 5 10м -
Very gentle, airy and not too sweet cream.
Cake "horn of plenty"
125 4.5 - -
The cake was prepared on the Day of birth. Used a mastic marshmallow. Many thanks to the cooks for the recipe. Here is my first test.
Chocolate kitties
125 5 - -
Figurines made of chocolate cake decoration
Sugar glaze
124 - 5м 180
The base recipe. Having tried many recipes for icing, I realized that no one is completely satisfied, some are shiny, some don't freeze and stick some bad fall. In the end, a lot of trial born this copyrighted recipe. All weighed in the balance, to avoid misunderstandings in terms of spoons, glasses, "slides". Another advantage of this recipe is that it does not contain raw egg white, but shiny and good adhesion. This same frosting I cover Easter cakes. Bookmark designed for the average size cupcake.